• Facebook Groups vs Slack Groups for Managing Communities

    When it comes to managing online communities, what’s better: Facebook Groups or Slack Groups? Almost everyone you know is on Facebook now – to the tune of 2.07 billion people.  So logic would tell you that Facebook would be the best place for your community. Right? Well, I’m here to tell you that that might not always be true. Facebook Groups are adopted by community admins because they’re free, easy and have less friction to join because people are already on Facebook. Now, in general, I actually like Facebook Groups for FREE communities* – for the purpose of list building and engagement. But when offering a community as part of a PAID program (or if you’re collaborating with your team), then Slack has some clear advantages. The DISTRACTION Factor Facebook When you login to Facebook, you could have dozens or 100s of notifications to read. Personally, I’ve gone into Facebook ...Read More»


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