Soul Alignment
My Soul Alignment process can help you save time, money and energy (by working on the right things that are uniquely aligned to you).
I help my clients answer these 3 main questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I apply my purpose to my life to manifest abundance?

And I help them clear subconscious blocks, unconscious patterns and self-limiting beliefs that prevent them from manifesting their ideal lives, relationships and careers.

What Does Alignment Mean?


Alignment is precise, much like how a rainbow is formed...

After a storm, a rainbow only appears when you’re in alignment with the sun and the rain at precisely 42°.

  • At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible.
  • At 51°, the rainbow fades quickly from view.
  • Only at 42° is it at its brightest and boldest.

As we go through life, we can get out of alignment. 

It’s like the "computer code" of our Divine Soul Blueprint can get deleted, corrupted, tangled or added.


This means you can manifest a lot of what you do NOT want in your life because the "computer programs" running are not in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

When you can energetically and physically align your Divine Soul Blueprint (your 42°) to everything in your life and your career, you can manifest all that you desire (the metaphorical rainbow).


During the intuitive readings included in this experience, we:

  • Find and clear subconscious beliefs, unconscious patterns and energetic blocks that are causing less-than-ideal circumstances in your life, relationships and career.
  • Identify your spiritual gifts, intuition type, spiritual senses and divine archetypes that make up your Divine Soul Blueprint, so that you can align to it and complete your cosmic calling.
  • Answer the burning questions you (may have) had your whole life.

When You’re OUT of Alignment,
You Feel Something is Missing.

When You’re IN Alignment,
You Have the Golden Touch.


Here's what I bring to the table:

  • Persuasive communicator and effective teacher with unique, independent perspectives.
  • 9 businesses started, streamlined, bought &/or sold.
  • Over 20 years developing marketing, publicity and branding campaigns. Winner of multiple awards.
  • Instinctive ability to look at a brand, name or message, and immediately know if it’s an authentic match to who the person truly is (and how to re-align it).
  • Intuitive of others' gifts, abilities and purpose and how to make the best use of their energy.
  • Subconscious + Intuitive Mind expert in rewiring the brain to create new results.
  • Weaver of patterns of the past to develop new creations that are sustainable and valuable.
  • Creative strategist, analyst and complex problem solver.
  • Innovative & forward thinking: "let's find a better way."
  • Certified and/or “fluent” in 20+ science-based and alternative healing modalities such as: Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (MCBT), Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist (CH), Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner (NLP), Strategic Life Coach Practitioner, EMDR Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Applied Kinesiology (Intuitive Muscle Testing), Dowsing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Emotion Code, Human Design (HD), Gene Keys, Astrology, Reiki Master, Sound Healing, Chakra Healing, Heart Opening, Inner Child Healing, Core False Belief Reprogramming, Shadow Work, Brain Wave Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Inquiry Meditation, Past Life Readings & Clearings, Generational Healing, Universal Laws Alignment, Masculine/Feminine Wound Healing, Soul Facet Retrieval, Ancestral Vows, Past Life Contracts, Energetic and Entity Clearings, Akashic Records Readings, Remote Viewing, Channeling, Mediumship and more.
Receive answers to questions like:

Soul Identity & Purpose

  • What are my soul’s specialties and gifts?
  • Why did I choose to come to Earth at this time?
  • What did I come here to do and be?
  • What is the highest expression of my gifts?
  • How can my career be a vehicle to express my gifts?
  • How can I experience more energy, joy and fulfillment?

Blocks & Restrictions

  • What are the underlying drivers and root causes of pain, suffering or imbalance in my life and career?
  • What are the specific root causes of feeling blocked or stuck?
  • What is the gap between who I am now and my ideal Future Self?
  • What are some adjustments that can be made in my life and career to get into alignment?
  • What is the root cause of a specific uncomfortable life or career situations I'm experiencing?

Manifesting Prosperity

  • What can I express in my career to unlock greater prosperity?
  • What will my next "uplevel" look like?
  • What can be cleared or acted upon to manifest my financial intentions?
  • What are my abundance-sabotaging beliefs and how can I clear them, once and for all?
  • What does an aligned career for me look like?
  • What is the best path for me to build a fulfilling career or a sustainable, profitable business?
  • How can I contribute to the world the way I'm meant to and fulfilling what I came here to do?


  • What is my soul-aligned sales strategy?
  • Am I offering products & services that allow for the expression of my Divine Gifts? Are they impeccably authentic and aligned?
  • Where is energy stuck, not flowing, or can be increased in the business?
  • How can I unlock greater productivity by working in the way that is uniquely aligned to me (including business systems, marketing methods and tools)?
  • Are my team members who are delivering services on my behalf, energetically aligned to the financial intentions of the business?
  • Are there unseen blocks in my team's intellectual and creative contributions or the relationship dynamics?
And other burning questions you'd like to ask.
"I found the Soul Alignment to be very purposeful. Christie was able to help me get back into alignment with my soul path. When she did those sessions for me, I felt a very visible change. I felt way more connected to who I am and who I want to be. I felt the Soul Alignment was very spot on and very illuminating about who I am."
Holly Harris, Past Life Regression, Human Design and Astrology Specialist

What's Included:

Soul Alignment


One Time
  • 2 Weeks Coaching Container*
  • Divine Soul Blueprint Discovery (This portion takes about a half-day to complete and is done OFFLINE without you; results will be shared on our Zoom session)
  • Intuitive Reading of your energetic qualities, gifts and strengths, so that you can step into your fullest Divine self-expression.
  • Clearing of blocks, energy leaks, negative patterns, negative agreements, distortions, and misalignments that are getting in the way of expressing your Divine Soul Blueprint.
  • Clearing & Realignment of your home and property.
  • Divine Soul Blueprint Session on Zoom (90 Minutes): I'll discuss with you what came up in the reading & clearing, including:
    • who you are at soul level
    • your gifts
    • any negative blocks and restrictions affecting: you, your energetic flow and full access to your gifts.
  • A Dossier containing your Divine Soul Blueprint all documented in a Google Doc.
  • 2 Weeks of Voice & Email Access Monday-Thursday (following Divine Soul Blueprint Session): to ask questions and get feedback and intuitive insights on any personal/business matter, via Voxer and Email.
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Strategy Day


One Time
  • INCLUDES Everything in Soul Alignment + Business Alignment
  • 1 Strategy Day @ 8 Hours
  • Divine Soul Blueprint Discovery and Alignment
  • Energetic Analysis of the Business, Products and Services, Marketing, Brand, Sales, Team, Systems (prior to session).
  • Intuitive Reading on how best to Manifest Your Desired Impact & Financial Intentions
  • Home & Business Clearing (prior to session)
  • 3 Weeks Coaching Container* and Voice & Email Access Monday-Thursday (following Strategy Day): to ask questions and get feedback and intuitive insights on any personal/business matter, via Voxer and Email.
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When you discover your Divine Soul Blueprint, you:

Know who you are at soul level

Gain the map to thriving on every level of your life


Can powerfully align to it for greater fulfillment

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is who you are at soul level and the map for thriving on every level of your life. It's like the computer code that you were born with, containing all the information about your identity and purpose.

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is as UNIQUE as your Fingerprint.

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Client Praise

"Y'all I tell you, Christie is the bomb! I've worked with many coaches and I've never had a coach that was so intuitive and able to tap into different energies about myself and the business. She's got this ease of combining suggestions, ideas, goals, and I was just blown away by the changes in my business within weeks! The whole combination of working with her has been tremendous and I highly recommend her. She's easy to talk to as well. So I highly recommend Christie, and thank you so much for all your work and what you do. Hire her!"

Josee Madison, Studio Owner & Spiritual Teacher, Palmetto Yoga


"The clarity I've experienced and the amount I've been able to accomplish in just one year of working with Christie and her genius has blown me away!

There are many voices in the business and marketing world that promise to provide tools to grow and simplify your business. If you're looking for efficiency, integrity and understanding, working with Christie is the only way to go."

— Heather Torriente, Owner and Creative Director, Tantrum Salon

"Before we started, I was not feeling very connected to my business. After a period of taking a break from my business, I was having trouble knowing where to start or what I wanted to do. Christie was able to help me figure out where I'd given away some of my energy (which I hadn’t seen up until that point). She really helped me take back my power in my business. When I did that, I got back my motivation and my purpose. I could engage with my business again, and feel like I had more power over it. That was a really big deal for me! I'm super grateful that Christie was able to see these things!

I also found the Soul Alignment to be very purposeful. Christie was able to help me get back into alignment with my soul path. When she did those sessions for me, I felt a very visible change. I felt way more connected to who I am and who I want to be. I felt the Soul Alignment was very spot on and very illuminating about who I am. It helped me to gain more confidence in the things that I knew about myself (but I had been denying). To see this clearly and plainly in front of me was helpful. It helped me to trust myself better!"

— Holly Harris, Past Life Regression, Human Design and Astrology Specialist


"Christie helped me identify professional avenues that were natural fits for me and my personality. I would 100% recommend hiring Christie and allowing her to show you how truly life changing her intuitive sessions are. Now, I won’t make professional decisions until I have a chance to consult with Christie. Hiring Christie equates to success!"

— Cort Twitty, Wealth Strategist, Corporate Emotional Intelligence Expert, Author, Candidate for 2022’s Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs

“So enjoy working with Christie. She is an expert and can direct the conversation quickly to the core of what needs to be discussed. She makes me think and she is always supportive and encouraging.

— Kimberly Hambrick, Business Consultant


"I've been working with Christie Turley for the past few months, getting my own business started. First of all, she always has a smile on her face. She has this amazing positive energy. She has a true sincerity in wanting people to succeed and she truly believes that we will succeed. And I have felt that she's been my biggest cheerleader through this entire process (and we started from scratch). Christie with her intuition, along with her experience, has been able to really give me good guidance, and helped me see where I have blocks. It is wonderful to know that Christie has my back. She believes I can succeed. She has the skills, the knowledge, and the intuition to help me succeed. And I would recommend that anybody who wants to start a business, shift their business, improve their business, to work with Christie."

- Kari Vest England, Coach, Healer & Intuitive


"Christie has a really unique and powerful background. She has a strategic business background and she's also very gifted in Intuitive Development, Spirituality, and Energetic Support. The way she combines these two worlds together is unlike anything I've actually ever experienced with any coach or mentor in my past. It's specific, it's thorough, it's extremely detailed, and it provides a roadmap. Her work just provides the ability for you to not only know what to do next, but where and how you can take your business and yourself to this next level in your mission.

So I really highly recommend working with Christie. She's a teacher that operates out of integrity, she deeply cares about your success and what you're here to create and offer the world. And she's also very devoted to her own transformation, which is a big deal for me because we all have to be on this path of developing ourselves (no matter how long we've been in business and how much work we've done).

If you're looking for a teacher who can blend these worlds together beautifully and provide a really strong solid container of high level support, come and check out Christie Turley's work. She's a fabulous Mentor, Teacher and Guide. And I'm just so blessed that she's been in my life and that I've had the opportunity to experience her work. "

- Vanessa Petronelli, Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Teacher

"Working with Christie gave me so much clarity in my business.  She was able to take a big, but very vague idea, and break it down into actionable steps for me to move forward.

I left each meeting feeling excited and empowered, when in the past I would just feel overwhelmed.  Not only did Christie provide the marketing savvy I needed, she also helped me identify the blocks that were holding me back in various areas of my life and business.  I could not recommend working with her more highly!

— Christine Volden, Founder & CEO , Collective Knowing


"Working with Christie Turley has probably been one of THE BEST business decision I have ever made! She's quick, she's smart, she's bright, she's intuitive, and she helps you tap into that as well. And probably one of my most favorite things about our business relationship is that, she is not overbearing, she lets you lead the way, but then also points out where you might be missing some things. She dots the I's, crosses the T's, has such a wealth of knowledge from her previous work experience in marketing and sales, and she knows exactly how to help you curate a message. I have only been working with Christie for a couple years now and since then, I have seen my business explode! And I am so grateful, I'm SO grateful. And you would be remiss not to have Christie in your life and your business.

- Karith Foster, Author, Speaker and Founder of Inversity™


"When I worked with Christie, she actually listened to what I needed and she was willing to get into the nuts and bolts, instead of giving me a to do list. She got right in there with me and my business. It made such a difference. It was a turning point for me. I have faith that there were good coaches out there. But when you work with Christie Turley, you have worked with the best. And she will give you what you need. Your life will change, your business will change. And you will be a better entrepreneur and business owner for working with Christie Turley."

- Marcia Ramsland, Author & Speaker

Speed Up Career Growth By
Slowing Down & Tuning In

I’m about to go against everything you’ve ever heard from any Guru out there in Expert Land...

I’m going to ask you to use your INTUITION when looking to grow your career or business in the future.

Because Someone Else’s “Secret Sauce”
Isn't Necessarily What’s Right For You

awesome sauce

Your life and career must be aligned to your Soul Identity.

And you must find your OWN Secret Sauce that's aligned to you. That comes from slowing down and tuning in.

I'd love to show you where to find your own secret sauce and how to precisely extract it with my distillation process.

This question “WHO AM I?” has mystified humanity since the beginning of time.

Once you think you have it answered, you’re wrong again because you are evolving so quickly. For example, something can happen tomorrow that shifts your perspective about your identity once again!

One thing is a CONSTANT, though, and that is who you are at SOUL Level.

It requires UN-learning who you think you are and uncovering who you actually are.

I developed a repeatable process when going through my own Rebirth.

It's called...


The Process:

Step 1. Remember

Learn who you are at soul level and understand it deeply. (Who are you?)

Step 2: Reinvent

Use this knowledge to transform your career by bringing original and pioneering ideas into being. (What am I here to do?)

Step 3: Realign

Step into your power and express your genius brilliantly. (How do I apply that knowledge to my life and career?)

The 42° Soul Alignment (One-on-One + Group Coaching) covers Step 1 of this unique process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information about how we can work together, please request a Clarity Call.

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Using my intuitive gifts and business acumen, I can identify what specific areas of life & business are causing blocks in flow and what specifically can be added, removed or changed in each area for increased abundance.

20 years. 9 businesses started, streamlined, bought &/or sold. 3 business partners. 1000's of entrepreneurs personally coached.

Christie Turley sparks growth in entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them to get unstuck and to uplevel. Her superpower is guiding clients to uncover their genius zones, untapped gifts and limiting biases, so that they can create deep fulfillment, express their most authentic selves and grow their influence.

Earlier in her career, she grew two international start-ups by more than $30 Million total, earning a placement in the INC 500. She also worked with several Fortune 500 brands and ran her own marketing agency for 17 years before exiting to start her online training company.

More than two decades later, Christie Turley is an author of two books: The Intuition-Led Business and UNSTUCK, host of The Higher Genius Podcast, a business coach and a certified practitioner of various therapeutic, intuitive and coaching modalities. As a dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the US Rocky Mountains with her husband and their two daughters.

Christie has first-hand experience growing NINE of her own businesses, including:

  • A marketing & branding agency
  • A brick and mortar retail location & franchise
  • Three eCommerce companies
  • A digital scrapbooking company
  • A consumer packaged goods company
  • A membership & knowledge business
  • A clothing manufacturer and retailer

Christie has personally advised more than 2,000 businesses, including:

  • Authors & Speakers
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Celebrities
  • Pre-revenue start-ups
  • Service-based businesses
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Spiritual & metaphysical businesses
  • Non-profits and social enterprises

Her Most Notable Client Results

  • Helped grow a Start-up from zero to $15million in 5 years.
  • Helped grow another Start-up from zero to $15million in under a year (<-- not a typo).
  • Helped grow a company by 3000% and achieve a Top 75 ranking in the INC 500.
  • Grew traffic by 3X, leads by 6X and event sales by 33% for a knowledge business.
  • Achieved 770% ROI on campaign and a 315% increase in sales within 60 days and publicity on MTV, Disney and Bravo for a costuming company.
  • Increased traffic by 400% and qualified leads by 500% within 3 months for a coaching company.
  • Developed a new brand story and marketing strategy to create a 30:1 Return on Investment— compared to the company's previous 6:1 control for a brick-and-mortar business.

Christie Loves Working With Clients Who Are:

  • Passionate about making a difference and creating a large impact with their work.
  • Like to have someone in their corner who can hold their big vision.
  • Desire a public image that matches who they are and what they came here to do.
  • Realize that even Gold Medalists need coaches to win the Olympics. They have an open mind and willingness to learn something new.
  • Desire to remove limiting subconscious beliefs, fears and self-sabotage that come as they succeed on a larger scale.
  • Know that their big leap isn’t going to happen through hiring a marketing firm or buying a course.
  • Ready to invest in themselves.