Achieve More by Slowing Down and Starting a Self-Care Practice


☀️What’s the first thing you do every morning?☀️

Is it filled with intention? 🙏

Or are you racing to meet all your obligations?⏱️

Slowing down and starting a self-care practice is one of the best ways to shift the energy of your entire day.

Before you dive into all your obligations, deadlines and must-do’s for the day, allow yourself 10 minutes to not have a single care in the world with some divine de-stressing.

Here’s what that could look like for you:

☑️Make a cup of matcha tea or your favorite drink. I like Epic Matcha, but I’m biased because I own the brand.

☑️Set a timer for ten minutes.

☑️Find a comfy, quiet space in your home.

☑️Light a candle.

☑️Do some deep breathing.

☑️Work with daily affirmations and repeat them to yourself, Like “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and “I am enough” and “Life loves me and I love life.”

☑️Write in your journal. Try to answer questions like:
“If I felt really powerful to do whatever I wanted in life, what would I do?” and “What do I need to let go of to become the next great version of myself?”

If you make this a part of each and every morning, you’ll start to see the 🌊ripple effect🌊 this routine has on the rest of your day.

👇Comment below: What does your ideal morning ritual look like?

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