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"Without your inner knowing, the path before you is darker and decisions are more difficult."

I started my intuition development from the beginning.

And I totally disproved this myth:

Myth: Some think that you’re either born with intuitive gifts, or you’re not.

Truth: We’re ALL born with a sixth sense ability and you CAN learn and master it.

Many intuitives, mediums and psychics perpetuate this myth that "you can't learn spiritual gifts" because they’ve never known it to be otherwise—they always remember using their gifts since they were babies. They didn't learn to shut down their intuitive abilities as children, like many of us did.

After all, society values physical evidence, facts and logic, as Einstein points out:


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

— Albert Einstein

What Turns Off Intuition?

The first step is to become aware of what can “turn off” our intuition, which includes:

  • Being polite and following social norms, without questioning them.
  • Feeling you have no right to feel the way you do.
  • Listening to social conditioning to use your head and logic.
  • Needing approval or acceptance from others.
  • Feeling uncomfortable with the unknown.
  • Believing that "I am right" and closing off to other possibilities.
  • Believing that "others are right" and deferring to their expertise.
  • Taking the evidence, data, facts, science or the real world as the ultimate truth.
  • Believing that something is "supposed to be that way" because you learned it, heard it or read it somewhere.
  • Relying on your emotions to tell the truth.
  • Believing that truth is binary (yes/no or right/wrong or good/bad).
  • Doubting yourself.
  • And of course, believing that intuition cannot be learned, developed or strengthened.

The CIA Did Psychic Research?

If intuitive abilities like Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and Remote Viewing aren't real, why did the CIA study it for years? In 2017, recently release 13 million pages of declassified documents of its research. According to many former employees, these techniques are still used today by both the CIA and DIA. The entire declassified CREST archive is now available on the CIA Library website (if you're interested).

In other words, the US Government set out to prove that an average person off the street can be trained to develop and use psychic powers.


YOU can learn this. It's already inside of you.

The 10 Stages of Intuition Development
Intuition Stages Infographic
  1. Potentiality - the person is unaware of any sixth sense ability and relies on logic and reason.
  2. Feeling - the person has hunches and goes with their gut. Answers are haphazard. They can confuse their own desires with what is actually their highest good.
  3. Inspired - the person believes that any positive idea or solution is from their intuition. They are busy "doing good," but not their highest good.
  4. Initiated - the person starts to take an interest in intuition and esoteric subjects, such as life after death, mediumship and/or psychic phenomena, even if it's just watching a TV show.
  5. Awakened - the person wakes up to their own inner knowing and has an average ability to call upon and use their intuition. They begin to actively develop their Spiritual Senses.*
  6. Strengthening - the person begins to exercise their intuition like a muscle. They get to know their favorite ways of receiving intuitive information through their Spiritual Senses.*
  7. Empowered - the person can tap into their intuition to bring forth aligned ideas and solutions to everyday problems, but they may lack the order and timing to the flow of information in order to properly implement. They start to fully use their Soul Gifts.**
  8. Discerning - the person can sort through many "good" choices and discern their highest good.  They no longer seek for outside answers from others. They fully trust their intuition and have a reliable inner method to confirm it.
  9. Enthusiastic - the person is often pleasantly surprised about how their highly developed Spiritual Senses* manifest. Others start to take notice of the person's intuitive abilities and how "tuned in" and "spot on" they are.
  10. Confident - the person is extremely confident in their highly developed Spiritual Senses.* They rarely question themselves and operate with low ego to maintain neutrality in accurately reading any situation.

*Spiritual Senses: Just like physical senses, we all have spiritual senses. There are 14 "Clairs" in total and the most well-known are: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience.

**Soul Gifts: There are 7 categories of Soul Gifts and they are shaped by a person's Spiritual Senses.

How Do You Get to The Next Level?

No matter where you are on the above 10 Stages of Intuition Development, you CAN strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Other psychics, mediums and other intuitive practitioners may not know what it's like to be a beginner, but I do.

I also know what it takes to become highly advanced and "Confident." Despite what anyone may say, NO ONE is born at Stage 10.

I fundamentally believe that anyone can learn these skills if they have a true desire and are willing to put in the effort.

I believe we’re ALL born with intuition and spiritual gifts. It’s only a matter of how much we’ve strengthened those intuitive muscles.


For example...

When I was young, I saw a dark spirit and it disturbed me so much that I learned to shut off my gifts. I also grew up in a strict religion where it is believed that only top male authorities can have powerful spiritual gifts, and this further blocked me. Finally, I had a solid reputation as a business & marketing consultant and feared criticism— being perceived as "unprofessional" if I openly talked about using my intuition.

Up until my mid 30's, I'd say I was dancing around Stages 4 or 5.

As I became more open to receive and accept my gifts— and I cleared the false beliefs and fears— I was divinely guided on how to strengthen them. I KNEW deep down that the people from my past profession could actually use this knowledge to grow their lives, relationships, finances and careers.

Then Voila! My gifts started to come online as I released blocks and fully received my gifts. As I entered Stage 7, I began to write my book on intuition and explore my divine purpose and what a spiritual business looked like for me.

Even though I'm at Stage 10 now, I feel that there's still room to grow! (It's NOT a final destination). My gifts are constantly expanding. And as I serve my clients to align to their divine gifts and purpose, I gain additional capacity for spiritual gifts to manifest in new ways. It's so fun to experience!

Along my spiritual journey, I discovered the Akashic Records...

Think of your Akashic Records as the spiritual roadmap for your life. By accessing the Akashic Records, you can access navigational information much more quickly than working on your own through trial and error. This can fast track your results.

The Akashic Records are like a spiritual "library" where every soul has a "book" (like what the Bible refers to as the "Book of Life"). You have your own Records in this library that contain information such as: your soul identity, soul purpose, past and present choices, strengths, talents, gifts and more. If you have a business, you also have Akashic Records for your business.

While it's easier for the human mind to think of it as a "place," the Akashic Field is actually all around us. Many people access the Akashic Field without ever knowing it– they call it an idea, inspiration, divine guidance and intuition. It's why people have the experience of having someone text them and they were literally just thinking about them.

By becoming a trained Navigator of the Akashic Records, you can gather specific information to help yourself (and your clients) get from Point A to Point B faster.


Possessing the Midas Touch

When we are aligned with who we truly are, we can see more clearly. It’s a regular practice to keep discovering who we are and aligning to it. Those who think knowing who you are is a “destination” can risk stagnating their growth as a human soul.

It’s just like going to the gym. If you don’t work your muscles, they’ll atrophy and shrink. If you train your muscles, they’ll grow. Strengthening intuition and discovering your true soul identity is the same way! It takes a big effort to get in shape and then regular workouts to maintain.

Like an iceberg, so many of us cannot see what makes us unique because the bulk of the substance is hiding beneath the surface. If you desire to discover who you truly are at the soul level, you must be willing to reexamine everything—keeping what still works and discarding what does not.

When you learn how to powerfully utilize the Akashic Records, you’ll also discover something else in the process—the highest expression of your soul, your purpose and the roadmap to thriving on every level of your life.

When you realign to the highest expression of your soul, you feel fulfilled, whole, complete and in love with your life, relationships and career. It's like possessing the Midas Touch!

With my systematic process for accessing the Akashic Records, you can:

  • Obtain relevant information rapidly.
  • Gain a holistic perspective for body, mind and spirit well-being – both personally and professionally.
  • See the clearest path to achieve a personal or professional goal.
  • Get clarity on a solution to a challenge.
  • Align yourself with your  most authentic version of yourself.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Get in sync with divine timing.
  • Overcome uncertainty.
  • Have confidence in the daily steps of life.
  • Receive new inspiration for new abundance to enter your life.
  • Raise your consciousness.
  • Use this information to help your loved ones and clients!
    My Akashic Records Mystery School is specifically designed to meet people where they are (beginner to advanced), help them awaken and strengthen their God-given intuitive abilities and tap into the Akashic Records. If you already have a spiritual business, then the Akashic Records also represent a modality you can add to your toolbelt to help your clients. This program is called:

    Pure Intuition

    Akashic Records Mystery School

    Pure Intuition

    You'll Learn:

    Intuitive Testing Methods

    • The Body's Human Truth Detector
    • Finger Dowsing / Muscle Testing
    • Pendulum Dowsing
    • Beginner & Advanced

    Accessing the Akashic Records

    • Prepping Yourself for a Session
    • Methods for Accessing the Akashic Records
    • Opening & Closing the Akashic Records

    Spiritual Hygiene

    • Daily Spiritual Protocols
    • Energy Scan
    • Subtle Bodies & Aura Clearing
    • Remove Energetic Interference
    • Create a Sacred Workspace
    • Balancing & Grounding

    Angelic & Spirit Guide Assistance

    • Assistance & Protection
    • Discernment of Spirits
    • Archangels
    • Spirit Guides
    • Ascended Masters
    • Healer Guides

    Soul Gifts & Expressions

    • 7 Soul Gift Categories
    • 8 Soul Expressions
    • Soul Groups & Traits
    • Life Purposes, Lessons & Tasks
    • Clearing & Healing the Divine Soul Blueprint
    • Re-aligning to the Divine Soul Blueprint

    Spiritual Senses & Specialties

    • 14 Spiritual Senses (also known as "The Clairs")
    • 5 Intuition Types
    • 20+ Soul Specialties

    Clearing & Healing Blocks

    • Identify 70+ Blocks
    • Soul Contracts with Others
    • Present Life & Past Lives
    • Ancestral Patterns, Vows, Contracts & Karma
    • Unconscious Thought & Emotion Patterns
    • Chakras

    Crossing Spirits Over to Their Next Experience

    • Clearing Non-Beneficial Entities & Attachments
    • Crossing Over Earthbound Souls
    • Understanding Intent & Why Spirits Remain

    Home & Property Clearing

    • Entities
    • Earthbound Souls
    • Portals & Gateways
    • Emotional Energies
    • Curses
    • Home & Land Clearing
    • Property Blessing

    BONUS 1

    Printable Muscle Testing & Dowsing Charts

    BONUS 2

    5-Day Challenges And "Playbooks" In The Learning Portal

    BONUS 3

    Resource Guides Of Spiritual Tools, Practices & Protocols

    BONUS 4

    A New Gemstone Pendulum—Cleared, Blessed And Shipped To Your Location.

    When you strengthen your intuition and tap into the Akashic Records, you can:

    Know who you are at soul level

    Gain the map to thriving on every level

    Powerfully align for greater fulfillment

    Receive answers to questions like:

    Soul Identity & Purpose

    • What are my soul’s specialties and gifts?
    • Why did I choose to come to Earth at this time?
    • What did I come here to do and be?
    • What is the highest expression of my gifts?
    • How can my career be a vehicle to express my gifts?
    • How can I experience more energy, joy and fulfillment?

    Blocks & Restrictions

    • What are the underlying drivers and root causes of pain, suffering or imbalance in my life and career?
    • What are the specific root causes of feeling blocked or stuck?
    • What is the gap between who I am now and my ideal Future Self?
    • What are some adjustments that can be made in my life and career to get into alignment?
    • What is the root cause of a specific uncomfortable life or career situations I'm experiencing?

    Manifesting Prosperity

    • What can I express in my career to unlock greater prosperity?
    • What will my next "uplevel" look like?
    • What can be cleared or acted upon to manifest my financial intentions?
    • Am I offering products & services that allow for the expression of my Divine Gifts? Are they impeccably authentic and aligned?
    • What are my self-sabotaging beliefs and how can I clear them, once and for all?
    • What does an aligned career for me look like?
    • What is the best path for me to build a fulfilling career or business?
    • How can I contribute to the world the way I'm meant to and fulfilling what I came here to do?
    And other burning questions...

    3 Payment Options

    12 Payments


    12 Monthly Payments


    • Four Months Group Mentoring
    • Training Videos in the Learning Portal
    • 5-Day Challenges and "Playbooks" in the Learning Portal
    • Social Networking Community
    • Resource Guides of Spiritual Tools, Practices & Protocols
    • A new Gemstone Pendulum—cleared, blessed and shipped to your location.
    • Feedback Opportunities during twice-per-month Office Hours to receive individual attention, ask questions and learn from others.
    • Take Action Assignments

    • Completing this program is a prerequisite to become a Certified Intuitive Coach on Christie's team.
    • Access to Mastermind Virtual Meet-ups with other Mystery School Alumni and Podcast Exposure on "Higher Genius with Christie Turley" (upon completion of all assignments and payments).

    Get Started for $197

    Private Apprenticeship


    Payment Plan Available


    • Akashic Records Mystery School Tuition ($1997)
    • Private Coaching for FIVE Months: Two Monthly Sessions @ 90 Minutes (Zoom)
    • VOICE Access for Five Months (Mon-Thurs, 9am-5pm MST): voice feedback and intuitive insights on any matter (Voxer).
    • Advanced Akashic Records Clearing & Healing Techniques
    • Advanced Dowsing Charts
    • Advanced Techniques Downloadable Apprentice Manual (PDF)

    • Applicants Must Complete an Application + Phone Interview, Plus Pay $100 Refundable Application Fee
    • Pay in Full: $12,000 (save $2200)
    • Payment Plan: $7k Down + 6 Monthly Payments of $1200
    • 10 Spots 6 Spots Available
    Start Application

    What Does Christie Turley Bring to the Table?

    • Creative strategist, analyst and complex problem solver.
    • Intuitive knowledge of others' gifts, abilities and purpose and how to make the best use of their resources and energy.
    • Weaver of patterns of the past to develop new creations that are sustainable and valuable.
    • Master Intuitive (clairvoyant, clairaudient & claircognizant)
    • Instinctive ability to look at a brand, name or message, and immediately know if it’s an authentic match to who the person truly is (and how to re-align it).
    • Master at working with intuition, subtle energy, and spiritual transformation.
    • Channel with the ability to tune in and hear whether a voice is in alignment or not.
    • Persuasive communicator and effective teacher with unique, independent perspectives.
    • High capacity for money and helping others make money.
    • Resourceful and ingenious at finding new solutions.
    • Visionary with fascination of uncovering deep truths and clarity.
    • Innovative & forward thinking: "let's find a better way."
    • Certified Hypnotherapist and “fluent” in 20+ healing modalities.
    • Human Design, Gene Keys & Astrology expert.
    • 20 years. 9 businesses started, streamlined, bought &/or sold. 3 business partners. 1000's of entrepreneurs personally coached.
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    "If you're looking for a teacher who can blend concepts together beautifully and provide a really strong solid container of high level support, come and check out Christie Turley's work. She's a fabulous Mentor, Teacher and Guide. And I'm just so blessed that she's been in my life and that I've had the opportunity to experience her work."

    - Vanessa Petronelli, Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Teacher


    ""Intuition is a sacred gift that we all have and Christie offers practical steps to develop and master your intuition quickly, so you can improve your life, relationships and finances."

    — Julie Ann Cairns, Bestselling Hay House Author & Coach


    “This is the missing piece of the success puzzle that most spend their life searching for or get painfully found when it's already too late. This should be required for entrepreneurs, business owners, or employees at every level to connect with what makes us all special, our gift."

    — George Bryant, Serial Entrepreneur


    "Christie Turley has successfully created a UNIQUE SYSTEM. Christie's thought provoking insights and analogies provide the framework for anyone to develop their intuition. You'll take leaps toward accessing your Higher Self so you can share your unique talents with the world and live according to your highest purpose.”

    — Jason Schultz, Founder, Collective Age Media


    "The clarity I've experienced and the amount I've been able to accomplish in just one year of working with Christie and her genius has blown me away!"

    — Heather Torriente, Owner and Creative Director, Tantrum Salon


    "Instinct vs Intuition... What an awesome differentiation! I am a man of faith and firmly believe that exercising our ability to follow our intuition, or God's will for us is something too many leaders do without. Following our intuition will lead us down a path that will lead to the best possible outcomes in our lives, and our business."

    — Todd Westra, Leadership Coach


    "Working with Christie Turley has probably been one of THE BEST business decisions I have ever made! I am also a recovering perfectionist who still needs messages of guidance and encouragement to trust and build my intuition. She's quick, she's smart, she's bright, she's intuitive, and she helps you tap into your intuition as well."

    - Karith Foster, Author, Speaker and Founder of Inversity™


    Working with Christie gave me so much clarity. I feel excited and empowered, when in the past I would just feel overwhelmed. She also helped me identify the blocks that were holding me back in various areas of my life and business."

    — Christine Volden, Founder & CEO , Collective Knowing


    "Christie really hits the salient points of not only the 'how to' but also tapping into one of the greatest growth advantages business leaders have for growing their businesses. I'm in the process of growing my team because as I've used my intuition, the business is growing! I'm living proof!

    — David McGlennen, President of Impact Leadership and Emerging Leader Inner Circle


    "Tapping into your intuition through beautiful, relatable analogies, Christie inspires action. This also validates that the roller coaster of the entrepreneurial journey is OH SO REAL…and you are not alone with those doubtful second-guessing thoughts."

    — Tammy Barlette, Co-Founder of Athena’s Voice


    "Y'all I tell you, Christie is the bomb! I've worked with many coaches and I've never had a coach that was so intuitive with clear instructions and interesting concepts that are easy to understand and put in practice. I released blockages I didn’t know I had. I highly recommend Christie!"

    — Josee Madison, Studio Owner & Spiritual Teacher, Palmetto Yoga


    “Christie with her intuition, along with her experience, has given me great guidance, and helped me see where I have blocks.”

    — Kari Vest England, Coach, Healer & Intuitive

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Christie Turley ignites growth in entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives with her intuition-led business mentoring and soul alignment coaching. Her superpower is to help uncover her client's untapped gifts, abilities and purpose, so they can make the best use of their resources and energy. She also has the instinctive ability to look at a brand, name or message, and immediately know if it’s an authentic match to who the person truly is (and how to re-align it).

    She launched her career in marketing and communication while in college. By age 24, she had grown two businesses by more than $30 Million total, worked with many Fortune 500 brands, and started her own branding & marketing agency. In the past 20 years, she’s started, streamlined, bought &/or sold nine businesses, and has personally consulted with and coached more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives.

    Christie is a Business Mentor, Akashic Records Channel, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, and has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the USA with her husband and their two beautiful daughters.