Are You Expressing or Repressing Your True Self?

When a client has come through The SHIFT, a Reinvention to their True Self, it’s just like they moved out of a Cookie-Cutter Home, that wasn’t built for anyone specifically— and then moved into a totally Custom Home, that was built uniquely for you and you only.  There’s no going back to the Cookie-Cutter Home.

It’s like your path has switched from the Fated Path to the Destined Path.

Your trajectory is totally different! 

The common false belief I see after a Rebirth is that the client thinks that now they’re in this new Custom Home, they don’t need to do anything else.  Well, guess what!?  You do!  Dirt, cobwebs and other clutter can accumulate, so this new way of living absolutely takes upkeep and a new level of action.

So, let’s take a tour of your Custom Home, while I point out its features, so you can maintain this home and make it golden!

Cookie-Cutter Home vs Custom Home

As you now know, the Cookie-Cutter Home was a generic, default home that you lived in (unknowingly) for a time, and your Custom Home is totally unique to you. 

There’s just one more thing… Cookie-Cutter doesn’t cut it anymore — it’s symbolic of the REPRESSION of your True Self

The Realignment and Rebirth was the “Move” to the Custom House.

The Custom Home is symbolic of EXPRESSION. That means, to feel fully alive and fulfilled, you must commit to actually expressing your True Self in everything you do, personally and professionally.  This requires total acceptance of who you are AND the courage to fulfill your purpose.

Curb Appeal

Before we go inside, let’s take a look at the Landscaping & Hardscaping. This is the first thing people see— it’s the façade you present to the world. 

Like many new homes, this landscaping & hardscaping isn’t done upon move-in. This is part of your EXPRESSION. You get to choose how you’d like to present yourself— and reinvent yourself to what’s aligned to you. This can include: your brand, website, messaging and marketing.

This is what attracts people to your doorstep— so make it uniquely yours.


While we’re outside, let’s take a look at the Foundation. This represents your subconscious beliefs and values. No foundation is perfect, so we’ll need to keep an eye on any cracks or settling in the foundation, as it can create larger problems, if it goes unchecked. 


Let’s look at the perimeter of the house. Your fence is symbolic of your Energetic & Physical Boundaries. If you’ve been a People-Pleaser or Superhero type, you’ve probably little or no boundaries for most of your life. Healthy boundaries must be established, so you can have the room and energy to express yourself fully.

Security System

Your Security System represents the Spheres of Protection that protect your aura from psychic and energetic attacks. As we go through life, your aura can require strengthening and rejuvenation. You can also keep the Security System “on” by keeping a regular practice of prayer, meditation and listening to God and your Higher Self. If you’re doing this, most likely, you’ll be able to hear any alarms that go off and clear the intruding energy.

The Front Door

Let’s approach to the Front Door with its beautiful Welcome Mat. This is the door to your Heart — you get to choose who you let in and who you leave outside (friends, family and clients). You get to choose who is in alignment with you and who is no longer in alignment. This may require some reshuffling of people in your life— until you have only the people who feel like true family inside your Heart. 


Now that we’re going inside the home, let’s be clear — this home is symbolic of your soul and your life. Naturally, the rooms inside your home represent Areas of your Life. For example, the kitchen can represent what keeps you nurtured, like your health and wellbeing. The bedroom can represent romance, rest and relaxation. And so on. These are the Areas of Life represented by the different rooms:

  • Profession
  • Finance
  • Primary Relationships
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Development
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

Different rooms may require adjusting and redecorating (healing & clearing) at different times of life. Sometimes there’s more emphasis placed on one room than another… Other rooms may be labeled “no entry…” Still other rooms may be “hidden” rooms…


There’s one more area of the home that many people forget. It’s the Attic — the room of forgotten dreams, aspirations, talents and gifts. This is where we place what we reject in ourselves — or what others reject in us. Sometimes it’s not a rejection; it’s an underappreciation. 

Remember, even though you’ve moved into a new Custom Home, the whole Attic moved with you—  and must be dusted, remembered and brought to the main part of the house, eventually!

Decorations & Objects

Throughout the house are amazing decorations and objects that mean something to you. These represent your talents & gifts that you’re proud to display

Sometimes, these objects have been misplaced— and must be moved from one room (area of life) to another.


Of course, all of these beautiful rooms and decorations cannot be seen without the proper Lighting, which represents how well you can see your own truth and The Truth.  So don’t skimp on the Lighting! It most of all requires connecting to the power outlet (Source) and a working light bulb (clear intuition). 


Speaking of power outlets, let’s talk about Electricity. You’ve probably already gathered that this is your connection to Source/God (Electricity).  When you’re connected (through your intuition), electricity (Source Energy and Information) can run through the home (your soul and life). 

Connection to Source is a choice. Even when not using it, electricity (Source) STILL exists. So plug in to Source, power up your life and reveal truth! 

Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning is symbolic of your Nervous System, that “fight or flight” response. It helps to cool you down when you need it, but it’s your job to regulate the thermostat and manage your energy (anxiety, anger and other non-beneficial emotions).  

Gas & Heat

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the Gas and Heat, which are your passions & creative energy. Sometimes the antidote to too much cold air (the stress fight or flight response) is to turn up the heat (on your passions & creativity). Stress and creativity cannot co-exist in the same space, just like cold and hot air cancel each other out. So if you find yourself stressed out, then dabbling in something creative may be the perfect solution. 


The Flooring represents your ability to move forward through life. It represents the “doing” part of life.  Think about it — we can slip on wet floors and we can also get a rug-burn (ouch!). Slips and falls may happen, and even getting stuck. Life is about getting back up and moving forward. 


The Roof represents your Higher Self, or your Higher Genius. That part of you that has already experienced this life and has progressed to become your most perfect, ideal self.  You’ll want to make sure your Roof is in good repair and that it hasn’t been compromised. Many assume that the Higher Self cannot be compromised, and believe me, it can be. This can create problems in receiving intuitive guidance that leads us in the aligned direction for us.

Water & Plumbing

Water flowing through the house via the Plumbing represents your Energy or Life Force. Water can be life-giving when it’s fresh and clean. The Plumbing takes dirty water and sewage away, and brings in new clean water. 

When there’s gunk in the pipes (energy to clear out), it can result in low water pressure (or low energy output). 

Let’s say you had some limiting beliefs clogging your pipes and that caused you to have low energy or to be very sad or tired. As soon as you do the healing/clearing work, you have more energy freed up and feel “in flow.” Likewise, we can leave the water running or dripping, causing precious water (energy) to go down the drain. When you continue to find these leaky faucets (non-optimal ways you use your energy), you can also free up more energy!

Cleaning the House

From daily living our homes can accumulate dust, messes, static and clutter.

Clutter is the stuff you think you need, but find it difficult to let go of.  These could be parts of your Foundation (identity, values, beliefs). It can also be the stuff people gave you (their projections of you) and you added it to your Foundations or set it inside of a room (area of life). 

The dust and static are energies that accumulate as you go about your life, get on calls with people, go out in public, etc. This dust needs regular Energetic Hygiene to keep clear.

Then there are the messes… those times when you spill milk or stain-causing spaghetti… Sometimes this takes a little extra time to clean up and you may even need to call a specialist.

Just because something has been cleared or cleaned, it doesn’t mean that you can’t attract it back unintentionally.  

Finally, The Blueprint

As a new Custom Home owner, you’re now handed the Blueprint. This Blueprint is what the Architect designed for you. Symbolically, the Architect is Source and the Blueprint is your True Self

Even when you were in your Cookie-Cutter home, you were still a unique Soul with a unique Blueprint. You are wonderfully and uniquely made. You were just living in REPRESSION of your True Self.

This move to your new Custom Home (your Realignment to your True Self) has given you the opportunity for full EXPRESSION of your True Self. It’s also given you a new trajectory toward your Path of Destiny.

It isn’t without its upkeep, maintenance and cleaning. When you stay in Alignment, you ensure that you have the clearest line to Source and the best supportive Homebase frequencies to EXPRESS your True Self.

Cleaning Crew and Do-It-Yourself Options

I’d love to support and assist you through your own transformation into your true authentic self and alignment with your True Self through 1:1 private coaching (packages start at 5 figures). If interested, contact me to request a Clarity Call.

I hope this information has been empowering and helpful to you on life’s journeys.

Much love,

Christie Turley guides visionary leaders to reconnect with their higher genius, so they can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact. She is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, which offers a framework on unlocking the intuitive and subconscious minds, and she is founder of Conscious State University, an online learning platform that teaches leaders and their teams how to make better decisions using science-backed methods.  A dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors and is the host of The Higher Genius Podcast. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband and their two daughters.

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