This is How You Innovate in Today’s Marketplace

“It stopped working.” I’ve heard this A LOT lately from multi-million dollar business owners. It takes them by surprise. They get ready for the next big launch. Then the ads don’t pay the ROAS they’re used to. The whole campaign dies. If their business was built around that one funnel or launch, their business starts to crumble. Stinks, right? Well, … Read More

Fast Company: How to Hold Meetings That Spark Innovative Ideas

I’m in FAST COMPANY this month talking about how you can hold meetings that create business breakthroughs. And we all know that meetings have the tendency to be boring time-wasters.  But when designed properly, they can help you create strategies that propel your company forward with game-changing ideas. Fast Company asked me for my top tips for holding these kinds … Read More

How to Break Up with a Business Partner (And Still Be Friends)

Throughout my career, I’ve had to go through many business break-ups. I had to break-up with one business partner, who was a family member, twice in six years. And this is someone I see regularly at family functions. The first time, we’d started a business together and the second time, we merged an existing business. I’ve also partnered with two … Read More

This is the most dangerous number in business

The most dangerous number in business is ONE

If you run launches or webinars, and they’re not doing what they use to do, then you need to hear this… In the magical land of gurus, there’s a lot of smoke & mirrors and duplication running amuck. There are marketing magicians running around saying “My way is the way. What you really need is ____ to scale your business.” … Read More

3 Ways to Apologize Less and Trust Your Intuition More

In my journey as an entrepreneur, there have been many challenges along the way. Before I started my companies, Thrive Marketing and Epic Matcha, I had a personal struggle that led me to using my intuition even more. Since college, I’d been a super achiever—building my career, shooting to the top of companies, and helping them earn millions of dollars. But … Read More

17 Unconventional Ways to Grow Your List

List building is the one thing you can do where everything else you do for marketing either becomes easier or even unnecessary. I want to share 17 out-of-the-box strategies with you. One of these is bound to speak to you—so just start with whatever resonates with you first. Then, try another strategy. It’s all about innovation and being willing to … Read More