Fast Company: How to Hold Meetings That Spark Innovative Ideas

I’m in FAST COMPANY this month talking about how you can hold meetings that create business breakthroughs.

And we all know that meetings have the tendency to be boring time-wasters.  But when designed properly, they can help you create strategies that propel your company forward with game-changing ideas.

Fast Company asked me for my top tips for holding these kinds of meetings.

I would love for you guys to check it out and let me know what you think! Your support means the world.

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Sometimes it can feel that all of a sudden, you're stuck. It's because you've evolved past your current circumstances... and I can help you get to your next level. My zone of genius is to help entrepreneurs align to their Genius. This saves everyone time and energy and it’s the real secret behind their success— not some business strategy (although I help with that too).

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