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About Christie Turley

Brand catalyst Christie Turley sparks innovative positioning and messaging in businesses worldwide. Her superpower is uncovering hidden brand DNA and crafting the positioning that amplifies influence— leading to massive results, like one client who grew from zero to $15 million in under a year.

She launched her career while juggling college classes and by age 24, she had grown two businesses by more than $30 Million. Since then, she’s started eight businesses, including her marketing and branding firm of 17 years, BoldImpact42.

Christie Turley is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business and the host of the The Intuition-Led Business Podcast. An engaging speaker, she has shared the stage with Hay House CEO Reid Tracy, marketing legend Dan Kennedy, and many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband of 18 years and their two children who came miraculously after many years of intending.


The Intuition-Led Business takes what a lot of leaders know to be true but puts a language, a process and a way to lead a business in the present era. Christie really hits the salient points of not only the 'how to' but also tapping into one of the greatest growth advantages business leaders have for growing their businesses. I'm in the process of growing my team because as I've used my intuition, the business is growing! I'm living proof! ”

David McGlennen

— David McGlennen, President of Impact Leadership and Founder of Emerging Leader Inner Circle


Instantly Inspired! From the moment I read the intro to this book I was hooked. Then the first chapter officially sealed the deal. It was difficult not to believe this book was written specifically for me. How did Christie know me so well and know exactly what I needed to hear? I am a successful career woman who loves her family and embraces my relationship with God/Source. I am also a recovering perfectionist who still needs messages of guidance and encouragement to trust and build my intuition. It was so exciting to get this affirmation from someone who has been there. This book was so easy to read because it felt not only as though Christie was speaking directly to me but that she was so being Divinely inspired with her message. A message that was real, informative, loving and empowering. I cannot recommend this book enough."


— Karith Foster
Founder of Inversity Solutions and
Author of You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy


“Christie Turley’s book is a sweet whisper from the Universe on how to receive inspiration for new abundance to enter your life. Intuition is a sacred gift that we all have and Christie offers practical steps to develop and master your intuition quickly, so you can improve your life, relationships and finances.”

Julie Cairns

— Julie Ann Cairns, bestselling author of The Abundance Code and
director of the documentary, The Abundance Code, as seen on Gaia