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How to be Seen and Heard in the Overcrowded Marketplace

In this free 30-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How solving the “Positioning Problem” will SOLVE almost ANY sales or marketing problem
  • The 6 Elements of Brand Positioning
  • The 5 Stages of Market Sophistication, why you need to know what stage you’re in and how it changes the positioning of your product
  • How to come up with your BIG IDEA or Hook for your positioning
About Christie Turley

High growth strategist Christie Turley has sparked innovation in a wide variety of multimillion-dollar companies around the world. From supporting international campaigns to catering to conscious enterprises, her clients all seek the same thing: a breakthrough. And Christie delivers. Her superpower is crafting the positioning that lead to massive results, like one client who grew from zero to $15 million in under a year.

  • 20-year growth strategist for thousands of 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs, and companies like American Express, Carnival and USAA.
  • Successful entrepreneur in buying, selling and/or streamlining eight of her own businesses.
  • Sold over $3 billion dollars in products and services.
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