The Intuition-Led Business

Navigating Business in Uncharted Waters

I wrote this book to create an easy-to-understand process for opening up one’s intuition in the shortest amount of time possible, so that entrepreneurs who want to make a bold impact in the world can do that— and fast.

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This book will spark inside you the ability to:

  • Open up and strengthen your intuition
  • Expand your spiritual gifts
  • See, feel and receive truth
  • Discern truth at a greater level
  • Lead your life and business in a way that you may never have before
  • Live in alignment with your soul purpose with love, courage and joy
  • More quickly manifest your desires
  • See the clearest path to achieve a personal or professional goal
  • Get clarity on a solution to a challenge
  • Align yourself with your most authentic self
  • Make better decisions
  • Feel more peaceful and positive
  • Overcome uncertainty
  • Shape your ideal life
  • Have confidence in the daily steps of life
  • Receive new inspiration and ideas for new abundance to enter your life

Join me as we journey together to open up the greatest depths of yourself, your most innovative business plans and a renewed enthusiasm for your life and business.

Claim Your BonusesBy Ordering the Book

Instantly Inspired! From the moment I read the intro to this book I was hooked. Then the first chapter officially sealed the deal. It was difficult not to believe this book was written specifically for me. How did Christie know me so well and know exactly what I needed to hear? I am a successful career woman who loves her family and embraces my relationship with God/Source. I am also a recovering perfectionist who still needs messages of guidance and encouragement to trust and build my intuition. It was so exciting to get this affirmation from someone who has been there. This book was so easy to read because it felt not only as though Christie was speaking directly to me but that she was so being Divinely inspired with her message. A message that was real, informative, loving and empowering. I cannot recommend this book enough."


— Karith Foster
Founder of Inversity Solutions and
Author of You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy


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The Intuition-Led Business

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This book is the missing piece of the success puzzle that most spend their life searching for or get painfully found when it's already too late. This should be required reading for entrepreneurs, business owners, or employees at every level to connect with what makes us all special, our gift. Use this book to chart your path towards your greatness with a fuel that never runs low and always guarantees success."


— George Bryant
Host of The Mind of George Podcast and Serial Entrepreneur


Intuition Is An Entrepreneur's Super Power! Intuition is a seldom used entrepreneurial super power that is rarely talked about in business. As more and more entrepreneurs focus on building “heart centered” businesses, it’s important for them to recognize how their intuition can not only help their bottom lines, but more importantly, help them find joy, passion, and fulfillment in their businesses. In her book, The Intuition-Led Business, Christie Turley unveils a step-by-step process to support entrepreneurs in accessing their intuition and tapping in to this hidden super power. Be sure to add this book to your library!"

Michael Taylor

— Coach Michael Taylor
Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and author of The New Face of Entrepreneurship


Instinct vs Intuition... What an awesome differentiation! I absolutely love the concepts taught in this book! Christie has tapped into some very personal experiences to express how business leaders need to follow the intuition they have been blessed with as a means of directing their business. She reminded me that too often we have a tendency to operate by our EGO (Edging God Out). I am a man of faith and firmly believe that exercising our ability to follow our intuition, or God's will for us is something too many leaders do without. As a result, many lose track of what really matters most in their lives. Following our intuition will lead us down a path that will lead to the best possible outcomes in our lives, and our business. GREAT READ!!!


— Todd Westra
CEO & Founder of Mokuteki, Team Builder and Leadership Consultant

Your Intuition is Your Secret Weapon in Business

Your True Authority

It’s time to shed our mystical outer gurus, to become less reliant on an expert who teaches you a “1, 2, 3” formula or method. Your intuition is your inner guru and will always steer you in the right direction for you, if you tune into it.

Your Inner Power

The famous inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla said, “The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.”

What Blocks Intuition?

When there’s a conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, between who you think you’re supposed to be and who you actually are, this manifests as insecurity and blocks your intuition. Other daily actions can also block it.

Receiving Answers

Intuitive messages will keep repeating until we hear them or until the opportunity to act has past. By opening ourselves up to our intuition, we can receive answers in both expected and unexpected places.

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You have a magnificent choice to make: keep moving on your path by default, or create your new path – your path of destiny, upgrading your business and life into something far more glorious than you can imagine.
Author of The Intuition-Led Business
Claim Your BonusesBy Ordering the Book

About the Author


Creative catalyst Christie Turley sparks innovation in entrepreneurs around the world. Her superpower is crafting the brand positioning and messaging that leads to massive results, like one client who grew from zero to $15 million in under a year. She started her career over 20 years ago and in 2004, launched her award-winning branding and creative firm,, at the birth of the Internet. Since then, she’s helped transform thousands of businesses and sold over $3 billion dollars in products and services (that’s Billion with a “B”). Her clients include conscious entrepreneurs and transformational life, money and business speakers and authors. An expert speaker, Christie Turley has shared the stage with publisher Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, marketing legend Dan Kennedy and many several New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband of 18+ years and their two daughters. She can be found speaking, consulting and podcasting at as well as publishing books and leading communities of entrepreneurs, authors and speakers at