Mind Muse Podcast Episode 15: Increasing Heart Connection during Uncertain Times with Laurie Morse

In the episode you’ll hear: 

  • During this global pandemic when we cannot “go out,” how we can “go within” to find a higher level of wellness.
  • Why investing MINUTES in connecting to your heart (the Divine/Universe/God/Source) each day yields HOURS in productivity and creativity during the day.
  • Why fear is on a spectrum and how to pull yourself out of fear quickly. 
  • How to increase the accuracy of your intuition and discern truth from illusion.

Laurie Morse weaves various combinations of energy medicine, acupuncture, herbal therapy, hormone therapy, nutritional therapy, together with spiritual disciplines, Quantum Qi breath-work, metaphysics and Creative Healing Programs, to awaken cellular intelligence and HEAL. 

If you’re inspired by this episode, I’d love to hear your biggest Aha! moments. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your social media and tag me, @christieturley!


Laurie’s book (Free!) Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

Laurie’s 5-Day Reset: http://createtohealstudio.com/5day-reset/ 

Christie’s “Rule of 8” for productivity, creativity and intuition: https://take8love.com/pages/take8

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Christie’s new book, The Intuition-Led Business.

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