Mind Muse Podcast Episode 16: The Subtle Art of Surfacing Fear with this Quick Peaceful Process with Julie Ann Cairns

In the episode you’ll hear Julie’s simple process for surfacing fear and dispelling it in a peaceful, pain-free way.

Julie Ann Cairns is the author of the top selling Hay House book The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now (available on Amazon) and the Director of the documentary of the same name — The Abundance Code — which hundreds of thousands of people have watched since its release, now available as a 3 Part series on Gaia.com.

If you’re inspired by this episode, I’d love to hear your biggest Aha! moments. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your social media and tag me, @christieturley!


The blog post Julie mentions: https://theabundancecode.com/blog/the-subtle-art-of-surfacing/

Julie’s book, The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now: http://theabundancecodebook.com/ 

Julie’s Documentary, The Abundance Code: https://www.gaia.com/series/abundance-code

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Christie’s “Rule of 8” for productivity, creativity and intuition: https://take8love.com/pages/take8

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