Mind Muse Podcast Episode 19: The Simple 6 Recipes for Living a Joyful Life with Emily Klein

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Emily’s simple 6 recipes for living a joyful life — regardless of your personal circumstances.
  • Why Emily does what she calls a Bliss Walk each day (come rain or shine), what it entails and its irreplicable benefits.
  • What she learned from becoming a master of her misery — and how she flipped the script and became a positivity expert and joyful life coach.
  • Emily’s “get out of a funk” list when she’s feeling down and finds joy in the mundane.

Emily Stulman Klein, founder of Live a Joyful Life, is a Joyologist (positivity expert + joyful life coach), author and chef. Emily’s 25 years of experience in personal development and fulfillment have made her an authority on helping women (and heart-centered men) to stop comparing and start living even when life doesn’t look like the brochure. Emily works with clients both live and virtually, one to one and in groups. Emily lives in Montclair, NJ with her 13 year old daughter, their large brown dog and small gray bunny.

If you’re inspired by this episode, I’d love to hear your biggest Aha! moments. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your social media and tag me, @christieturley!


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