Mind Muse Podcast Episode 20: Can Business and Faith Mix? with Tamara Burkett

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to maintain your values in business and come to an understanding of others, without offending or being offended.
  • Tamara’s awkward experience when she had to stand in her truth in a business setting.
  • How we can find common ground with others when 90% of the world believes in some form of Higher Power.
  • Why there’s a global shift coming with people embracing and being more vocal about their faith, beliefs and values — and connecting with each other on a heartfelt, spiritual level.
  • Why Tamara believes it’s really about other people’s lives first, and then it’s about business — to form a true partnership in business that is special and lasting.

Tamara Burkett is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, follow-up practitioner and CRM consultant. She helps business owners use technology to cultivate personal connection in a human way. A savvy relationship builder, Tamara appreciates the unique qualities of each person she encounters. She artfully blends tech and relationship strategy to design a follow-up process her clients implement with ease. The end result is effortless business growth.

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