Episode 26: Living Life the Way You Were Meant To Live It with Brett Koon


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Brett healed his grief of losing his father.
  • Why learning who you actually are and separating yourself from your thoughts can open up freedom and infinite possibilities.
  • How to create sustaining peace through prayer and meditation.
  • How to release negative beliefs, people and events that are no longer serving us and practice more compassion for yourself.
  • Brett’s philosophy on how to get more peace, happiness and what you want out of life.

Brett Koon is a Meditation Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Meditation Retreat Facilitator. He has been practicing meditation for 28 years, and has been teaching Meditation for over 20 years. He draws upon most of his core teachings from meditation and how it permeates every aspect of our being. He is passionate and committed in helping others to connect with that deeper truth of who they are.

If you’re inspired by this episode, I’d love to hear your biggest Aha! moments. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device and post it to your social media and tag me, @christieturley!


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