My Reinvention Story

There I was… A business consultant of 17 years, working with leaders of businesses ranging from 7-figures to Fortune 500. 

I had it all— the family, the house, the cars, the businesses, the cool friends… 

And yet, some Divine Discontent was creeping in.

I started to feel the stirrings of my soul. 

At first, I ignored it. That didn’t go well.

  • Opportunities started to dry up. 
  • The techniques I employed flawlessly with the Law of Attraction stopped working as well. 
  • I resorted to buying courses and fill-in-the-blanks templates, which also didn’t work. 
  • I tried hard to fix things by investing money & energy into finding solutions.

Then I started ASK God and my Higher Self. I was told that even though I had all the things, I wasn’t truly happy.

What I needed was a change. But how? I had this huge resume of achievements — I definitely didn’t need to achieve more or do more. 

As the external world around me continued to crumble, my internal world was also crumbling. I found myself in a “dark night of the soul,” experiencing little deaths of my beliefs, values and identity. 

I took a look at my identity:

  • The person others perceived me to be, and who I (actually) am. 
  • The person I was conditioned to be in my childhood, and who I (actually) am. 
  • The person I was at business meetings, and who I (actually) am.

I took a look at my beliefs & values:

  • The ones I learned from my parents and grandparents.
  • The ones I learned from the high demand religion I was raised in.
  • The ones I had about myself, which were projected upon me by others.

I took a look at how I had given my power away:

  • To masterminds, business experts and clients.
  • To religious leaders and spiritual teachers.
  • To the façade I maintained to the outside world.

I called my power back. 

I recalibrated who I am, what I value, and what I believe. 

I was tired of living a lie. 

This is what is referred to as “Shadow Work.” Most people think that this is just looking at the parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable or ugly… 

But what Shadow Work ACTUALLY IS uncovering the BRIGHT parts of ourselves that have been rejected by others and ourselves.  It’s about uncovering the buried gold treasure within!

In the process, I discovered my True Soul Essence and Divine Purpose. 

Then came the next test, would I actually make the changes to align to them?

Well, of course I did. 

It took some bold action and courage to leave my previous career and identity and realize that I’m more than a label or a job title. 

Interestingly, the essence of what I do for people didn’t really change…

I STILL help people save time, money and energy through strategies that help them win at the game of life and business.

But rather than helping through some secret sauce of marketing campaigns, I help coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs (like you) to:

  • Find your inner magic. Return to your Divine Soul Blueprint. Ask: “Who am I?”
  • Realign to your superpowers. Release what’s not you. Ask: “What is my purpose?”
  • Manifest greater abundance by using this new knowledge to change the world. Ask: “What will I reinvent?”

I still use my intuition. It’s MUCH more powerful now.  

Before, I used my intuition to craft innovative marketing campaigns to make more money.

Now, I intuitively read a client’s Divine Soul Blueprint and their Akashic Records (also known as the Book of Life) to guide them to manifest more abundance —  a dream life they may not have imagined up until now.

And in this whole process of reinventing myself, I came up with a Roadmap of this Coming S.H.I.F.T. for Visionary Leaders and Spiritual Teachers” to help others navigate through their own Reinvention story — and much more quickly and gracefully with this plan

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Christie Turley ignites growth in visionary leaders and soul-centered entrepreneurs, with her business mentoring and coaching. Her superpower is to help uncover her client's untapped gifts, abilities and purpose, so they can make the best use of their resources and energy. She also has the instinctive ability to look at a brand, name or message, and immediately know if it’s an authentic match to who the person truly is (and how to re-align it).

She launched her career in marketing and communication while in college. By age 24, she had grown two businesses by more than $30 Million total, worked with many Fortune 500 brands, and started her own branding & marketing agency. In the past 20 years, she’s started, streamlined, bought &/or sold nine businesses, and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs.

Christie is a Business Mentor, Akashic Records Channel, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, Host of The Higher Genius Podcast and has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the USA with her husband and their two beautiful daughters.