The 4 Pillars of My Philosophy

Do you want to learn from a woman who walks her talk?

I don’t just spout theories; I know what works (and what doesn’t).
And I’ve managed to strike a balance between business & home— work & play.

  • Increased prosperity is inevitable when your business is aligned to your Prosperity Blueprint.

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  • If you’re looking at your business in isolated pieces, it can appear to be something it’s not.

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  • Small and simple things can bring about huge breakthroughs.

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  • Speed up business growth by slowing down & tuning in.

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Increased prosperity is the inevitable result when your business is aligned to your Prosperity Blueprint.

Alignment is precise, much like how a rainbow is formed...

After a storm, a rainbow only appears when you’re in alignment with the sun and the rain at precisely 42°.

  • At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible.
  • At 51°, the rainbow fades quickly from view.
  • Only at 42° is it at its brightest and boldest.

The 42° alignment is also personal to the observer. No two observers will ever see the same rainbow—because two observers cannot occupy the same exact space.

Likewise, the 42° Soul Alignment is personal to you. That's why someone else's blueprint isn't going to help you to your destination.

Here’s the difference...

Most of us are not in alignment with our souls because we don’t know who we TRULY are, at the soul level.

When we don’t know who we are, we are on the “Fated Path”— a default path.

When we align to our 42°, we course correct onto our “Destined Path”—the one aligned to our Prosperity Blueprint.


Alignment is about living in integrity with who you are, your purpose and giving your truest gifts to make the world a better place. You feel fulfilled, whole, complete and in love with your life and business.

The process of alignment is constant. Just like your back accidentally gets out of alignment, we can also accidentally get out of alignment, too.  This is why we see Chiropractors for an adjustment. Likewise, once we get aligned to our personal 42°, we can stay that way by constantly correcting course.

Unlocking What is Misaligned Can Create Exponential Results
I love to help entrepreneurs identify WHERE energy is not flowing in the business and is not aligned to the entrepreneur's purpose and financial intentions. When these energetic misalignments are identified, it's the equivalent of finding the ONE log that unlocks a "Log Jam."
In reality, there can be many "logs" or areas of your business that are not currently in full alignment with your purpose & financial intentions: Marketing, Sales, Offers, Clients, Products & Services, Team (Employees, Contractors, Advisors, Coaches, Spouse, well intentioned people), and Business Systems. I'll identify what specific areas are causing blocks in flow and what specifically can be changed in each area for increased abundance.

The Bigger Your Capacity,
The Bigger Your Impact.

Increase your capacity to hold a bigger business & impact. We build up your capacity to hold a bigger vision and business with “Inner Work” while identifying the physical shifts to make in the business (people, process, profits, promotion). The more aligned you are, the more joy, fulfillment & financial results you'll experience.

The Capacity Trifecta

If you’re looking at your business in isolated pieces, it can appear to be something it’s not.

This looks like:

  • Wow, why is my Instagram visibility down?
  • Why am I suddenly getting all these cancellations?
  • Why are potential clients drying up?

If you’re looking at your business in isolated pieces, it can appear to be something it’s not. And that means you could spend money and time trying to fix something that isn’t broken… Or worse, you could be unaware of an issue and suffer consequences that can be avoided…

Most entrepreneurs, coaches and service providers will only see the problem from their perspective, rather than looking at all the perspectives. That means if you ask an Instagram expert, you'll get an Instagram answer. When you ask a sales expert, you'll get a sales answer. And on and on.

When you can see the BIG Picture and look at your business in segments rather than the wholethen you may realize all three of these hypothetical problems may have the same root cause.

That's when you stop looking at the problem with 1-2 sides at a time...

...and change your perspective to see the Big Picture.
From above, you can see all 4 sides at the SAME time (a holistic viewpoint).
Each side of the pyramid represent The 4 P's of Business:

People (Yourself, Team & Customers)
Promotion (Marketing)
Processes (Systems, Delivery, Methods)
Profits (Products, Services & Sales)

Notice that there is also a 5th side hidden from view because it’s the FOUNDATION at the base of the pyramid. This is the 5th P: Your Prosperity Blueprint. It has 4 sides:

  1. Path (where you are on your path and how aligned you are to your Purpose)
  2. Personality (your gifts, strengths, talents and who you are at soul level)
  3. Philosophy (your unique Point of view + Principles you live by)
  4. Passions (what gets you fired up and gives you Pride or Pleasure)

When you identify your Prosperity Blueprint:

  • you know who you are at soul level
  • you have the map to thriving on every level of your life
  • you have the power to align to it for greater financial results and impact

The more you evolve your consciousness, the more important it is for you to be in complete alignment with your Prosperity Blueprint. This is why sometimes it can feel that all of a sudden you're stuck. It's because you increased your consciousness with your spiritual work and the Universe is trying to help you realign your physical circumstances to your new vibration. My process removes much of the guesswork and trial & error games with the Universe.

And the best part is...

When you energetically and physically align your Prosperity Blueprint to everything in your life and your business (the 4 P's of Business) through inspired action, you can more quickly manifest all that you desire and intend to create, as long as it's in alignment.

I assist conscious entrepreneurs in uncovering their Prosperity Blueprint and aligning it to the 4 P’s of Business, so that they can grow their income and impact.Learn about working together... »
Learn about working together... »

Small and simple things can bring about huge breakthroughs.

There’s a Japanese philosophy called Kaizen, which says by making 1% improvements each day, it adds up to huge changes over time.

You only need a small change to make a huge difference!

For example, on a website you can make small and simple tweaks to increase conversion rates that massively increase profits.

In fact, it’s easier to 3x your business by tripling your conversion rate than by tripling traffic.

Here’s why...

When you increase your conversion rate by 50%, that's equivalent to a 500% increase in profits. That's because your overheads stay (relatively) the same.


What could you do with an EXTRA 500% in profits?

  • Hire more staff to free up your time?
  • Take more vacations?
  • Give more to causes?

It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box ideas, the simple but innovative changes- that will transform your whole business.

Let’s play, “would you rather”...

A) Fail at innovation 9 times, and on the 10th attempt be so successful that the ripple effect is immeasurable (your life, your business, your customers’ lives all transform completely)...

B) Copy another’s business and make a respectable income and impact, but know that it’s not really YOU that did it.

Speed up business growth by slowing down & tuning in.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

— Albert Einstein

I’m about to go against everything you’ve ever heard from any guru out there in internet land...

I’m going to ask you to use your intuition when marketing yourself.

After running thousands of campaigns for 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs, you can have one strategy that works brilliantly for one entrepreneur and use the same EXACT strategy for someone else and have it flop.

That’s because of the “Secret Sauce” phenomenon.

A lot of “gurus” teach that there's only ONE "formula" to be successful in business, and it happens to be the tactic that they teach. Others say you must be doing ALL of "these" 67 ways to market your business. That's neither practical nor sustainable!

Someone else’s “secret sauce” isn't necessarily what’s right for you.

Your marketing strategy must be aligned to your Prosperity Blueprint (path, personality, passion and philosophy), your message and your audience.

INTUITION has been my #1 weapon in helping my and others’ businesses grow.

Intuition is that secret weapon that propels success faster than one can imagine. Life’s journeys can bring us to new and uncharted waters and they can also leave us treading water.  Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” 

Want to clarify the Ideal Marketing Mix for you?  Check out my Marketing Table of Elements...

Intuition-Led Business Growth

Christie Turley is a business mentor, pattern disruptor, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. As a mentor, she has worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs and CEOs, helping guide to success both startups and established enterprises. 

With a track record of selling 5 of her own businesses, Christie brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the companies she advises. Over her career, the businesses she has founded, led and advised have generated over $3 billion in combined sales.

Early in her journey, Christie helped two international startups achieve triple-digit growth, earning spots on the INC 500 list. She went on to own a successful branding and marketing agency, developing hundreds of award-winning campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 brands.

Christie believes in challenging conventional wisdom and pushing past perceived limitations. As a business advisor with extensive training in subconscious modalities for breaking through perceived limits, Christie helps entrepreneurs unlock new opportunities by accessing deeper levels of intuition, empowerment and creativity. Her unique strategic approach has helped many visionary founders overcome hurdles, develop innovative strategies and achieve their boldest goals.

With over two decades spent innovating across 40+ industries, Christie has invaluable insights into scaling 6-, 7- and 8-figure businesses and building brands that stand the test of time. She is a dynamic speaker who has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She looks forward to lending her experience to help the next generation of disruptors succeed.

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