49: The 4 Converging Marketing Trends Right Now (and How to Adjust)

Is your marketing not working as well as it used to? Feeling a divine call to a greater work? Looking to create a soulful brand that truly connects with customers?



Feeling a divine call to a greater work? Looking to create a soulful brand that truly connects with customers? Join me as I discuss:
  • Why your marketing may not be working as well as it used to.
  • The 4 converging trends that are affecting your ability to market right now (and how to capitalize on these trends).
  • Why we have one foot in the 3rd dimension of marketing and one foot in the 4th dimension of marketing (and why the old marketing tactics are starting to fail).
  • How to make the switch from transactional marketing to transcendental marketing
  • How to connect with the TRUE SOUL of your business, so you can deliver meaningful impact, even higher profits, increased visibility and happier employees & customers.
  • What Co-creation really is– and why it’s a magnificent tool for business in the future.
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Christie Turley guides visionary leaders to reconnect with their higher genius, so they can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact. She is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, which offers a framework on unlocking the intuitive and subconscious minds, and she is founder of Conscious State University, an online learning platform that teaches leaders and their teams how to make better decisions using science-backed methods.  A dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors and is the host of The Higher Genius Podcast. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband and their two daughters.

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Feeling the divine call to a greater work? You are a savvy entrepreneur. You’re often the smartest person in the room. So why would you want to go changing anything right now? Isn’t it good to be satisfied with your success and the amount of business that you have coming in? Well, yeah, of course it is! But at the same time, can you deny the stirrings of your soul? What if, there’s a greater genius that is waiting to come forward? And what if those notches don’t go away? What if they actually get louder?

And, trust me on this, they do get louder. So, I was at the top of my game a few years ago, and I’d been in business for 14 years, and had sold more than $3 billion of products and services. Yes, that’s billion with a B, with the help of my team. And we did that for our clients who ranged from startups to Fortune 500 companies. And I was also a member of an elite mastermind, definitely a cool kids club full of 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs.; had great cashflow—all the possessions I could ever want!

And yet, that divine discontent was creeping in. And I started to feel the stirrings of my soul. And at first, I ignored it. And that didn’t go very well. And I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute. But during this time, I also discovered that there are four converging trends happening at once. And I don’t know about you, but I love trends! So the first trend I saw is that, customers are just more suspicious than ever. They look at your marketing and they think, “Oh, you just want my money?” “Oh, here I am on a squeeze page or a trip wire.”

And my question is, “Why are we tripping and squeezing our customers?” So they’re definitely more skeptical than ever. The other thing is, customers have more choices than ever before. That’s where we get the analysis paralysis phrase. Then there’s the study. 87% of consumers have reported that they would rather buy a product that has a social or environmental benefit when given the chance. And finally, I’ve noticed that Intuition and Spirituality is becoming more mainstream! And it’s becoming the secret weapon of entrepreneurs and executives.

One entrepreneur that comes to mind is Sara Blakely of Spanx. It’s definitely becoming more mainstream. So, what if you could take all of these converging trends and make a bigger impact with your business, create even higher profits, have increased visibility and publicity, as well as have happier employees and customers? Well, that’s what people are doing right now. That’s what entrepreneurs are doing. They’re listening to those stirrings of their soul to create an image and a brand, and a message that captures the deepest levels of their soul.

So quick story, I had an epiphany a short while ago. My husband and I visited Haiti. And we took a trip there with some other entrepreneurs. And we did that to basically feel good about what we were doing in business, frankly. And we went there to build homes for some homeless families. Jared and I, my husband, we built two homes. And we also visited a couple of orphanages and schools and fed some orphans. And it was one of the most impactful, most transformational times of my life—experiences in my life.

Because here where all these parents and kids that had nothing except the smile on their face, they didn’t have light to cook after the sun went down! And we gave them lights as well. But I remember crying all the way home because I really realized, that the reason I had wanted to create eight different businesses with my husband, was because I really wanted to make an impact! And I realized that I could make an impact no matter what business I created. I just needed to change a few things. So what’s interesting about these trends as well is that, it’s definitely more profitable. There was a study conducted that showed that companies with a conscience actually outperforms the S and P by over a thousand percent, over 10 years.

But here’s the thing. Okay. You cannot just choose a cause, I have a catalog, and slap it on your brand. Customers are way more sophisticated than that. And you don’t actually wanna sell yourself short. You want to do this for the real reasons and create something that’s a very authentic and embedded into the soul of your brand and in every step of the customer journey. You really need to create the structure, and the style, and the story around your bigger mission. And I’ll talk about that in a minute. So, in addition to all of these converging trends, I’m a pretty spiritual person. I rely on my intuition a lot. And I feel like there are some cosmic forces at work here.

And so what are these cosmic forces? So, I was actually thinking a lot about this. And one day, it just hit me. So at this time in our history, we’re ascending from third dimensional thinking to fourth dimensional thinking. And there’s actually a parallel with marketing and advertising. So if you really think about it, like the first dimension of marketing and advertising started during frontier times, when pioneers were settling the Wild West. And the marketing and advertising of that day was really these traveling salesmen that would go from town to town, also the general stores. Okay? And, what they carried were the elemental survival items, like food, and the ingredients to make food;

tools, so that you could cut down trees and clear your land. So it’s really about the survival times. Anyway. So then, let’s go to the second dimension. So the second dimension of marketing and advertising started around the time of the Industrial Revolution. So that’s where we saw Victorian Age inventions come about, like the lightbulb, and the bicycle, and the phonograph, and even the car—Ford’s model T car. And we saw people go out and buy these things because it was about making life better. And it really drilled down to primal desire.

It’s just, “I want that. I want it for the pleasure of it because it’s gonna make my life better!” And then we had quicker modes of transportation coming along—planes, trains, and automobiles. And this is also just going along with this primal desire. This is when sex appeal started being used a lot more in advertising. So the third dimension of marketing and advertising is where we are right now. Actually, we have one foot in the third dimension, and one foot in the fourth dimension. I’ll talk to you about that in a second. But this started around the start of the information age, around the 1970s, when computers were being created, we had fax machines, then the internet.

And brands were all about creating more variety, more products, more choices, more flavors, more colors. And they were brands for differentiating between this benefit or that feature. And it was about saving money, and time, and having that convenience factor. So it was really about the mechanics of the product. And also,, it was about status. So it was about raising your status, like speaking to the ego. So one example of this is Apple. You know? They definitely sold to the cool kids. And if you own an Apple product, you were seen as cool, or you hoped you were seen as cool.

And then we saw online shopping and complex sales funnels, and lots of different marketing tactics to convince customers that the brand solution was the only, you know, option or the one magic formula to make all your dreams come true. So right now we have one foot in this third dimension of marketing and one foot in the fourth dimension of marketing. And, the door is starting to close on that third dimension of marketing. So that’s why a lot of the old tactics that were working a few years ago, have stopped working.

So what is this all about? So the fourth dimension of marketing is all about human to human marketing. We’re realizing that people buy from people, not brands! And that’s why influencers on social media have done so well. Brands are creating impact, and culture, and community, and movements, and causes, and brands that show empathy and connection to their communities are thriving! Well, brands that are stuck in the third dimension are catching some scoffs and some skepticism from customers.

And so, you know, to underscore this, the fourth dimension of marketing is all about serving others. It’s a heart-based way of marketing. It’s not about serving the self or wanting to fatten the pocket book, so to speak, of the company. We’re moving from transactional marketing to transformational marketing and better yet, transcendental marketing. And consumers are awakening to the true intentions behind brands. And they intuitively know if your virtue signaling and your heart is half in it, or if your heart and soul are truly in it for them, and for making a difference, whether that’s in on the community level or the global level.

And it’s like, we’re really going from third dimensional merchants, 3D merchants, to 4D movement makers. So the other thing that’s happening right now is we’re all experiencing rapid change in our environment. We’ve seen this in 2020 with many of the global events that happened. And we’re seeing that the collective consciousness is really changing every day, responding to emotions based upon what they’re experiencing in their environments. So why does that apply to marketing and business? Because how people are feeling, how they’re responding to their environment is going to affect how they respond to your marketing.

And so, marketing that yesterday was so sensitive, today sounds totally tone deaf. So it’s important to keep changing out the marketing. So what do you do? So it starts with you. It really does. You will want to get in a much deeper connection with your soul and figure out who you actually are and not what you think you are, but who you actually are, what your soul is made of. And also getting connected to the mission and the true soul of your business. And the most important thing about this, is being aligned.

So what does alignment mean really? So I feel like it’s this word that people throw around. So let me explain it. So, here’s this metaphor. So a rainbow forms at only 42 degrees. At 39 degrees, it’s barely visible. And at 51 degrees, it’s partially visible and then quickly disappears. But at 42 degrees, that’s where the rainbow, is the clearest where it has the boldest Impact. And so this is a great illustration of alignment because if you’re a little bit off, it doesn’t shine as bright, right? You don’t shine as bright. So the other thing about rainbows is even if someone is standing side by side with you, they’re not gonna see the same rainbow that you are, because it’s about your eyes, your connection with the sun and the rainbow.

And so that’s another cool thing about rainbows. You never see the same one. It’s unique just like you! And that’s why I think that when people are teaching marketing, they’re teaching it from their point of view. And you know, if I go and try to do what they’re teaching, it might not be the right angle for me. So therefore it’s not going to work as well. So that’s one thing. The alignment is super important and the harder that we try to implement tactics that are no longer aligned to us or even where we’re going as a planet, the more they won’t work. So this is why, I have witnessed through my work helping others with their marketing, this is one thing I’ve noticed is that, a lot of 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs, even some 6-figure entrepreneurs, are noticing that their marketing isn’t working as well as it used to!

Especially if they’ve been around in business for a while. So getting back to this 42 degrees. When everything is in perfect alignment, that means you are in perfect alignment with your mission, your soul mission and the true soul of your business. And remember, there’s only one you. And there’s only one way to make your business and your message shine at their brightest. And that’s at your own 42 degrees. So when it comes, everything comes into perfect alignment. Customers can sense it on an intuitive level and it helps speed up that trust factor, which just enables you to serve them even more through the transformation of your products and services.

So I learned this lesson of alignment after experiencing the challenge of infertility for seven years with my husband and it had to be the right place, the right circumstances, the right treatments and the right doctor and all in divine timing. So alignment also came into play in my business as I hinted to at the beginning, because when I was at the top of my game, I was being called to something bigger and I didn’t listen. I didn’t listen to that little tap on the shoulder. So it became a lot more abrupt. So little by little, the Universe was making it so I was less and less distracted. Opportunities started drying up. Client started drying up and I was lovingly being called to take a look in a very deep way and to make changes in my business.

And I could also see that as I was making these changes, that I was clearing a path for others who are being called to something greater like I was. And I’ll tell you about that in a little bit as well. So if there were ever a time to listen to that divine calling that you have inside of you, it’s now! All these converging trends! And when you can cling it your roots deep in the ground, into that greater calling, you won’t be tossed to and fro with these changing winds of the world. Like, we’re gonna see change like we’ve never seen it before. You thought this was bad, they’re never gonna see it. And this is a great way to really future-proof your business.

So you don’t have to grab a shiny object, tactic, or a ninja trick to try to chase customers. Your business will be calm in the eye of the storm. And you’ll have a unique vantage point to help your customers with empathy and soul. So think of yourself as if you were a lighthouse. A lighthouse doesn’t go chase after customers. You know, they don’t chase after ships to try to pull them into the harbor. No, they sit there from their vantage point. They see what’s going on and they shine the light so the ships can find them. And so chances are, if your intuition is telling you something about, you know, there’s this Divine calling, it’s a huge chance that your intuition is not telling you directly what it is yet.

You intuitively feel it’s there, but you don’t know what it is yet. And you don’t know what it means for you. So I have this process for uncovering this, which I developed because I went through the same exact thing! And I realized that my divine calling was all about creating the steps to follow using all of my marketing experience as well from 20 years, but to clear a path so that others could walk on it. And I call this process a Rejuvention, and it’s a made up word and it’s combination of two words, it’s ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘intervention.’ So think of this as a gentle soul intervention to really help you pull out all of those unanswered questions and turn them into answers so that you can really see what you’re being called to do and how to integrate all of that.

So another thing that I learned while going through infertility was this concept called co-creation. And technically all babies are made by co-creation, right? But in our case, we had to seek the help of a fertility clinic to literally create and deliver our two most precious creations. So we had all the magic inside of us already, but we had to have help to literally pull it out of us so that we could co-create. And I realized that this is a cool metaphor for entrepreneurs. That co-creation is really what most entrepreneurs need, because you know your stuff, you’ve had great success.

You know, you’ve had a lot of almost unconscious competence. Like you don’t know what you don’t know, but you’ve also forgotten a lot of what you do know. So this is like having someone pull up and hold a mirror in front of you so that you can see what others so easily see in you, and what makes you special, and what makes your business special so that you can really stand out and then shine brightly. So I love holding up this mirror to my clients. And I love co-creating impact and helping them connect with who they really are to the true soul of their business, so that they can deliver meaningful impact and higher profits and increased visibility and have your employees and customers.

So ask yourself, how many lives do you want to touch? A hundred? A thousand? A million? A billion? So think about that. So my mission, I thought about this Math myself. So the way that I personally improve the lives of a million or more people on this planet, is through helping a hundred or more elite entrepreneurs like you, and helping them—you, deliver meaningful impact and even greater profits. So if you’re wanting to create a ripple effect that creates this huge wave that sweeps across the planet; and you want to speed up your growth;

and you’re done surviving in a crowded market place; you’re done launching the flavor of the week or the flavor of the quarter; you’re working hard for very low rewards—maybe you do have a lot of rewards, but you’d like to spend more time in other areas of your life; and maybe you just really want to attract a different type of customer. So I’d like to invite you to become part of a service that I put together—a done with you service, a co-creation service, if you will call, The Purposeful Profits Catalyst. And it’s designed to help you connect who you are with the true soul of your business, so that you can deliver that meaningful impact, create even higher profits, and receive increased visibility and publicity, and having even happier employees and customers.

So it includes two virtual workshops at different points during six weeks, as well as some one-on-one consulting sessions. And I’ll be giving you a customized assessment to help you get those answers that are deeply embedded into the DNA of your soul. And during our private work, I know what questions to ask you to pull those- that subconscious information out of you so that you can truly give birth to the greatest work of your life. So the investment is really affordable. It’s four digits. So if you’re interested in this, just private message me. Send me an email to [email protected] and the spelling’s below.

You can also click on the button. Go ahead and email me privately and let me know that you’re interested in this. I can only help a limited amount of people at a time. And I only do this at certain times during the year. So I’m excited to hear from you, and I’m excited to help you on this truly exciting time in the world, and an exciting time for you! Because you’ll be able to have a business that really resonates with your soul and the reason why you’re here.