Access Your Akashic Records to Manifest Results

I help my clients answer these 3 main questions:
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do I apply my purpose to my life to manifest abundance?

And I help them clear subconscious blocks, unconscious patterns and self-limiting beliefs that prevent them from manifesting their ideal lives, relationships and careers.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss:

  • “What is the Divine Soul Blueprint?”
  • “What are the Akashic Records?”
  • How you can discover your Soul’s identity, purpose and gifts.
  • How you can manifest your desires using the Akashic Records.
What is the Divine Soul Blueprint?

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is like the Roadmap that you were born with, containing all the information about your identity and purpose— and how to thrive on every level of your life.

Along the journey of life, this Divine Soul Blueprint information can be deleted, corrupted, tangled or added. This means you can manifest a lot of what you do NOT want in your life because the current Roadmap is no longer a perfect copy of your ORIGINAL Roadmap (the one you were born with).

In other words, as we go through life, we can get out of alignment with this Divine Soul Blueprint (how our soul was made and our soul’s purpose) and this can cause us to go down dead-end roads or get stuck in construction zones.

Alignment is precise, much like how a rainbow is formed…

After a storm, a rainbow only appears when you’re in alignment with the sun and the rain at precisely 42°.

  • At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible.
  • At 51°, the rainbow fades quickly from view.
  • Only at 42° is it at its brightest and boldest.

As we go through life, we can get out of alignment. 

It’s like the “computer code” of our Divine Soul Blueprint can get deleted, corrupted, tangled or added.

This means you can manifest a lot of what you do NOT want in your life because the “computer programs” running are not in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

When you can energetically and physically align your Divine Soul Blueprint (your 42°) to everything in your life and your career, you can manifest all that you desire (the metaphorical rainbow).

When you Realign to your Divine Soul Blueprint, it’s like your road switched from the Fated Path (your default path) to the Destined Path (the one intended for this lifetime).

The problem is most people are really great at being “who they think they’re supposed to be.” They end up exhausted and burned out because they’re not being “who they actually are.”

When they’re performing actions from the perspective of “who they think they’re supposed to be” and NOT “who they actually are,” they’re plotting out their path from that smaller version of themselves (the Fated Path). They end up in a totally different destination and with a totally different business than they would have if they started from the perspective of “who they actually are” (the Destined Path)

This is why their goals (destinations) can seem just out of reach. They don’t ever “get there” and don’t feel fulfilled because they’ve created a path from a different perspective—something that is not their personal 42°.

When you’re aligned to your soul’s 42°, something special happens. The path you were headed towards, the Fated Path, diverges and creates a new path—the Destined Path, which is aligned to your soul and your ideal future self.

This accelerates your soul purpose and mission because every choice you make is aligned. When aligned, you no longer feel like anything is missing or just out of reach. Instead, you feel fulfilled, whole, complete and in love with your life and business.

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is as UNIQUE as your Fingerprint

Your Divine Soul Blueprint is who you are at soul level and the map for thriving on every level of your life. It’s like the computer code that you were born with, containing all the information about your identity and purpose.

What are the Akashic Records?

We can access your Divine Soul Blueprint information intuitively through the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records is a spiritual “library” where every soul has a “book” (like what the Bible refers to as the “Book of Life”).

You have your own Akashic Records in this library that contain information such as: your Divine Soul Blueprint, and your past, present and future. Your Business also has Akashic Records!

By working with someone familiar with accessing the Akashic Records, you can access navigational information much more quickly than working on your own, and fast track your results.

While it’s easier for the human mind to think of it as a “place,” the Akashic Field is actually all around us. Many people access the Akashic Field without realizing it– out of the ether, they get an idea, inspiration, divine guidance, and intuition. It’s why people have the experience of having someone call them and they were literally just thinking about them (they tapped into the signal of the Akashic Field).

We ALL have the ability to receive intuitive information, and this ability can be strengthened like a muscle (see “The 10 Stages of Psychic Intuition Development“).

Get from Point A to Point B Faster

One can use the Akashic Records as a Divine GPS—just like looking up navigational information in your car— to get from Point A to Point B faster.

One can see if there are “road” blocks in the Akashic Records that are interfering with your trajectory—things like:

  • Past Life choices that contribute to karma in the present life.
  • Past life wounds that cause blocks in the present life.
  • Present life wounds and choices that contribute to the blocks.
  • And more.

These ALL can be cleared in the Akashic Records to make it a smoother ride!

The Akashic Records contain your Divine Soul Blueprint (Roadmap), containing information about how you were designed by Source, including:

  • Spiritual Gifts – Your Soul’s specialty skills, talents and gifts.
  • Spiritual Senses – Just like Physical senses, we all have that 6th sense— the Spiritual Senses. There are 12 Spiritual Senses in total (also referred to as “Clairs”).
  • Soul Expression – Your Soul’s vibrational qualities and favorite ways to express your Spiritual Gifts in the physical world.
  • Soul Group & Traits – Your Soul Group is like your Soul Family and there are archetypal traits common to each Soul Group.
  • Intuition Type – How you best receive intuitive information.
  • Life Purpose, Lessons & Themes – What your Soul chose to experience before incarnating in this life.
  • And much more!
The Divine Soul Blueprint as a Triangulation Signal

As a matter of fact, we can use the Divine Soul Blueprint as a triangulation signal, just like with GPS.

First, we get aligned to your Divine Soul Blueprint in the present moment and then align to your intention or goal (Destination). Your intention could be an intention to manifest a financial amount, a relationship, a new employee, a new house, a specific outcome, or whatever you desire.

Then we make sure the Destination is in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint (as in, “Is this in your Highest Good? Is there something even better?“).

Finally, we can use the Akashic Records to tell us the Best Path to get there, including action steps of what to shift energetically, blocks to clear, and what to actions to take in the physical world.

My Intuitive Coaching Process
Step 1. Remember

Learn who you are at soul level and understand it deeply. (Who are you?)

Step 2: Reinvent

Use this knowledge to transform your career by bringing original and pioneering ideas into being. (What am I here to do?)

Step 3: Realign

Step into your power and express your genius brilliantly. (How do I apply that knowledge to my life and career?)

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about my Akashic Records related services, check out my Soul + Business Alignment offerings.

I hope this information has been empowering and helpful to you on your life journey.

Much love,

Author of The Intuition-Led Business
Host of The Higher Genius Podcast

Christie Turley guides visionary leaders to reconnect with their higher genius, so they can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact. She is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, which offers a framework on unlocking the intuitive and subconscious minds, and she is founder of Conscious State University, an online learning platform that teaches leaders and their teams how to make better decisions using science-backed methods.  A dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors and is the host of The Higher Genius Podcast. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband and their two daughters.

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