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[PDF] Marketing Table of Elements

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[Free Guide] The 4 Buying Languages for Higher Profits


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[Free Guide] Discover Your Brand Archetypes

My Philosophy - Christie Turley

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[Free Guide] The Idea Generator for Books & Courses

Exponential Profits

Creating an inventory of everything that fascinates you, or has ever fascinated you, is one way to birth creations, like books and courses, that are uniquely yours. Get the Guide »

[Free Guide + Video Series] The #1 Hidden Secret to Exponential Profits

Exponential Profits

What is it that can move the needle exponentially (not just linearly) in your business? Watch the 5-part video series + get the workbook »

[Free Book Bonuses] The Intuition-Led Business

The Intuition-Led Business

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  • The Idea Generator for Books & Courses
  • The #1 Hidden Secret to Exponential Profits
  • The first chapter to my book, The Intuition-Led Business

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She encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone to try some outside of the box approaches to my marketing strategies. Her strategy-first-tactics-second approach was exactly what I needed as I was building and growing my business.

-Kim M, Scottsdale, AZ

About Christie Turley

Creative catalyst Christie Turley has innovative brand positioning and messaging for small businesses & multimillion-dollar companies worldwide through consulting & done-for-you services. These entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts & CEOs all have one thing in common: they have a message that has the power to transform and revolutionize the way we live, work and/or play.

Her superpower is crafting the brand positioning that amplifies these messages— leading to massive results, like one client who grew from zero to $15 million in under a year. She helps her clients get to-the-point quickly and clearly— in a world where SPEED is the new currency. She started her digital marketing career over two decades ago and launched her company, Limelight Alchemy, when she was 24 at the birth of the internet. Since then, she’s helped transform thousands of businesses and sold $3 billion dollars in products and services (that’s Billion with a “B”).

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