This is Why You Invest in a 15-Minute Morning Ritual



I have found that when I take the time to do my morning ritual, TIME EXPANDS.

For me, taking 15 minutes for my morning ritual ☀️ ends up paying dividends 💰during the day.

I gain 2+ hours because I’m much more productive, efficient and creative – not to mention more at peace, satisfied and energetic.

It was Einstein’s theory of relativity (e=mc2) that showed us that “time is an illusion.”

Einstein defined time as “that which a clock measures…”

…but with his relativity equation, he showed “time is flexible.” It’s elastic.

You know when it feels like time is speeding up?

That’s not your imagination; it really is.

According to Einstein, if the speed of light is invariable and absolute, then both space and time must be flexible and relative to accommodate this.

In other words, it’s how our brains 🧠 are wired – it’s our own consciousness that is controlling our perception of time.

So if you want to expand time, (i.e. have more time during the day), then enlarge your capacity to handle anything that comes your way by starting your day with your morning ritual.

👇Comment below—What do you do to CREATE TIME out of thin air?

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