3 Strategies to Increase Online Sales (Without Increasing Traffic)


There are just three ways to grow a business:

  • Get more customers
  • Increase profit-per-sale
  • Turn customers into frequent repeat customers
That’s it.

For all the marketing tactics ever devised and all the marketing plans ever written, these are the only levers you have to pull.

Simply acknowledging that fact brings clarity and focus to your business, doesn’t it?

And by just increasing your conversion rate by only 1%, you can more than triple your business.

Sound unbelievable?

It’s actually basic math.

Just check out this graphic:

Increasing conversions by 50% is a 500% increase in profits.

When you increase your conversion rate by 50%, it's equivalent to a 500% increase in profits.
That’s because your costs usually stay the same.

In other words, going from only a 2% to a 3% conversion rate is all you need to achieve a 50% increase in conversion rate.

That’s only 1%.

So you only need a 1% uptick to make a massive difference!

What could you do with an EXTRA 500% in profits?
  • Hire more staff to free up your time?
  • Take more vacations?
  • Give more to causes?

Cashflow is powerful.
And life-changing.

The beauty of growing your business this way is that these numbers compound on one another.

Just check out this next visual:

Profit grows by 10 times

It's easier to triple your business by tripling your conversion rate than by tripling your traffic.

- Christie Turley

The visual above shows you how the numbers compound.

Just doubling conversion rate will double the revenue.

But if you can double the visitors as well, then the revenue quadruples.

And when the revenue quadruples and the costs remain the same, your profit can grow by over 10 TIMES!

Here's an example...

Say this is you:

5,000 visitors x 0.75% conversion rate x $1000 lifetime customer spend = $37,500 per month

If all we did is double the conversion rate, your revenue would double.

5,000 x 1.5% x $1000 = $75,000 per month

If we doubled the visitors, your revenue would quadruple:

10,000 x 1.5% x $1000 = $150,000 per month

Now you can see how I can help online entrepreneurs scale quickly, from 2x-10x in one year.

It’s very achievable.

AND it’s WAY easier to triple your business by tripling your conversion rate than by tripling your traffic.

See, you REALLY don't need to attract more people via SEO or Facebook or Google ads.

You just need to convert MORE of the visitors you're already getting into sales...

...and know the leverage points on your website to unlock a massive increase in profits.

So what are those leverage points?

What are the small and simple tweaks to increase conversion rates and massively increase profits?

First, you must realize that you’ve been sailing in a leaky boat.

Even a small leak can result in a sinking ship with your potential customers jumping overboard. This means you are losing valuable leads and potential customers.

In every business, revenue is generated over an extended period of time.

Acquiring each customer has a cost, so that’s why an airtight website and/or funnel is so important.

And once the leaks are plugged up, we can work on consistently optimizing the conversion rates.

Let’s look at the points that will help you build a sturdy yacht, AND also find those QUICK tweaks and adjustments so you can start gaining more leads and customers quickly.

To optimize your funnel and/or website for conversions, you will need to do a full 15-Point Inspection.

The 15 Point Inspection:

The inspection includes reviewing your existing website and/or funnel and flow to diagnose to see where your “boat is leaking”:

✔ Content Engagement Rates
✔ Lead Generation Landing Page Conversion Rates
✔ Sales Page Conversion Rates
✔ Website Load times
✔ Conversions to Sales based on lead source
✔ One-way vs. Two-way Communication
✔ Email Open Rates
✔ Email Click Rates
✔ Email Deliverability

And then Paid Media performance:

✔ Ad Targeting and Strategy
🎯 Target Research
🎨 Ad Creative
🗺️ Placements
👩 Avatar Demographics
📈 Ad Scent

Each layer of the website and/or funnel needs to be measured to identify where to focus your time, money and energy to increase your conversions - and ultimately your revenue in the fastest way possible.

That’s where the ROI Breakthrough comes in.

In the ROI Breakthrough Intensive, you will have my expert eyes on your website and/or funnel’s offers, messaging, content, analytics and more - AND have my guidance to find your specific leaks and to implement the changes.

The ROI Breakthrough Intensive is a 4-week implementation experience helps you to:

  • Create an achievable marketing strategy for you to 2x-10x your business in the next year.
  • Zero in on ways to increase productivity (ROI) of marketing efforts to increase income.
  • Discover the hidden challenges and marketing pitfalls that sabotage the growth of your business through website audits, marketing material reviews and advertising critiques -- to increase conversions.
  • Craft core messaging for your ideal client profiles -- to attract clients clamoring to buy your products and services.
  • And much more.
Learn More HereLet's Create a Breakthrough Together.

Looking for a breakthrough?
You're only 1% away from tripling your business.

Learn More HereLet's Create a Breakthrough Together.

I’ve helped my clients make anywhere from $100K to $1M-plus in a matter of weeks.
-Check out the case studies below.
A wealth of real world business and marketing experience:

Case Studies

Case Study: A 3000% Return on Investment

One client was stuck on their marketing campaign. They wanted to find something different to promote besides a Buy One Get One Free campaign, which they openly admitted to being addicted to.

We developed a new brand story that told the compelling story of how a father’s love for his daughter spurred him to create a hearing aid with the most advanced technology available. That marketing strategy created a 30:1 Return on Investment - compared to the company's previous 6:1 control!

So, while their marketing techniques were still profitable, ours were 5 times more profitable! The Franchisor was able to grow the number of franchisees by 344% in 2 years. They went from an 8-figure Franchise to a 9-figure Franchise very quickly!

So why settle for only profitable with your marketing? This company could have been happy with a 6:1 return, but they went for wildly profitable with a 30:1 return...

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Case Study: $5MM Added with A New Way to Market

A European company known for its civil engineering feats and innovative drain systems for large parks and office buildings wanted to diversify - outside of commercial drains - and outside of the US.

Instead of their drains being outside draining rain, their drains were to be featured inside high-end custom homes - in the shower. One problem... How do you make a shower drain look appealing? With a stainless steel cover die-cut in one of their grate styles and close-up photography with moody, ambient lighting, this showroom piece rivals all others. They launched a consumer brand selling fashionable linear drains to the US - and landed clients including large hotels, resorts, hospitals, big box retailers like Lowes, architects, interior designers and custom homeowners.

Within 90 days, the product was featured on HGTV and other home decor TV shows. Within 30 days, they had a positive ROI on their Internet Marketing in the 6-figures. And one year, later this product is bringing in an extra $5MM a year.

Case Study: Membership Increases by 250%

This company was a 40-year-old facing tough times when they came to me for help. They were averaging just a few new leads each day through their website and they had a membership base of just over 3,000. What’s worse, existing members were not renewing, so they were actually experiencing a net loss of members at the rate of 15% each month!

The simple tweaks started with an update to their website that included newly improved lead capture strategies. Then, some enticing special offers drew more traffic to the website, as did successful Facebook campaigns and YouTube campaigns, which experienced an 80:1 Return on Investment - that’s 80,000% ROI!

Since working together, web traffic has tripled, conversion rate has increased tenfold, leads have grown 6X, sales have increased by 33% and member renewals have gone from a net loss of as much as 15% to a gain of 10%, which is a net increase of 250%.

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Case Study: 694% increase in Profits

This technology company was faced with decreasing leads as well as some franchisees starting to sell back their franchises because the leads were not coming in fast enough.

They quickly realized that they were under-serving their potential market. They had become so focused on the consumer side of things (high quantity, low ticket), that they had totally neglected their business-to-business marketing (low quantity, high ticket).

I helped them to see that they needed to create a new lead-generating website focused on helping small- and medium-sized businesses with their technology needs. The results were amazing. They saw a 694% increase in Franchisee PROFITS company-wide with this single campaign!

Case Study: New Product Line Generates $100K+ in Pre-orders

A dance apparel eCommerce company, who I already helped generate a 700% ROI on marketing spend previously -- came back as a returning client for some new inspiration...

They wanted to capitalize on a larger piece of the market and build out a wholesale department to sell to dance retail stores across the US.

I helped her plan a photo shoot inspired by the glamorous 1940's Hollywood era, which would convey the classic elegance that appeals to their high-end audience.

The new product and campaign resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of initial orders prior to the client having to manufacture any products (other than samples!).

Plus, their imagery is so creative that editors of large industry publications are emailing the client monthly for permission to use imagery in their magazines as well as products to use in their own photo shoots. Because of this attention, their products have even been featured in a #1 Box Office movie (without having to pay for the product placement!)

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Looking for a breakthrough?
You're only 1% away from tripling your business.

Learn More HereLet's Create a Breakthrough Together.