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Mindful Empathy Creates Results

I saw first-hand the profound earnings that Empathy can produce when I developed a direct mail campaign for a tech company with over 100 franchisees. The campaign told the compelling story of how a father’s love for his daughter spurred him to create a hearing aid with the most advanced technology available. This empathetic campaign outperformed other controls with an astounding 30:1 ROI and attracted record-breaking numbers of new customers, franchisees and employees for years after.  To this day, 10 years later, no one has beat this new control!

Whether it’s attracting new customers or employees, I’ve learned that Empathy is the secret ingredient that keeps them and engages them. During the past two decades, I’ve become an expert in Human Emotional and Behavioral Psychotherapy, speaking to organizations and coaching thousands of leaders. I guide people through a process of recognizing untapped talent and limiting biases, while teaching the skillset of Empathy and Mindfulness, to unlock the hidden drivers of financial growth, employee performance and customer loyalty.

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The Process

I guide organizations through a process of recognizing their untapped talent and limiting biases, while teaching Mindfulness and Empathy skills, to unlock the hidden drivers of financial growth, employee performance and customer loyalty.  Here’s an overview of that process:

3 Ingredients

Step 1:  Recognize 

Objective: When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to foster good relationships with their coworkers and delight your customers. 

To develop Organizational Empathy, a better understanding of yourself and your people is key. Each individual must recognize their own uniqueness and how they’re designed differently from anyone else. Through an Intentionality Assessment, individuals can understand what guides their actions, how they’re wired, how they see the world, where they go when they’re stressed, where their biases are rooted, and how they can best tap into inspiration and ideas. 

This personal information can help organizations save time, money and energy because everyone is in better touch with who they are, and who their co-workers are.


Step 2: Realign

Objective: When employees can find meaning at work, the more likely they are to think creatively about every problem and find effective solutions.

To deliver meaningful impact, higher profits, and happier employees and customers, we realign individuals to the organization’s purpose/mission and goals, while also giving them permission to bring ideas that can deepen the purpose/mission and delight customers into becoming raving fans. With the Empathy360 Survey, we ask every employee to rate Empathy in themselves, their team, their leaders, the CEO, as well their job satisfaction (anonymously).  

Then, through fun and engaging workshop, leaders are trained alongside employees to learn Mindfulness and Empathy while understanding how their unique talents fit into the whole of the organization. 


Step 3: Reinvigorate

Objective: Leaders must be prepared to model advanced Empathy skills for their teams as well as envision and implement the game plan to foster an empathetic culture. 

The next step is to reinvigorate employee engagement and effectiveness, so that every employee feels that they make valuable contributions and are a meaningful part of the team. To get there, we measure the level of mental and emotional commitment that employees have towards their jobs, their teams, the CEO, and the organization and its goals with the Resonance360 Survey.  

Armed with this information, leaders meet at a facilitated Leader Workshop to learn Mindful + Empathetic Leadership skills and create a game plan to guide their team members to greater fulfillment, performance and results at work. 

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About Christie Turley

Christie Turley is a business mentor, pattern disruptor, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. As a mentor, she has worked with over 1000 entrepreneurs and CEOs, helping guide to success both startups and established enterprises. 

With a track record of selling 5 of her own businesses, Christie brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the companies she advises. Over her career, the businesses she has founded, led and advised have generated over $3 billion in combined sales.

Early in her journey, Christie helped two international startups achieve triple-digit growth, earning spots on the INC 500 list. She went on to own a successful branding and marketing agency, developing hundreds of award-winning campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 brands.

Christie believes in challenging conventional wisdom and pushing past perceived limitations. As a business advisor with extensive training in subconscious modalities for breaking through perceived limits, Christie helps entrepreneurs unlock new opportunities by accessing deeper levels of intuition, empowerment and creativity. Her unique strategic approach has helped many visionary founders overcome hurdles, develop innovative strategies and achieve their boldest goals.

With over two decades spent innovating across 40+ industries, Christie has invaluable insights into scaling 6-, 7- and 8-figure businesses and building brands that stand the test of time. She is the author of The Intuition-Led Business and is a dynamic speaker who has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She looks forward to lending her experience to help the next generation of disruptors succeed.

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Using my intuitive gifts and business acumen, I can identify what specific areas of life & business are causing blocks in flow and what specifically can be added, removed or changed in each area for increased abundance.

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Christie has consulted with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune500 brands.



This book offers an easy-to-understand process for unlocking one’s intuitive and subconscious minds, so you can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact.