42: Catalyzing Business Growth by Aligning to Your Purpose

What is it that you’re not seeing in your business?

What is it that could really move the needle in your business?

Chances are, you’re not really certain of what that ONE thing is that could really move the needle…




What is it that you’re not seeing in your business?

What is it that could really move the needle in your business?

Chances are, you’re not really certain of what that ONE thing is that could really move the needle…

Chances are, that a lot of what you’re seeing out there as far as the next biggest thing, the next shiny tactic or the awesome campaign that will help you stand apart, increase your sales or increase your impact…

…it’s probably only going to move the needle in a LINEAR way — those incremental gains.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all!

BUT, if you really want to move your business in an EXPONENTIAL way, which is when you make these huge leaps, (as opposed to the small, gradual gains), you’re going to need to see something that you’re not quite seeing (yet).

This is quite unconventional!

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Christie Turley guides visionary leaders to reconnect with their higher genius, so they can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact. She is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, which offers a framework on unlocking the intuitive and subconscious minds, and she is founder of Conscious State University, an online learning platform that teaches leaders and their teams how to make better decisions using science-backed methods.  A dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors and is the host of The Higher Genius Podcast. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband and their two daughters.

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What is it that you’re not seeing in your business? What is it that could really move the needle in your business? Chances are, you’re not really certain what that one thing is that could really move the needle. And chances are that a lot of what you’re seeing out there as far as the next biggest thing or the next shiny tactic or the next awesome campaign that once deployed is going to help you stand apart or increase your sales or increase your impact.

Whatever that is, it’s probably only going to move the needle in a linear way. It’s those incremental gains, which there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But if you really want to move your business in an exponential way, which is when you make these huge leaps, as opposed to the small gradual gains, you’re going to need to find something or see something that you’re not quite seen. And it’s very unconventional. And after working with as many entrepreneurs as I have one-on-one in a deep setting where we’re actually getting into their business and their marketing and looking at things in detail, as opposed to maybe someone who would be teaching a course, I’ve worked with so many different industries.

And I can tell you that usually the thing that an entrepreneur thinks is where they need to go, isn’t always the case. And it’s usually because they’re listening to people in their mastermind or they’re looking or comparing to other people’s businesses that are in their same industry, but it’s not necessarily the right path for them that’s going to give them those EXPONENTIAL gains. What is it that’s really gonna shift the needle for you? And what I can tell you is, it’s you. It’s having a deeper connection with yourself. Now, before you start thinking, “Oh gosh! Here’s another woo video.”

Let me just tell you that I was probably the least woo-woo person that you’d ever meet. You know, my backbone is in and my DNA is in business, starting from corporate and then starting my own agency. So go with me here for a minute because I really do know what I’m talking about. So what is going to create the exponential increase in your business? It’s you. Okay? And when you can get an alignment with your true self, your soul, your- whatever you want to call it, your divine essence, your uniqueness, your unique spiritual gifts, your unique, tangible gifts that you may have cast aside, or you may have dismissed because it’s not like someone else’s, or maybe it’s not as valued as someone else.

When you can start uncovering these things that you may not be aware of within yourself then you start to express areas of yourself that you have gone unexpressed. And you’re able to share that more in your business, and you’re able to create better teams, and you’re able to create better marketing and messaging and positioning, and create a better connection with your customers. Because when you’re connected with yourself, you are more connected with your team and your customers. And I can tell you from working with a lot of entrepreneurs that most of us walking around are disconnected from ourselves. There’s somewhere along the line, our head, and our heart got a little disconnected and we’re no longer operating as a full person, a whole person.

And when you can bring all of those gifts to the table, you can create a much larger impact. And so, I am like, think of me as like a Nancy drew. I love mysteries. I love to uncover what’s hidden. So I wanna help you uncover what’s hidden to expose some of those hidden opportunities and uncover those, and really go on a journey with you and help you go within so that you can bring out more of these gifts into the world because the world needs you. The world needs those gifts. And a lot of times, what I found with working with entrepreneurs is when they expand those gifts or when they uncover those gifts, they actually bring in, the knowledge of these, the awareness of these things, brings in a new purpose, a renewed purpose or a renewed mission, or very unique positioning that all of a sudden now their branding and their message stands out in a sea of noise.

And it’s from doing this inner work and doing this alignment work where this magic really starts to happen. You know, think of me as a fairy godmother, if you will, where I’ll wave my magic wand and you’ll become Cinderella. Truly! Because you’re not, probably not living to your fullest potential. And as human beings, that’s probably one of our deepest fears, although, not surface level fear, but it’s when we get to the end of our lives, if we’re going to die with some music still in us, that’s what we’re really, one of our fears! And so what I want to help you do is discover what that music is inside of you before it becomes too late- so that you can really use that to bless your own life, to bless your business and the people who work for you, and then the people who are touched by what you do, your customers.

I remember a few years ago. It was right after the birth of my daughter. And I was at a mastermind meeting. Far away from my six month old or actually three month old at the time. And I felt pretty empty. I felt like I had just gone through seven years of struggle to have my child with my husband. And we had tried a really, really long time. I mean, after all, at this point in time, we had been married 14 years and a lot of people are asking us, Hey, when are you gonna have kids? And they didn’t know that we were silently struggling to have kids. And finally, my dream came true.

Our dream came true. I had my daughter. And so I remember being at this mastermind and I’m supposed to stand up and do a hot seat where people give me feedback on something I’m working on. The topic was going to be webinars. And at the last minute, and I can’t chalk it up to hormones anymore, but at the last moment, I decided to change the subject and my really great friend, was my advocate for this hot seat. And she supported me a hundred percent but it was this. And it’s a question that a lot of us come to at, in life, whether you’ve been through what I’ve been through or not.

I’ve met people who have sold their businesses that have had the same thing, or, people who are questioning their existence. And I really felt this so deeply at the time. I felt like, what is this even for? Now that I’ve climbed this big mountain, which was to achieve the goal of motherhood and starting a family. And I’m very, very happy about that. Business by comparison is so empty. So what’s next for me? What’s the next challenge? You know, I was feeling so unfulfilled with my business and I didn’t feel like it was meaningful for me anymore.

And so that started me on this amazing journey. And I remember the people in the mastermind we’re very, very supportive. Some of us had been through what I had been through before, and they said, “It’s going to take time. You’re going to have to sit there and reflect.” I remember even saying like, if anyone tells me all I need to do is just sit there and meditate. I’m gonna want to punch you. Like, I don’t want to hear that! That’s the last thing I want to hear. Thankfully, no one said to meditate. Okay. But I was definitely resistant to doing that in our reflection at the time, for whatever reason. Now I know, there’s a lot of reasons why, which I’ll get into, but what I want to share with you today is if you’ve reached a point in your business where you feel like it’s lost its meaning, or if someone tells you to just follow this formula, you’re gonna want to punch them in the mouth.

Like if you’re starting to feel like business has been, become too formulaic, or, what you think that people are gonna tell you what you’re supposed to think, or what you’re supposed to be, or what you’re supposed to follow. And you don’t want to hear that. Chances are, you’re going through a cycle. You’re going through something that’s very natural as human beings where just like the seasons that we have, we have a spring, summer, fall, and winter. And when you start having that discontent, when you start having that feeling like, whether it’s your relationships or your business or something else in your life, that isn’t quite too par, or isn’t quite where you want it to be, isn’t the ideal.

You start to feel this discontent. You are probably in a fall or winter cycle where something, it needs to die, that needs to die and be replaced with something new. And this also can happen when we’re not, when we’re no longer in alignment with our business, with our life. In my case, I had gone through all of this struggle to become a mom. And at that point, and I’ve had this, even in my business, at that point, it was like, “Now what?” was the question. Like, “Okay, now what’s it all for?”

Right? And there were some key questions that I needed to ask myself. At this point in time, in fact, if I were in my future self, going back to my past self, I’d stand there in front of myself and ask these questions. And I probably accelerate my path, but I wanted to do it the hard way. You know, I was very resistant to meditation. I was very resistant to doing some of this inner reflection that some people told me and I wanted my answer now. And I just wanted someone to hand it to me, like a formula or a one, two, three steps. And I wish that I did have that. Someone even told me, “Hey, it took them two years to get to a point where they knew what their next step was after they sold their business.”

And I was like, “Oh, I don’t want to wait two years.” But what I found through the last four years is there’s actually probably about a three to six month process that you can go through. Now that I know exactly how to get there, I could definitely go back to that past self and say, “Here you go. Here’s what you need to do.” And what it came down to is alignment. Alignment is so important because when there’s something that doesn’t feel in alignment with your true self or with your integrity, or even with your soul, when something feels off, you can have these negative, uncomfortable feelings, like something is missing.

Like you don’t feel quite fulfilled. And even when someone says, “Oh, you just need to be grateful, or you just need to practice gratitude.” It kind of triggers you a little bit. You’re like, “No, thank you. Maybe that worked for you, but that’s not what’s gonna work for me. And that’s true! Like a lot of times things that can work for somebody else don’t necessarily work for you. And this is because, and I found this by total accident. Okay? I was in the middle of rebranding my business and, through a series of events, I landed on a name and it was almost by intuition. It really was my Intuition. But I didn’t know why I chose this particular number in my name.

The business name, Bold Impact 42. Well, what is 42? So I started to Google it, and it was funny because I found that, the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the answer to everything in the Universe is 42. According to that book. And I thought, that’s weird, you know? And then I started finding all these other things about the number 42. Well, the thing that was so interesting about the number 42, which totally goes along with what we’re talking about right here is that light refracts in a prism. Like, let’s say you have a prism, let me show you real quick. So let’s say you have this prism, right? So the light comes in. And at that 42 degree angle, that’s when it turns into a spectrum of color, where that white light splits into the spectrum of the 7 colors, the ROYGBIV that, we learned red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Well, that was kind of interesting. And I saw a lot of truth in that. You know the more I started to research light and it’s, in it’s degree of refraction, it’s so precise. If you’re at 39 degrees, you’re not gonna see a rainbow. If you’re at 51 degrees, you’ll see something, but it’s gonna quickly disappear. At 42 degrees that’s when you have that bold impact. And so the more I contemplated this, the more I realized, okay, so after a storm, right? You have the sun and you have a rain or like droplets of water mist, right? And that sun and that mist has to hit your eye at a particular degree, that 42 degrees for you to see the rainbow.

Well, this is where alignment comes in. Okay? It’s a precise thing. And no two people can see the same rainbow because no two people can occupy the same amount of space. Like someone can’t have their eyes right where my eyes are. So I’m gonna see a very unique, a rainbow, according to my 42 degrees. Now, this is interesting because remember before, when I was talking about, when people give you advice, even if it’s loving advice, they tell you, “Oh, do this. This worked for me.” Well, that worked for them. That was their 42 degrees. They were in alignment with it- doesn’t mean you’re in alignment with it. So what does this even mean?

How can you figure out if you’re in alignment or not? You know, and I actually have a really simple quiz that you can take and I’m gonna put that right below this video so that you can determine if you’re in alignment with your 42 degrees. And, a lot of us are not, a lot of us are pretty close, but I can tell you that you’ve got to be in alignment with your soul. You’ve got to be in alignment with that future self. And the interesting thing about your future self is, it’s like you’re on this pivot point. So, you’ve got the past behind you, right? And you’ve got this future road that you’re headed on. Well, what happens when you are out of alignment, right?

It’s like, when you’re on a ship headed for a particular place, geographic place, or in your car, for example. I like the ship analogy because a lot of times that we don’t have streets that can show us, “Oh, turn here! Oh, turn to here!” And life is a lot more like that ocean, right? Where it’s wide open spaces and you can go anywhere you want, right? So what if you were to switch your course just a little bit and be like, “Ooh, just a little bit like half a degree off, or a degree off,” you would end up somewhere miles apart from where you were meaning to go. And so this is why it’s so important to make sure we’re in alignment. So, when you become more in alignment, you are actually changing.

It’s like a pivot point. You’re on this pivot point. Okay? And so you’re, when you start looking at the things in your past and healing from them or clearing blocks and things like this mindsets, beliefs and all of these things that we know that are important to do, because, our actions are based upon our beliefs and our mindsets and our experiences and things like this. When you start clearing that, then all of a sudden, you’re on a new path. Well what if also, instead of just clearing the past, you’re also, aligning to your like golden, ideal, of a future? Like it might not even be like something that you really can’t imagine or can’t visualize, but it’s something that is a divine spark in you.

It’s part of your ideal self, part of your ideal soul. Well, then all of a sudden this pivot point changes a bit, doesn’t it? You all of a sudden aligned to your True North—if you would like to use that metaphor, you align to your True North and you start heading towards that. And that future self pulls you towards it. Instead, of you kind of by default being in a position where- well, whatever your past says, whether its blocked or clear, that’s where you’re headed. Well now you’ve got this pivot point where you’ve got your ideal future self, pulling you towards it. So, that’s a lot more. It’s definitely more powerful to align in that way.

So, and this is something that I, frankly struggled with because a lot of times it’s very uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to look at. Well, gosh, I haven’t been in the alignment with, in this particular area of my life! And there’s eight areas of your life that I’ll go through- in a future video, where you can become in alignment. A lot of times as business owners, we are an entrepreneurs, we are very focused on business and career. We’re really good at that area of our life. Still we could be out of alignment, we could still be successful and be out of alignment in that area. But then you’ve got all these other areas of your life, like your health, like your relationships, like your community, helpful people in your life, different areas of your life that can become ignored or neglected or completely out of balance.

And it’s like spokes on a wheel. Okay? If one of those spokes breaks, then the whole wheel loses its integrity, right? It’s no longer whole. And what you want to do is you want to get each area of your life in alignment. And for me, it was like I wanted, more success in my business, even more success. Right? And up until the time I had my baby, I was very lopsided. Like, I even resisted having a family for the first seven, eight years of our marriage, that area of our life was like completely neglected. So in love with my husband, but didn’t want to have children and then decided, “Hey, I want to have children.”

And then, things got a little messy, right? And so other areas of my life too, suffered. Like, relationships with family weren’t as good as they could be. But what I found is when I started to balance and come in alignment and all these other areas of my life, the one thing that I started caring about in the beginning, which was making my business more successful, of course became more successful, but also it became less important. If that makes sense. Like I was less attached to it. It wasn’t the end of the world. It became less of my identity. And I started to realize who I really was, which is, much more large than I ever would have imagined.

And I’ll go through that in the next video too, about what you could be looking at as far as your identity, which isn’t really the true you, and how to start looking at what the true you is, which is so much larger than any kind of box that you could put yourself in. All right. So let’s talk about who you are and who you’re not. And the thing is a lot of us really confuse the two. Let me tell you just a quick personal story. So, Oh gosh. It was probably about 10 years ago where business is going great. We’re making more money than we ever had. And we started hanging out with, my husband and I started hanging out with, and this was before kids. So we started hanging out with this couple, a very successful couple.

They have a couple million dollar- multi-million dollar businesses, patents, for things they’ve invented. Like, very successful. And we started hanging out with them and going out to dinner on the weekends and they had a really nice car! They had a BMW. And we were looking at it. I was like, “Yeah!” Like, we’re pretty successful, maybe we haven’t reached like the same level of success, but we can totally afford that car! Like what would that say about us? That would say that we’re super successful—we’d stroll up to client meetings and they know that we would mean business, they would know that we’re successful at what we do. “Let’s get that car!”

Right? And it’s okay. Like, yeah, it was a nice BMW and super cool car, very fast, nicest car we’ve ever driven. Well, we’ve had a couple of cars since then, but up until that point, right? And that’s okay if you want to drive a super nice car, like that’s totally cool. Like not even judging that at all, but it was from where we were making that decision. We were making that decision based on who we thought we were supposed to be- well we’re supposed to project this image because we’re super successful. And we want other people to know that we’re super successful. So let’s get this car, and it’s okay! Like, that’s where I started to see this kind of creep in a little bit where, when I look back, it’s- this point in time where I started to really make choices and decisions based upon what other people think.

And I probably did that a lot earlier in my life, but when it comes to business and success, that’s what I did! So what- who we are is not who we think we’re supposed to be. So let’s talk about some of the things that we might mistake as part of our identity of who we actually are, which we’re not, okay? So things like achievements, like awards you’ve won, or being in really cool magazines or back in high school, some of those achievements that you had or college even, all those achievements that you could think of, those are not you, okay.

Just things you’ve done, but that’s not who you are. There’s this really important distinction I learned when I, back a while ago and you probably heard this, it’s the Be, Do, Have- most people live their lives from the perspective of “have to be.” I have these things like I have a car, so like, cool car, like I was talking about. So I do these certain things so that I am seen as successful, but the healthier way of living your life is from the “Be, Do, Have” perspective. And so what we really want to find out today is who we actually are. So we can start living from that “Be” perceptive as opposed to the “Have”

perspective. So when I am something then I do certain things, and that means I have certain things, if you can kind of follow that along. So for example, like, I know I’m really innovative, right? So what does an innovative person do? They do experimentation. They test the status quo. They resist group think. They come up with solutions that other people might not come up with. They look at patterns, and connect dots. So that’s the kind of thing that those people do. And then what do those people have?

Well, they always have the right solution at the right time. They have great Intuition. They have inventions or innovations that they’ve created. They have a lot of creations, right? and so they have a creative mind. So you can kind of see how this would work, right? So let’s talk about more things that you might not be- or that you definitely aren’t. Okay. So here’s another thing is groups you belong to, okay. That’s not who you are. For example, I was member of this really elite mastermind. The people in this group are probably people you would love to be friends with—If you wanted to, have a big launch and you have a big JV launch and have people mail for you, like these would be cool people to know!

Hundreds of thousands of people on their list and really good souls. Like a lot of them are really good people to know. And just feeling like you belong in this cool kids club, right? And you have people who get you. Well, that’s also an example of who you’re not, like, you’re not that group. And you’ve got to be really careful of who, what you hang your identity on. Because let’s say that you’re an Olympic gold medalist and you can’t get gold medals anymore. Like, okay, you’re no longer the gold medalist. So what happens is, if you’ve built your identity on the gold medals and there’s no more gold medals, what does that mean for you? Or if you’re a business owner and you’re, let’s say seven figure business owner, and then all of a sudden you have a bad year and you don’t perform to expectations.

Then what does that mean? If you’ve hung your identity on being mapped? Well, then you’re a loser, right? No, you’re not a loser because that’s not actually who you are. Right? So this is some truth that might shake you up a little bit because you start to unravel these things and shut these things that you think that you are- other things that you’re not are your past successes or your past failures. And they’re equally difficult to detach from. You could be hung up on past failures and think that you no longer cut the mustard when actually nothing could be farther from the truth.

Right? And same thing with success. It can go to your head or, you could be so like, if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, where, Oh, you’re the successful person. And then finally you come up against a really almost insurmountable roadblock. And then, results start coming in where it doesn’t seem like you’re as successful as you once were—that can be really confident shaking, it can shake the foundation under your feet. Like it can make you feel really unsettled. And, and so we want to say, we’re not that. As soon as possible. Like now, because even if it’s a positive thing that you’ve aligned yourself with, like say the mastermind or the success or your bank account, that’s great, but nothing stays the same forever.

And in fact, it could be limiting. Like, so you’ve been thinking like, what if something comes along when you’re not that anymore? Well, what if there’s actually something even better that you can’t see because you’re so fixated on who you think you’re supposed to be. And who you are is so much bigger than that. So that’s why we want to look at these things. Things you’ve done, if you’ve made mistakes or you’ve hurt people, you’re not that. You’re not that at all. What people may have told you, you are—your parents, your siblings, friends, colleagues, their perception of you, isn’t who you are either.

So, possessions. These are all things you’re not: possessions, achievements, status, income, groups you belong to, what you’ve done, successes, failures, even your personality. So I love taking personal personality tests and things like this. I feel like it helps me understand myself so much better, right? But they can also be limiting. For the longest time, I thought I was a certain profile in Myers-Briggs and I was like, cool. Like that means I’m awesome because I’m only 1% of females that has that particular profile. Well, that doesn’t even matter because everyone’s unique. And I feel like people are so much more multifaceted than even like something like Myers-Briggs that has 16 different profiles.

You’re telling me there’s only 16 different types of people in the world? And it’s so limiting—when we have these personality profiles that maybe we take pride in, like, “Oh, what’s your enneagram?” Or, “Oh, what is your Zodiac Sign?” Or “What’s your Numerology?” Or “What’s your DISC profile?” Or whatever! It’s all just an assessment that you take, and you got to be careful too, because the answers you get back like, Oh, this is who you are, can be very limiting. For example, going back to the Myers-Briggs. I’ve now since, doing like some more work on myself and making other discoveries. I actually test totally different now, differently now than I did before.

And it’s interesting because there’s like three or four variables. And it’s like the Myers-Briggs only has like four letters. So when you have three of the four letters that change depending on your mood or depending on where you’re at in life and or it shows that you’re really in the middle, like there’s something, flawed with an assessment like that. So anyway, what you want to know is who you are, what your personal 42 degrees is. Like I was talking about in the last video, light refracts at exactly 42 degrees. Not a degree less or more. 42 degrees and no two people can occupy the same space.

So no two people will actually see the same rainbow, because you’re gonna be at a different angle. So that’s why it’s important to find out what’s unique for you and what is in alignment for you. It’s not gonna be the same answer for somebody else. What is your personal 42 degrees? What is right for you? And knowing that changes everything. Because when you know what your ideal 42 degrees is for each area of your life, things open up for you. You start realizing that you’re more than you even thought you were. And you realize that there’s all these things that have gone unexpressed in your life, all these areas of your life, where you have the potential to close the gap between where you are now and what your ideal 42 degrees is for each area of your life.

Yeah, it changes everything. And you start living from a place of more of like what your future self, how your future self would make decisions rather than how you in the now would make decisions? And that changes everything. It totally uncaps your potential and it helps you make huge strides in your business that you wouldn’t have normally been able to do. So it’s very powerful to do this work. So let’s talk about how to apply now that we’ve learned some of who you’re not. Let’s talk about who you actually are, because you’re amazing, and you’re way better and way more than what you ever imagined. And that’s not an egotistical way, that’s like in a divine sort of way.

Like your soul is so much bigger than you can even possibly fathom. Right? And so what we want to do in this process of alignment is to get our current selves in alignment with our future selves. And you can think of that as, okay, like let’s say, you were going on a journey. Let’s say that you were going on a journey on a ship and you’re in the middle of the ocean. And you were given a map. And this map is, let’s call it prosperity land. This is like what you, your current thought of what your ideal is, and this is what you think, your prosperity land is.

And so here you go, you’re on the ship. You totally know how to drive the ship. You’re good. You have your map, you have your compass, you’ve got your star charts so that you can, look at the stars and help navigate that way. You’ve got the sun, so you can kind of orient yourself to as to where you are. Okay. Now let’s say that all of a sudden you realize that the map you were given was the map maker’s idea of where prosperity land is and that’s where his prosperity land is, but it’s not where your prosperity land is. And let’s just say that that map was created for his, personal 42 degrees, like how we were talking before, about how in order to see a rainbow, you need to have light refracting at exactly 42 degrees.

Well, let’s say that was his personal 42 degrees, but it’s not yours. It’s not, what’s appropriate for you. So you’re like, great. I gotta throw this map away because it’s gonna, I’m gonna end up, on course for this other prosperity lands. That’s not my own. So I’ve got to rely on, the star charts and my compass and my personal wins, my intuition. And let’s say that you realize that you kind of lost. Like you’re kind of like dead in the water. It’s like what you thought you knew or what you thought you knew who you were, like we just did this exercise where we talked about all the things that you’re not, that you probably thought you were, and you’re like, “Great.

Like, who am I actually? Where am I headed actually?” You realized that, you’ve been headed towards a place that maybe was right for somebody else, but isn’t your ideal. So how do you get an alignment? How do you get an alignment with your 42 degrees that lines you up exactly to your prosperity land? Well, there is a process to this and, I’ve invested a lot in my own personal development. And a lot of times working with different coaches or going to different workshops. Like it’s kind of like that map a little bit. Like the map that doesn’t work because it worked for them, but it doesn’t work for you.

This is very much a personal process. I do have some tools, I do have some navigational tools, but I can’t drive the ship for you and I can’t make them out for you. All I can do is give you the navigational tools. So you can think of this as having a personal navigator, like way back when, when people, did a lot of commerce on ships and they would have the captain—that’s you. And they would have a navigator who is an expert at reading the star charts or looking at the compass and being able to tell the captain where to steer the ship. And so I’ve gathered all these different like tools and experiences and distill them down because I love efficiency.

And a lot of times when I was working with these other people and attending workshops or personal one-on-one coaching, I felt like, well, on one hand, I felt like they were just like a coach was just spelling advice. Like she would give it to everybody else. Like, “Oh this is what you do: step one, two, three, four, five.” And she tells it to this person and this person, and it’s not really different for anybody. It’s just like, it’s the thing. It’s the methods! That’s what you do! But I felt like sometimes I was getting a little frustrated because I felt like I was in a little bit of a different spot. And yeah, I would probably like if you’re a coach and listen to me to speak, you’re like, “Oh, she’s one of those.

She likes to do it on her own. She likes to do a different way.” That wasn’t really it at all. In fact, I can tell you a little bit why, is because I believe as human beings, we go through these different cycles of life. And depending on the cycle of life or the cycle of your business, different things work for you at different times. It’s like in nature, we’ve got spring, summer, fall and winter. ‘Kay? And in the winter, you can’t force something to grow. If it doesn’t have the sun and it doesn’t have the water and it doesn’t have the proper photosynthesis, it’s not gonna grow. You’ve got to wait till spring and then summer to really reap that harvest.

So it’s understanding these Universal Laws and understanding the cycles that people are in and applying that all. That’s really how, that’s really why, I should say, that people who are spelling the same advice to everybody and not considering the different situations that they’re in, why that’s not that 42 degree alignment for that person. So, yeah. And sometimes working with people, I feel like were just whacking at branches. It’s like, okay, we chop that branch off. And then we chop this branch off and maybe it’s, you can think of it as like a belief, or an attitude, or a mindset.

And you don’t really feel like you’re getting to the core of the issue. And not only that, but you, it’s like they don’t understand where you’re headed, like what your future self is or what that 42 degrees is. So how do you know that you’re whacking at the right branches? Like, you see what I’m saying? It’s like all these things are what I’ve learned to create a process I’m gonna teach you. I’m gonna give you the tools where you can get yourself aligned and see, and know with pretty good accuracy that you’re on the right track. And for those of you who might need some extra support, not everyone wants that, but for those who do, we have a good community, as well as if you want to work one-on-one, there are some possibilities to do that as well.

But I want to get these tools out to as many people as possible, because I do believe, right now on this Earth, as we speak, there’s a huge tidal wave of events happening. And there’s a huge rebirth happening. And the way that we’ve done business in the past, isn’t gonna cut the mustard in the future. And you’ve evolved even since you started your business, you’re not the same person that you once were. And so if you can get a clue as to who the person is that you would like to become, and who you’re meant to become, who your soul wants you to become, then this is a way you can do it. And it- I’ve got to warn you, it’s not like a step one, two, three.

I’m gonna give you the tools and I’m gonna give you a process, but you’ve got to see what works for you. And you’ve got to- I’m gonna teach you how to really connect with your intuition and open that up. Because only through that, can you really become aligned with your personal 42 degrees. People can dispense all advice that they want. You can go to your mastermind and you can get a collection of ideas and you can crowd share advice, but they’re all seeing that advice from their perspective. And what you’ve got to really master is the ability to discern, and the ability to really connect with your intuition and that divine essence, that soul.

So that you can uncover who you actually are. And by doing that, applying it in all these different areas of your business and your life, right? And when you do that, you can see all these different areas of your life, truly blossom. And you know that next level that you’ve been looking for, whether it’s in your business or in your personal life, these tools can help you align yourself to them, to that ideal, to your soul at your personal 42 degrees. So I invite you to come on this journey with yourself, with your soul, and I’ll be along for part of the ride to give you the navigation that you need.

And then when you’re on your own, when you’re good, you don’t need that navigation anymore. I could jump ship and go somewhere else, but you’re supported and the Universe is supporting you. By watching this video, it’s time. There’s the saying that to when the student is ready, the master will appear and I’m not saying I’m a master by any means. Like, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve gone through like some huge shake-ups, both personally and professionally. And I am, how can I put this? I am like a rabid consumer of information. And then I apply it. And I figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’m kind of like this mad scientist.

And I figured out what works and what doesn’t, and what’s the proper, or not the proper, but the accelerated way to come in alignment and a way that other people can learn, where you don’t have to depend on someone else who has greater, wiser knowledge about who you are. It’s actually a self-discovery process. And I just happen to have the tools that can help you get there faster than if you would on your own. So if you’re up for the journey, including even the messy parts without the messy parts, we couldn’t have the amazing part. So we couldn’t find the joy without the mess, but, if you’re up for it and you want to do this, go ahead and check out what I have for you below and check out these tools.

And I’m really looking forward to teaching you what I’ve learned. So, and, and helping you navigate as long as you need. And anyway, I’m excited. So I’m excited what’s in front of you and how you can really become that future self. And let that future self pull you in instead of like being tossed about on the sea and going wherever the wind blows, but now being set on course, and being in complete alignment with why you came here, your true purpose and your mission, and, and being aligned with your soul.