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The Higher Genius Podcast invites entrepreneurs and high achievers to get UNstuck through the principles of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). Join us as we dive into topics such as strengthening intuition, finding purpose, clearing limiting beliefs, moving beyond your comfort zone, practicing mindfulness, expanding your business, and living your genius.
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Before applying to be a guest on the podcast, please click below to review our required guidelines for podcast guest pitches.

Podcast Guidelines

It's important to be sure you (or your client) are a good match, so BEFORE pitching please make sure you (or your client) fit within the following guidelines:

  • The Higher Genius podcast is a collection of powerful personal narratives, teachings and interviews.
  • I love hosting high-impact conversations that help create a transformation for the listener.
  • While I am happy to discuss "creations" of my guests (books, programs, businesses, etc.) as part of the conversation, this is not the sole focus. I don't do pure product or business reviews.
We record remotely via Zoom on VIDEO (with very rare exceptions) and thus all guests must ensure preparedness with these requirements:
  • A Zoom account (must be updated to the latest version prior to the interview)
  • High-speed internet access (wired internet connection is preferred)
  • Headphones (optional)
  • A microphone (built-in is okay)
  • A web camera (built-in is okay)
  • Access to a quiet room (please silence/power off all gadgets)
  • A simple, clean background with good lighting on your face
Pitches that do not fall within these guidelines AND provide all required info will not be considered. I look forward to hearing from you!
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About the Host, Christie Turley







Christie Turley sparks growth in entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them to get unstuck and to uplevel. Her superpower is guiding clients to uncover their genius zones, untapped gifts and limiting biases, so that they can create deep fulfillment, express their most authentic selves and grow their influence.

Earlier in her career, she grew two international start-ups by more than $30 Million total, earning a placement in the INC 500. She also worked with several Fortune 500 brands and ran her own marketing agency for 17 years before exiting to start her online training company.

More than two decades later, Christie Turley is an author of two books: The Intuition-Led Business and UNSTUCK, host of The Higher Genius Podcast, a business coach and a certified practitioner of various therapeutic, intuitive and coaching modalities. As a dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the US Rocky Mountains with her husband and their two daughters.