Shine Your Bold Brilliance, Explode Your InfluenceShine Your Bold Brilliance, Explode Your Influence

I help soul-centered entrepreneurs & creatives (like you!) to:

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"Working with Christie gave me so much clarity in my business. She was able to take a big idea, and break it down into actionable steps for me to move forward. I left each meeting feeling excited and empowered, not overwhelmed. Not only did Christie provide the marketing savvy I needed, she also helped me identify the blocks that were holding me back in my life and business. I highly recommend her!"
Christine Volden, Founder & CEO
"The clarity I've experienced and the amount I've been able to accomplish in just one year of working with Christie and her genius has blown me away! There are many voices in the business and marketing world that promise to provide tools to grow and simplify your business. If you're looking for efficiency, integrity and understanding, working with Christie is the only way to go."
Heather Torriente, Salon Owner & Creative Director
"Christie, you're a brilliant, beautiful, generous soul and I so appreciate how you share your gifts! I thoroughly enjoyed our Soul Alignment and Business Alignment sessions and have learned so much about myself! I am hopeful, excited, and awaiting what I know is inevitable... steady ground, a clear direction, and more energy to start sprinting toward my next level!"
Maria Traino, Speaker & Entrepreneur Success Coach
"Working with Christie has been one of THE BEST business decision I have ever made! She's quick, she's smart, she's bright, she's intuitive, and she helps you tap into that as well. She also has such a wealth of knowledge from her previous work experience in marketing. I have been working with Christie for a couple years and I have seen my business explode!"
Karith Foster, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Speaker & Author
"I've worked with many coaches and I've never had a coach that was SO intuitive and able to tap into different energies about myself and the business. She's got this ease of combining suggestions, ideas, goals. I was just blown away by the changes in my business within weeks! She's easy to talk to as well. I highly recommend her. Hire her!""
Josee Madison, Yoga Studio Owner, Reiki Master & Speaker
"I've been working with Christie for the past few months, getting my business started. I have felt that she's been my biggest cheerleader through this entire process. Christie with her intuition, along with her experience, really gives me good guidance, and helped me see where I have blocks. She has the skills, the knowledge, and the intuition to help me succeed."
Kari Vest England, Life Coach, Energy Healer & Intuitive
"I found the Soul Alignment to be very purposeful. Christie was able to help me get back into alignment with my soul path. When she did those sessions for me, I felt a very visible change. I got back my motivation and my purpose. I felt way more connected to who I am and who I want to be. That was a really big deal for me! I felt the Soul Alignment was very spot on and very illuminating about who I am."
Holly Harris, Past Life Regressionist & Human Design Astrologist
"Christie helped me identify professional avenues that were natural fits for me and my personality. I would 100% recommend hiring Christie and allowing her to show you how truly life changing her intuitive sessions are. Now, I won’t make professional decisions until I have a chance to consult with Christie. Hiring Christie equates to success!"
Cort Twitty, Corporate Emotional Intelligence Expert

Christie Turley

Accelerate Business Growth

The NEW key to accelerating business growth is to identify WHERE energy is not flowing and is not aligned to your purpose and financial intentions. When these energetic misalignments are identified, it's the equivalent of finding the ONE log that unlocks a "Log Jam." Learn more about Business Growth Coaching »

Step 1.
Restore your Divine Soul Blueprint
Step 2.
Find, Clear & Heal Blocks
Step 3.
Align to Manifest

Align to Your Purpose

Your purpose is hidden in your life experiences and (quite literally) written in the stars— in your Divine Soul Blueprint. But first, you must align to it. Take this short quiz to find out how aligned you are to your higher purpose »


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YOU Are Psychic

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My Book Series, The Intuition-Led Business - Christie TurleyMy Book, The Intuition-Led Business - Christie Turley

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The Higher Genius Podcast invites you to move beyond your comfort zone to tap into the wisdom of your (higher) genius zone within. The podcast features interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, visionary entrepreneurs and top executive leaders.
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