Mind Muse Podcast Episode 13: Femininity: Illusions and Truth with Dounia Lkoundi

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Today I’m speaking with Dounia Lkoundi, a business and life coach who helps ambitious women get rid of their emotional baggage from the past so that they can start building their Fabulous Future®.

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In the episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why embracing the differences between men and women and how they best perform in the workplace can transform your entire business.
  • What activities like goal setting can go against the natural flow of being a woman.
  • Why women seem like they’re constantly evolving and changing their perspectives. 
  • How women can get in the flow and maximize their calendar planning.
  • Dounia’s 5 Step formula to manifest anything you want, called BOOST.


Dounia’s Money Archetype Quiz: https://www.theboostcoach.com/archetypesfree 

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