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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why leading with intuition will catapult your results more than any other business tactic or strategy out there.
  • What the “Before” and “After” looks like for a business and an entrepreneur who’s led by intuition.
  • Christie’s journey of opening up her intuition.
  • The story behind her book, The Intuition-Led Business.

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Christie Turley guides visionary leaders to reconnect with their higher genius, so they can improve decision-making and deliver greater profits, influence and impact. She is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, which offers a framework on unlocking the intuitive and subconscious minds, and she is founder of Conscious State University, an online learning platform that teaches leaders and their teams how to make better decisions using science-backed methods.  A dynamic speaker, she has shared the stage with many New York Times bestselling authors and is the host of The Higher Genius Podcast. She lives in the southwestern United States with her husband and their two daughters.

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Today, we’re going to be talking about Leading with Intuition and what exactly that means. And we’re talking about Leading with Intuition in all areas of your life, including your business. I’m going to start off with a story. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the whole way that my book, my new book, my first book came to be, and this was appropriate, given the name of the book is The Intuition-Led Business. Now for years, I did not operate from my intuition. I operated from instinct, or as Dr. Wayne Dyer has said, EGO, which stands for Edging God Out.

Now, this was especially true in my business. Not so much in my life-I did have spiritual practices like prayer, although I hadn’t been into meditation very much until the more recent years. And what’s really interesting about this is, I always had a really strong inner compass, inner authority. And a lot of times I did! I had that ego, I edged God out, I thought I knew better, right? Well, what does it mean to lead with intuition? Well, here’s, I think what we do all the time, we can brush off inspiration in the moment because we tell ourselves, “Oh, I can’t do that because of time, money or experience,” or whatever the excuse is. We have a thought, and we brush it off. And sometimes that thought is our own thought. And sometimes it really is Divine Guidance, guidance from our intuition. I have always wanted to write a book. I resisted that for years, though. Because who am I to write and publish a book? I had this limiting belief. And I thought it’s all been written about, right? Now I knew I could accomplish the task of writing a book, it was just, what do I write about? I know, I realize other people have limiting beliefs like, “Oh, I don’t even know how to tackle a book project,” which, that’s what it all comes down to is a limiting belief.

So, two years ago, when I received the intuitive guidance to write a book, actually, I guess it was three years now. I wasn’t very surprised by it, because I always thought I would write a book, even as a child! So this time, the thought of it felt like it had a real, like an electric charge to it. It felt like electricity, I was excited, and it felt like it would be really soon. So I asked my intuition, “what would be the topic?” And I got the answer INTUITION, very quickly delivered into my mind. And this surprised me. Because, up until this point in my life, I had become very well known as a Business Consultant and a Marketing Strategist. So immediately, I thought, “Well, not a book about Marketing, Branding or Business? Like, that doesn’t seem right!” And so I didn’t do any thing with that intuitive guidance. It just didn’t feel like the right time and it just didn’t make sense to me, which sometimes our intuition doesn’t make sense, right?

So have you ever ignored your intuition because you thought, “Oh, it’s not the right time,” or it’s outside of what logic would tell you? So, a couple years later, I am talking to a client, and he asked me if he thought it would be a good- if I thought it would be a good idea for him to write a book, “do you think it would help” his business? You know, this is what he was asking me. And I said, “Yes! And here’s what you could write about, here’s what would make it a must-read, and then this is what would really lead people to seek after you after reading this book!” And then he asked me about my book. And I said, “I hadn’t written one.” And he seemed very surprised. So in isolation, this is a nothing burger, right? Then the next week, another client asked, totally out of the blue, “Are you going to write a book?” And I felt excited about the idea. And I just said, “Yeah, sometime soon.” So then the very next week, I got a voicemail from someone who had the wrong number. And the voicemail sounded super important. It said something to the effect of, “Your book has been chosen to be featured at our prestigious upcoming event, and we need to hear from you right away.” And I thought, well, this is interesting. Obviously, wrong number, but I could not ignore this very strong signal. So I finally prayed, and I checked in again to see if now is the time to write a book on intuition. And the response I got was kind of like, “Yep. Glad you got the very strong hints we’ve been sending you.” Like, “Finally!”

So have you ever received inspiration that you missed? Like I almost did, and then, it’s almost like that intuition, or that intuitive guidance keeps repeating itself, until you finally hear it. And so I acted immediately after all that voicemail did sound very urgent. And I woke up the very next morning, and I wrote the book and finished it within 21 days, during the very busy holidays, just by getting up early every day. And it was the first draft, of course, I had editing and all that. It flowed! It was already inside of me. And so have you ever been so in tune with your intuition that you are just in a state of flow, and everything flows effortlessly? Many of us have experienced this peak experience of flow! And a lot of us wonder how we get back into it. And this is what my book is about! It’s about tapping into your intuition. So what if you could create this flow state on demand? And that’s exactly what I talk about in my book. So the reason I wrote this book is because I spent so many years denying that little voice inside of me. And I lead by my business instinct, intellect and experience.

Anyone else do that? Whether it was my own or others’ experience, and it didn’t lead me to fulfillment and joy! It led me down the path of conventional wisdom, but it did not lead me to my own version of fulfillment and joy. Not only that, I gave away my power to others, when I didn’t have the answers in my “brain.” So I asked other people, I bought more courses, invested in more coaching, and joined more mastermind groups. Maybe you’ve done this too.

So learning to tap into my intuition, I learned to claim my own power, and my own divine gifts, to know the best direction for my life and business. And I came up with some very standout innovative ideas to promote my business by tapping into this and also, of course, my clients’ businesses. And spoiler alert, these didn’t fit into anyone’s formula, anyone’s step 1-2-3 method, because a lot of times those methods and formulas are created from someone else’s experience in someone else’s alignment. They work well for the creator of that method or formula, and probably about 10% of the students that they teach it to, because that’s what’s aligned for them. So what about the other 90%? Right? So unless you can find someone who can teach you a method that is a hundred percent aligned to you, you’re probably going to be led to something other than your financial intention, something other than fulfillment, joy and the full expression of your divine gifts. So it’s really important to use our intuition to find what’s aligned to us.

And just imagine the possibilities, that whenever you have a problem, it’s like you have this little easy button you can press to get the answer on demand. That’s the power of tapping into your intuition. And, that goes for any question, challenge or problem. You listen to your intuition, the answer can come to you, you can also be led to a book or led to it or particular website, it’s like following breadcrumbs. It’s very much like the story of Hansel and Gretel sometimes where one intuitive thought leads to another leads to another. And finally, you see the big picture that you have been asking about.

So this book, The Intuition-Led Business is really written for those who want to get ahead in business and life! More so than any course, any mastermind, or any mentor can get to you. It’s time to stop giving away our power, and claim what is rightfully ours, which is our own connection to Divine Source, our own connection to our Higher Self. And those conduits are the only way that we can find what is truly best for us and be led by our intuition. So what does leading by intuition in your business look like? Well, we all know that the world is changing faster than we can sometimes blink. And a lot of us are navigating in uncharted waters. And we must be prepared to discern truth from fiction or truth from partial truth. And this is a superpower, we can’t continue to just accept things at face value. And not question what’s truly right for us and truly aligned for us. So here is a few- here are few before and after statements. “Before I was leading my business with intuition, and then AFTER with the intuition-led business.”

So BEFORE, I would work from to-do lists, and start the day where I left off yesterday, without questioning. NOW I asked what’s in my highest good, and TRUST, that I will be led to the project that is best for me and be able to work on the right things at the right time. And I have found that even though sometimes it doesn’t make sense to be working on XYZ project, the next day it makes sense because something else comes up and I’m like, “Oh, I that’s already done. I did that yesterday.” It happens all the time-SYNCHRONISTIC EVENTS. Here’s another one, BEFORE, I would use Guilty as charged, fill in the blank emails, and writing prompts. And NOW, “I trust!” The right words will fill my mouth or the page. And a lot of times I don’t know when I’m going to write or say beforehand, I TRUST that it’s going to come in the moment, and that does take practice, it does take building up “The Trust Muscle With Your Own Inner Authority,” but believe me it does come. BEFORE, chasing prospects and clients with follow up, still important-yes. However, adding to that, AFTERWARDS, allowing clients to come to me when they’re ready, and then continue to serve them. BEFORE, stuffing my emotions and burying them down deep. AFTER, honoring my feelings and seeing them as clues to what my intuition is trying to tell me. BEFORE, trying to hide my shadow side and weaknesses for myself and others. AFTER, embracing my shadow side, forgiving it, healing it, and loving my whole self. BEFORE, putting myself last. AFTER, putting myself first! Through self-care and something I teach in my book with the acronym of margins. BEFORE, generating ideas and brainstorming, still a worthy pursuit. AFTER, allowing ideas, hunches, and inspiration to “flow” without forcing them. BEFORE, focusing on money-related results. AFTER, focusing on “transformation” for the customer, and trusting the money will follow when all is an ideal alignment. BEFORE, looking for ideas from others in my industry obsessing over their Facebook Ads and Funnels. Now, AFTER, looking for ideas from within, creating ads and campaigns for my intuition, and engaging all of my talents. BEFORE, relying totally on my experience, or what the data charts or analytics tells me. AFTER, allowing information in trusting in my hunches about the unseen, and what’s below the surface of all that data and information. BEFORE, jumping at the thing that piques my interest. AFTER, waiting for guidance that will lead me in the right direction. BEFORE, making decisions quickly. AFTER, would the intuition lead business, thinking about possible scenarios and tuning into my emotions and intuition. BEFORE, doubting my own feelings, thoughts and intuitive impressions while seeking advice from others. AFTER, totally trusting my own feelings, thoughts and intuitive guidance. BEFORE, wasting time on efforts and people that don’t bring me joy, inspire me or support me. AFTER, investing and efforts and people that bring me joy, and support my life purpose and mission. BEFORE, thinking anyone can be successful if they just follow a formula. AFTER, knowing that anyone can be successful that they just aligned to who they actually are at soul level, and listen to what’s right for them-what’s aligned for them. BEFORE, seeking out and valuing others voices more than my own. AFTER, valuing my inner voice and trusting my own inner guidance, more than others opinions. BEFORE, creating tripwires and squeeze pages. AFTER, creating experiences, where people don’t feel tripped or squeezed in serving them without a hidden agenda. BEFORE, attending events. AFTER, leading events. BEFORE, hustling, grinding and working my fingers to the bone. AFTER, working more efficiently because I’ve engaged my intuition, I work three times faster than before. BEFORE, feeling cloudy, confused or lost. AFTER, feeling clarity. And finally BEFORE, creative, not a bad thing right? AFTER! Even more creative and productive than ever.

Now, this chart is in my book, “The Intuition-Led Business: Chapter 15.” And my book is waiting for you! Waiting for your copy at intuitionledbusiness.com. Now the next episode, “Episode 45.” I will be reading a selection from my new book. It is the introduction and chapter one. And so if you’d like to hear a little more of a sample, go ahead and check out that episode, NOW!

I’m Christie Turley. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on the next episode. If you’re inspired by what you heard today, please submit a rating write a review and share this podcast. If you’d like to be a guest please visit ProfitGeniusPodcast.com. I’m Christie Turley and thank you for listening.