62-66: Signs of a Business Uplevel: The Identity Shift that Changed My Life

I recently went through a massive shift in my identity and my career.  During this period of reinvention, I noticed that MANY of my clients are now going through the same thing.  I know that when I was going through this Business Uplevel, I wished there was someone who could tell me what was going on and have empathy for me— or at least a Roadmap so I could know WHAT to do in each step, and WHEN it would be over!? 

So after seeing the pattern happen in my own business and many other entrepreneurs, I developed a Roadmap.

In this 5-part podcast series, you’ll learn:

  • My personal story of going through this Identity Shift and Business Uplevel
  • The signs you’re going through this SHIFT or an “Uplevel”
  • How to identify which of the 5 stages you’re in
  • The emotions of each stage
  • The cost of staying in each stage
  • The common missteps made in each stage
  • Constructive Business Actions (if you’re an entrepreneur) in each stage
  • What to do to uplevel your business to the next stage of the process


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Transcript Episode 62:

Let’s move beyond your comfort zone and into your genius zone… because it’s time to tap into the higher wisdom within you, your higher Genius. I’m your host, Christie Turley, author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business, serial entrepreneur and Intuitive Intelligence expert. Imagine the possibilities when you can make better decisions and create practical and sustainable solutions using the power of your intuition– your higher Genius. This is the Higher Genius Podcast.

Welcome to the Higher Genius podcast. I’m your host, Christie Turley, and I admit it’s been a while, it’s been a minute, actually, it’s been a year since I’ve posted and uploaded a podcast, and I wanted to go through a little bit about why that is and talk to you a little bit about my reinvention story. I am no longer the person I was even a year ago, and I’ve really let go of this identity that was mine for the last 19 years.

I went through a major upheaval, and actually I love astrology and it lines up perfectly with some of the transits that I was going through at the time. So no one can convince me otherwise. Astrology is a thing and I feel like, I feel like it explained so much about what I was going through. So, you know, let’s, let’s go back in time, probably, let’s see, six, seven years.

And at the time I was a business consultant. I had my own marketing agency, 17 years, In this business and helped a lot of people build marketing campaigns, build websites, branding, publicity, social media. I saw all sorts of interesting things happen online from the birth of Facebook in around, you know, 2007, 2008.

And when I really traced back my career, I started working for a client in 99. I mean, I was 19 years old. I was a sophomore in college and I grew through the ranks of that company. I was given a lot of responsibility for a college kid. In fact, I ran an entire marketing team, an entire marketing department reported the president, and we made, you know, a lot of money in a short amount of time, and I learned a lot there.

And then I, I left to go to another company where I was a director of marketing at this much, much larger company. Ran an entire marketing team as well, and did a lot of things. And then I started my business because I no longer was okay with making my, my bosses millions of dollars and not seeing even just, just a percentage of that and working for a salary. I was done. So, and I, I’ve never looked back. Well, So I had had a lot of success.

I had worked with Fortune 500 brands working on really fun campaigns. Also, my husband and I started several successful businesses, a couple of them not so successful. And I really felt like I had it all. I had the family, the house, the cars, the possessions, all the achievements, a huge resume. And yet I was starting to feel some discontent.

Maybe you’ve been In this position where you’re like, what’s wrong with me? Like, why can’t I just be grateful for all these things that I’ve accomplished? And I started to, to feel these strings of my soul. And I started to ask questions that felt just out of reach. The answers felt just out of reach. Like, who am I really? What is my purpose? Like, why did I choose to come to Earth at this time? And what’s my next level? Like, what’s next?

You know, I’ve accomplished so much. What’s my next mountain to climb? And how can I feel fulfilled in my work? Like, I mean, I was not feeling fulfilled at all. Like, in fact, sometimes I felt like it was just complete soul crushing work. And I’ll explain a little bit about why that is, either In this episode or in a future episode, because I feel like this is gonna be a multipart podcast series.

I really do, because I wanna take you through my reinvention, how I up-leveled, and then I wanna take you through the steps that I identified in case you resonate with any part of my story. So anyway, at first I ignored those, those soul searching questions. You know, I just buried them thought, you know, maybe I’ll think about this some other day. And that didn’t work. And what happened was, it was like the universe was trying to nudge me in the direction of answering these questions.

And when I just wouldn’t, it basically slapped me upside the head with a two by four opportunities, started drying up marketing techniques that I flawlessly employed, stopped working. And remember, that’s what I do at this time in my life. I run a marketing company. So when my own marketing technique stopped working, thankfully, not so much on the clients, but my own, my own business techniques on our other businesses, they were falling flat.

And I was like, what the heck? Like, this worked and now it doesn’t. And I just felt stuck in the mud. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and I tried so hard to, to fix things. I hired a new project manager and then she didn’t work out. And then another one, and then another one. And it’s not their fault. I hired more and more people. I threw money at the, the problem, but what I really needed was a change. But how, and what, what was the change?

Like again, I have this huge resume of achievements and I definitely did not need to achieve more or do more. And I was constantly in fight or flight mode. I mean, I felt completely pulled in multiple D directions all the time. I would have hypervigilant thoughts, keeping me up at night, ruminating over conversations I would have with clients. And I just, I felt chained to my business. I felt like I was burdened by other people’s projections and expectations of me.

Like I was trying to live up to everybody’s perception of who I, who I was, putting myself out there to be who, what my public persona was. Whether that came in the form of, you know, participating in the high demand religion that I was raised in and being like the religious good girl. Also, like in business settings, having all the answers, being able to deliver the results, being able to read minds.

Pretty much clients expected that like, well, I don’t know, I’ll, I’ll know when I see it. Like that kind of attitude I was always working with. And I was just attracting clients that were just as stressed and just as unhappy as I was. And you know, they had the money to pay for the services, but it just wasn’t good. You know, it, it wasn’t a good match to who I really felt I was inside and who I was really wanting to attract. So I mean. I just was In this state where I wanted to take a vacation, totally unplugged, not take my phone, not take my laptop, but I didn’t feel like I could do that.

And I was really just craving for that. So I hired coaches to try to help me discover, you know, what’s next for me and focus on my internal world. And, and you know, we started looking at subconscious beliefs and patterns and conditioning and all of that helped. It really did. But there was still so much more that I needed to do. And So I started tapping into my intuition, and I really started developing my intuitive superpowers.

And I was clearly getting advice and techniques from a lot of people around me, whether it was, you know, internet gurus, you know, the internet gurus in my mastermind that I was a part of, just keeping on top of trends so that I could help clients. And I thought jokingly, you know, maybe if I were more psychic, I could figure this stuff out and get back on tra track. And I was totally, I was totally right. So that’s, that’s where I spent a lot of time was in developing my intuitive superpowers and really tapping into what it was that I wanted.

And I found that this was extremely difficult for me to do. First of all, you’ve gotta understand a little bit about my background. You know, my parents raised me In this very high demand religion. And one of the teachings, or at least culturally, but I would say it’s probably doctrinally taught this way, is that Spiritual gifts are only available to the men who are in top leadership positions. And if somehow your personal insights, your personal intuition differs with what they say, then it must be wrong.

And you need to try harder. You need to ask more sincerely and be, have more intention behind your asking so that you come up with the same answer that they’ve come up with. Well, that’s great and all, but that wasn’t working for me anymore. And I felt like there were so many things that I felt like I, I like my values weren’t aligning with this anymore.

And I felt like, you know, why am I giving up my power to these men who don’t know anything about me or what I came here to do? Only God knows that. Or if you align better with source or universe, that’s not for them to decide for me. And so anyway, it took looking at that and really confronting that with a lot of bravery and then really deconstructing all the things that I was taught, not just from religion, but parents and grandparents and society.

And I looked at all these things and it was very, very painful. And at times I felt like the ground underneath me was totally unsteady. And looking back now, I can see that I was going through probably three different Spiritual awakenings, not at the same time, but pretty much every two years I was going through a major Spiritual awakening. And I guess I can thank my, you know, intuition development for that.

And it’s hard waking up sometimes. You just wish, like, I wish I didn’t know what I just learned. I wish I could go back to being unconscious and not realizing, you know, all the ways that I’ve given my power away or all the things that I thought I believed, but they never really aligned with my values or who I am at. So soul level, So I started to listen to these nudges from the universe, and I started to integrate this side of me into my business.

And at first I did it in very quote, air quote acceptable ways. And I helped clients by developing very authentic, heartfelt campaigns that did really well, like so well that it felt like a secret sauce. They were like, how are you doing this? I remember one time there was a campaign that we helped a client with, and their, their results were like six to one. Like basically they would pay $1 and get $6 back.

And after we applied some of these authentic, empathetic ways of marketing, their results went from six to one to 30 to one. So that’s like making $30 for every dollar you spend. It’s really good. And to my knowledge, 10 years later, like that particular campaign hasn’t been beat anyway. I was doing these things in very acceptable ways, but the universe really let me know I hadn’t gone far enough.

And eventually I felt like I could no longer return to that safe comfort zone of 17 years running this marketing agency. And I knew there was something else for me to explore, maybe even a new career direction, which really scared the crap outta me. And I really found myself In this dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is basically this, this, it’s a collective experience, meaning we all go through this at one point or another, some people have a quarter life crisis, some people have a midlife crisis, some people go through a death or a divorce or a financial crisis, or a religious faith transition, Spiritual awakening, all these things can make the ground under underneath our feet feel really unsteady and it’s a difficult place to be.

And I was experiencing all these little mini deaths of my values, of my beliefs, and even my identity, and specifically my ego identity, the identity my ego most liked and most wanted to identify with. So I really looked at that identity piece. I looked at what did other people perceive me to be, and who am I actually, who is the person that I was conditioned to be in childhood?

And who am I actually, I mean at the soul level, not what I think I should be, but like true self, authentic self soul level. Who was the person I was being at business meetings, and who am I actually? And then I began to look at my beliefs and values because look, I had conflated the two, I had really wrapped up my beliefs and values into my identity, like so much so that in within this religion that I mentioned earlier, you know, I could see how some of the teachings really created like this Spiritual, I hate to say it, Spiritual, narcissism, elitism, where I thought I was better than other people because of the fact that the religion, you know, claimed to have all these truths that no one else had.

And I looked at that, and that believe me, was very difficult to realize. I looked at all the beliefs and values again, that my parents and grandparents taught me. The the religion and ones that I had about myself. And most of them were just projections, projections of other people that I’ve met in my life that they were expecting me to be a certain way or conditioned me to be a certain way. And I took a look at all the ways that I had given away my power, whether that was to business experts I was listening to, whether that was clients and trying to people please the clients, whether it was to masterminds and maybe valuing some of the things that were said in those rooms more than I would my own voice organized religion, as I had mentioned, Spiritual teachers, not even like in religion, but like outside religion, Spiritual teachers.

And to the facade that I maintained to the outside world. And I, I did all that So, I could get to the bottom of it. So, I could get to finally meet my authentic self, like the true me. And I felt so before I felt so disconnected from her. If someone would ask me, Hey, you know, what do you wanna do? You know, what do you wanna do with your life? And I’m like thinking, I don’t even know what I wanna do today, much less the rest of my life, even though I looked like from the outside, I had all my stuff together.

It was like I couldn’t tap into my desires and who I really am. And that’s why I am so passionate about intuition and intuition development, because without that inner voice, without being able to connect to that inner soul, we’re lost. We’re basically serving everyone else. We’re serving up a projection, a persona to everyone else, and we’re we’re disconnected from ourselves.

So anyway, I recalibrated who I am back to returning back to my authentic self. I recalibrated what I valued and what I believed. And, and I was just, you know, at this point, really tired of living a lie. I wanted to feel fulfilled. I wanted to feel happy and content with who I am. And really that took also accepting all of me, my strengths, my weaknesses, things I would rather, you know, hide from other people to maintain a perfect persona to the outside world.

I was just tired of living that lie. It was exhausting. And all of this that I’m talking about, this is what is referred to as shadow work. And most people think it’s like confronting the shadow, looking at the really ugly parts of ourselves. But that’s not all it is. It’s also uncovering the bright parts of ourselves that we have rejected or that others have rejected in us. And it’s, it’s all about uncovering that buried treasure within finding those hidden gems within our, our soul.

And in the process, you know, I learned who I wasn’t. I learned more about what my Genius is, what my purpose is, and I expanded my capacity to grow a bigger business and a bigger life and all that to say like, that’s all fine and good. But it ca then came like this really like difficult test. Like, would I actually make the changes that I know I needed to, to, to make in order to align to my authentic self.

So it’s one thing to understand more about who you are at soul level, it’s quite another thing to start making changes in your life and your business to reflect that to the outside world. You don’t wanna let people down. What if you lose everything? You know, all these different questions could be running through your mind when you’re looking at making a big change like that aligning. And, but it was worth it because I wanted to feel more fulfilled.

And of course I, I made all the changes and it took a lot of bold action and courage. And honestly part of, part of that action is also getting back onto this podcast and sharing my story. You know, I’ve been sharing this with my private clients, but not publicly up until now. And it’s taken some time to get to a place where I felt comfortable talking about it and to really heal the things that I mentioned so that I could talk about it without crying.

So, you know, I came to realize that my identity really is more than just a job title or achievements or my business were accomplishments and on and on. So in 2020, you know, this is also a time where a lot of us experienced a major upheaval for a couple of years. Even some people are still going through it. As I record this episode now, and this was really a collective dark night of the soul, it probably in the way that my personal dark night of this soul, it probably made you look at some things that you had been too busy to look at before.

And hopefully, you know, a lot of you have come out of it, but if you haven’t, my heart goes out to you and you know, it is not an easy thing to go through at all. And you feel like your whole world is crumbling around you. Your external world could be crumbling around you. Your internal world could be cr crumbling around you. It is a very uncomfortable place to be. And my hope for you is that you don’t just try to rush through it or you don’t try to resist it, that you surrender to what’s going on, not give up.

That’s not what I mean by surrender, but just be accepting of where things are. And that’s really the inspiration behind the next few episodes. I wanna go through my Roadmap that I created of an UplevelThe, because I truly feel like on the other side of the dark night of the soul is a huge UplevelThe for you, a giant leap. You’ll, you’ll come out the other end of this a totally new person, a REBIRTH if you will.

So in the next few episodes, I will be going through that, through each of those stages so you can identify where you’re at, like explain, you know, what are the signs that you might be going through an UplevelThe like the emotions of each step, the cost of staying in the step and not moving on. Understanding how you got to that phase of an UplevelThe in the first place. There’s four phases, common missteps of each phase, what constructive business actions you could do in that stage and which ones to avoid.

And I think that you’ll really find a lot of solace and validation in those episodes. So anyway, back to 2020, I wrote a book called The Intuition led Business. And this was a long time coming. I mean, ever since I was a child, I felt like I was going to write a book. And then like, I would say three years, about three or four years before I actually wrote the book, I got this like intuitive nudge that I was gonna be writing a book soon and So I tuned into my intuition and I was like, oh yeah, what’s the, what’s the subject?

And the answer I got was intuition. And I was like, oh, okay, really All, right? But it didn’t feel like it was time yet. And then a couple years later, well a few years later, whenever 20, 20 19, whatever that was, I, I started to feel a little bit more of a stirring and then it was just like this interesting series of events because I had a client ask me, you know, Hey, do you think I I could write a book?

And I was like, oh yeah, heck yeah. Here’s how, here’s how you could make it a best seller. Like, cuz I knew everything about this guy and his business and I, I outlined out something really fast and I was like, yes, totally. He’s like, what about your book? And I said, oh, I don’t have a book. And he says, he, he just seemed really surprised. And then the next week a client asked me, Hey, when are you going to write a book? And I was like, oh, I don’t know, I kid you not like another client the next week asked the same question, and then the following week I get a voicemail.

It was the wrong number. The voicemail was saying, call us back immediately. You’ve been selected, your book has been selected to be featured at our very, you know, prestigious event. That’s what it sounded like anyway. And I was like, holy, holy cow. Like, I wonder if I’m supposed to write this book now. Like, is it time? And So I prayed about it and it, and it, it was, and I felt some urgency to it. And So I, I wrote it really quickly actually. Like it took me two or three weeks during the winter, like between December and January.

So during the holidays and I wrote that first draft and it just, it felt so liberating because here, here I was, I had gone through this massive transformation. I had gone through a couple of Spiritual awakenings thus far, I’ve had one since I wrote the book, which is interesting. We’ll get into that later. But yeah, I, I felt, I felt like intuition is the one thing that entrepreneurs and high performers like high achievers could really benefit from.

Because I feel like a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs and I’ve, I’ve worked with thousands of them over the years personally, like up close and personal, like one-on-one. I’m not talking about teaching a class. I mean I’ve done that, but I mean I’ve gotten to know these people really well and, and it’s like we don’t spend enough time In this stillness using the other part of our brain. There’s really three levels of the brain or of the mind. We’ve got the conscious level, we’re all familiar with that because that is what we’re operating with right now as I’m speaking.

And and as you’re listening, there’s the subconscious mind and this is what runs everything. The subconscious mind is actually what’s in charge. These are beliefs that you don’t realize, you believe sub means beneath conscious means awareness. So is beneath your awareness. So this is where dreams come from. They usually point in the direction of some kind of healing or even it could be a future event of course. And then we’ve got the super conscious, and this is more what I feel like is your intuition. This is your higher wisdom.

This is like your wise owl, you know? And so when we can really learn and hone these intuitive skills, which by the way, anyone can learn, we’re all born with these intuitive superpowers. I don’t care what anyone says, if there’s a psychic out there who’s talking about, oh, you’re either born with it or you’re not. Cuz I’ve heard those people before, it’s not true at all. In fact, I have a blog on my website that goes through the 10 phases of intuition development.

If you’re curious and would like to go look at that, that’s ChristieTurley.com/blog. Oh, leave that link in the show notes. But just to kind of see where you’re at on the list, I think is so helpful because we all start from somewhere and we can all strengthen those muscles just like going to the gym, you know, it takes practice, it takes strengthening those muscles. Anyway, I feel like intuition is the thing that’s going to help us most of all in the future.

I mean, we saw the upheaval of 2020, you know, I don’t, like, I am very optimistic about the future, but I also know that we are headed towards some innovative times. And intuition is really the thing that’s gonna help you get those ideas and inspirations that’s going to carry you through the next several decades. So anyway, back to the punchline of my, my reinvention story.

I took this book and I published it and then, you know, throughout, you know, these, these years leading up to the book and even since like I’ve really gotten into a lot of science-based and alternative healing modalities, and I became a student of everything. I mean, I got certified in mindful mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, which is kind of just this new take on C B T. It’s mindfulness-based.

Very cool. Hypnotherapy neurolinguistic programming, strategic life coaching. Also like things that you may or may not have heard of, like Spiritual response therapy or s r t applied kinesiology. You might know it as intuitive muscle testing, dowsing emotional freedom technique, E F T for short, emotion code, akasha records, remote viewing, channeling, mediumship, other things that I just think are really cool and interesting, human design, astrology, gene keys, reiki, sound healing chakras, you know, learning about heart opening, inner child healing, core false belief programming, you know, that kind of went with the hypnosis and N L P that I mentioned before.

Shadow work, meditation, mindfulness, masculine and feminine wound healing past life readings and clearing, super cool generational healing. You know, retrieving missing facets of the soul, ancestral vows, past life contracts, energetic healings, so many things. Anyway, I I just, I love this stuff so much and I have found it so helpful. I have found practical everyday applications for this knowledge that are life changing for me, my family, my clients.

I’ve seen people’s businesses UplevelThe so fast because of these things that I’ve learned. So, I have a lot of confidence in them, and I know that they come from a very light and bright and divine place. So anyway, I started to transition my business from an, a marketing agency to, you know, offering marketing services, web design services, all that to a coaching and consultancy and e-learning business.

I also love to do keynote speaking, and it’s really around this idea of helping people reprogram their subconscious mind and then also looking at the super conscious mind, The, Intuition side of things. And then applying those things to UplevelThe of business. Sometimes our subconscious beliefs are really what’s between us and our end goal. And I feel like intuition can help us identify what those subconscious beliefs are so much faster.

Not only that, but intuition can help us identify factors that might not be apparent in the third dimensional reality. In, this physical earthly plane. There could be other influences affecting us from a Spiritual and energetic level, even emotional and mental levels. And these are things that are unseen to us. They are outside of our conscious awareness. And I feel like when those things are identified and cleared and healed, people can move so much faster.

And so this is what I mean by one of my taglines for my business is slow down to speed up business growth. And so anyway, I hope you’ll Join me in the next few episodes when I go through the four levels, the four stages of a business Uplevel. And this is really like for you so that you can see how to navigate wherever you are In this cycle, wherever you are in your reinvention or this massive shift that you’re going through, or this Uplevel, however you wanna phrase it.

And know like the best actions to take and the best questions to ask yourself. And I’ve, you know, I developed this because of what I had gone through. And also looking at patterns like I love identifying patterns and trends like I see them so quickly and when someone’s talking to me, they could even be talking to me for like just a couple minutes. I can identify so much even about their subconscious beliefs and then add to that all the intuitive information that I’m getting about them as well.

And I can know just where to take them. And I, I just love it. So if you would like to learn a little bit more about intuition, I encourage you to get my book. It’s on Amazon, it’s called The Intuition-Led Business. There are also links out to Amazon and a free course that I offer with a book, a bonus that you can get at intuitionledbusiness.com.

And then I also have a masterclass, a 10 week curriculum called Intuition Upgrade. And that is at intuitionupgrade.com. And you can go there, we’re opening enrollment again soon. You can go there and add your name and email to the wait list so that you can be notified when we open it up again.

So I, hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and Join me for the next episode, which is part two of the series where we’ll go through the signs of an Uplevel. Then we’ll go through stage one and all the things about stage one. And then of course we’ll go through each of the stages in the subsequent episodes. So we’ll see you soon.

I hope you loved today’s episode, and if you did, please subscribe and leave a like, comment and or review every interaction, whether on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform, helps this podcast to reach more people like you. Thank you for tuning in to the Higher Genius podcast.

Transcript Episode 63:

this is part two A of a five part series.

So if you haven’t listened to part one, I encourage you to go back and do so because it’ll give this next episode some context and I feel like you’ll learn a lot from it as well. So what we’re gonna be doing, In, this particular episode is we’re gonna be going through the signs that you’re going through a massive shift or an UplevelThe So. I recently went through the story behind my massive shift and reinvention on the last episode, and I feel like a lot of my clients are going through this same thing.

It’s like this massive shift in their identities, their careers, and UplevelThe on all levels. And so what are the signs that you could be going through this shift or an UplevelThe, it could be any or all of these things. I mean, it could even be one of these things. So the first sign would be boredom or dissatisfaction with your business or your life despite having manifested your ideal results.

It could be campaigns and launches are not performing like they used to. It could be that opportunities or incomes drying up. It could be that friends who you used to love and adore are just not resonating with you anymore. It could be that you’re losing interest in things that once brought you joy. You could be looking to do something new in your career, even though you might not even be sure what that means or what that looks like. And you’re wondering, you know, what’s next for me?

You know, maybe you’re even looking at like, I’ve achieved so much. What do I even do now with my life? How do I UplevelThe? How do I get to the next level? Because let’s face it, you might be bored. You could be feeling blocked or stuck. You could have a lot of unfinished projects and you could be feeling really unsteady from a major life upheaval, like a death or a divorce or a financial crisis. And you could even be feeling shaken after going through a spiritual awakening, a religious trauma or a faith transition.

So a lot of these are signs and symptoms that we also looked at during 2020, you know, during the massive upheaval of 2020. So whether or not you’ve experienced this before or after 2020, like a lot of us are experiencing the same thing. So you’re not alone. And I feel like the effects of of 2020 and that upheaval will be felt for years. I feel like we’ll be unpacking and healing and shifting from that for years to come.

So in my case, this shift started around 2016, so it was a little ahead of the curve about four years before 2020. So, and that actually I had a major shift as well in 2006. So 10 years prior, which was also ahead of the major recession we had in 2008 through 2010 with the housing market and real estate. And So I felt like that particular instance helped me really learn some valuable lessons, whether they were financial business leadership lessons and So I learned those things ahead of the curve.

Hopefully So I could help the people in the following years when we were going through that worldwide crisis. And so this most recent shift was very similar from that, and it was, and the fact that it was ahead of the curve, but it was really unique and different than any other life altering event that I had been through to that point. I mean, it shook me to my core, my absolute core. Like, you know, how snakes shed their skin. Like I feel like I did that so many times between 26.

Well, yeah, 2016 to last year, I finally feel like I’m out of it, but it took a while and it doesn’t need to take that long. I, I can be independent, I can be a little stubborn. I can want to do things my way instead of, you know, surrendering to the universe and to my lesson sometimes and, and learning how to do it the easy way. So that’s why I wanted to create this Roadmap to show you the quote easier way. Not that it’s easy by any stretch of the imagination, but if you can surrender to these changes as opposed to resisting them or facing them in ignorance, I feel like knowledge is power.

In. this instance, like I just wished when I was going through this that someone realized what I was going through and could help me. Like I, in some ways I felt so embarrassed or so ashamed that, you know, I was supposed to have things together. Like that was what I was portraying to the world. So why would I go looking for help when I was trying to maintain this facade that all is well and I’m fine and I can handle it myself, and I just wish I had some kind of Roadmap like this that could really show me, okay, what’s coming up?

What, what’s good for me to do now? What’s coming up after this? How can I prepare myself? How can I go through this situation with the most grace, ease, and flow that I can? So that’s why I’ve created this Roadmap and I’ll be going through phases one through four in the next four episodes. So yeah, I made a, I made a lot of missteps along the way, shall we say. I learned a lot of lessons, and I’m a, I’m definitely someone who identifies patterns and trends very easily.

So when I went through this and it, and it felt like the universe was also delivering me to clients that were going through the previous step I had just been through, so they could really, like, so the universe could, and my guides, my spirit guides could really like hammer it home. Like this is a thing. This wasn’t just happenstance that you went through this Christie, like they’re going through the same thing you just went through. So it’s like every step of the way it happened like that, it was like clients would show up and I had just, even if it was only six months prior, you know, I had just gone through that and I, I could help them, I feel like so much better because I wasn’t going through it myself.

Like I had gone through it, learned the things, and I was able to guide them that much better. So anyway, I have this metaphor of a butterfly, and I chose the butterfly because really you could apply this to nature. You know, we, we have seasons of our lives, we have seasons in nature, and I chose the butterfly because it’s like a very specific metamorphosis.

There’s only a couple of creatures like this that go through an a, an amazing metamorphosis where they’re unrecognizable at the end from where they were at the beginning. And so a butterfly does not fight their metamorphosis. They just don’t, they can’t fight their nature. And I don’t know why as humans, we wanna fight our own nature. But let’s, let’s dive into the four stages of an UplevelThe.

This will be stage one, and again, follow me along, follow along with me in the next episodes where I present the, the next stages. you can not only identify where you are, but you can also see some of the, the people in your life, whether they’re your clients or your loved ones. And you can, you can easily see where someone’s at and n you know, if you want to help them, of course, don’t, you know, help people unsolicited, that’s annoying. But you know, if, if people come to you and they ask for help, like you can at least either send them to these episodes or to my website.

I also have a written version of this on my blog, Christie Turley dot com. And I, I just wanna help people, I want to help people get through this. And whether that’s by helping you so that you can help other people, or whether that’s, you know, you’re forwarding stuff along, whatever it is, I, I just really hope and pray that this information helps people. So the caterpillar, okay, we’re at step one, I call it return. And all of these words that I have chosen for each of the stages, they all start with r So, I love alliteration, I love puns, I love wordplay and language.

So I had to, so the caterpillar, after a lifetime of consuming leaves, they feel a shift internally. And what I’ve read scientifically is there’s these things called imagine L cells that start to show up in their body. And these are the cells that are responsible for the metamorphosis. While they can’t fight it soon enough, these imagine l cells take over the entire, the entire caterpillar’s body and triggers the, the innate instinct for them, for the caterpillar to go make a cocoon.

And this instinct is driven by timing. So this is all divine timing. if you find yourself In this step or any of the other steps for that manner matter, it is divine timing and the emotions that someone could feel In, this particular stage is boredom, dissatisfaction, frustration, feeling blocked or stuck, unfulfilled self-doubt or just wanting to fit in and be accepted by others.

They can feel restlessness or dissatisfaction with the way things are going, exhaustion from running or working so hard. And it’s like the caterpillar at first, they may not even be sensitive to the fact that there’s been a change. So just like the caterpillar, they may may not realize that these imaginal cells are starting to take over their body, which is going to trigger them metamorphosis into a butterfly. We as humans may not be sensitive to the fact that we are actually headed into a metamorphosis ourselves, A complete UplevelThe, a complete rebirth.

And so the cost of staying here, the cost of staying a caterpillar and not building a cocoon is exhaustion, it’s burnout, it’s hiding from the limelight or continuing to work behind the scenes. Your prosperity, whether that’s material, whether that’s spiritual, whether it’s like relationships or opportunities that can start to dwindle, it can start to weaken. It can cause resentment, it can cause bitterness and frustration.

So how did you get here in the first place? Like, you know, we all know how a caterpillar got there, right? But how did you get here? So it could be anything. And this is not to play place blame because this is again a timing thing and it’s a totally a human thing. So it’s about ignoring your secret dreams and wishes or your passions, things that you’ve always wanted to do or things that you wanted to bring out into the world.

It could be because of a shift in business career, it could be because previous tools and tactics stopped working. It could be because you’re seeing a decline in your profits or your productivity. Again, you didn’t really do anything to be here. This is because it’s time. This is a natural season of of humanity, you know, and we repeat these cycles over and over So I bet if you looked back on your life, you could probably identify with some, some thought, maybe some meditation, but you could identify, you know, where you’ve felt this feeling before and then play out the, over the next few years, what actually happened.

So the common missteps, the common things that people do that are probably not the best things to do, ask me how I know are as follows. So you can go back to old patterns, you can try to like reverse out of the cocoon, like reverse punch outta that cocoon. You could choose against your higher knowing, your, your true self. You could resist the flow of life. Like, you know, let’s just throw more money at the problem or whatever.

Like you can try to force things to happen, like continue to go, go, go. Like maybe you just need to work harder. You could even fantasize or think about how you can get back to where you were. And you can ignore problems that need to be solved. So my story In this stage is, I remember this was like 2017 this last time this happened to me again, it’s a cycle. It can repeat over and over. So, and it’s always different every time it repeats, it’s always different.

You’re always up-leveling. It’s like a, it’s like an upward spiral, so don’t worry, it’s not like, oh great, I’m back to square one. No, no, no, that’s not how it is at all. It’s like you passed a level on your video game, you cleared level and now you’re on a new level. But you still have to face like the Coupa at the castle at the end of the level. I, I love Super Mario as a kid. So anyway, So I had this business with my husband and I remember there was this one month we had been working like to, to increase our rankings on Amazon.

We had a an e-commerce store and I remember there was this one month where we did like 70 grand on Amazon alone. Like it was like all of a sudden we got In, this jet stream, you know, where we were just getting these organic sales, like our strategies, our marketing strategies were paying off. We were able to increase our rankings by increasing sales and rev and reviews. And we were like In this magic spot of being in the jet stream where we just showed up for top keywords and people would just buy organically.

It was just like printing money. It was amazing. And I remember that this continued and then all of a sudden it was like it stopped and we were like, what the heck? Like we’re doing exactly what we’ve always done. This is a system now, this is not supposed to happen. Like systems are supposed to always work. There was no outside external market conditions that changed. There was not like a new competitor that we could identify. There was no sort of outside sabotage or anything like that.

Like we’re just like, what the heck? So this actually like six months after we had this amazing month, and that was just our Amazon business, that wasn’t even our marketing services business. Like life was good. Like business was good. We’re just like, this doesn’t make sense And. so we actually tried to like do a lot more things to get back into that jet stream, like what all the gurus were saying. And it, it didn’t really work, it kind of worked.

And I remember there was this one day that we got up to like number three for like a major keyword on Amazon And. so we should have been getting like tons of organic sales, like we had that that other month. And it, no, it was like, well this is a house of cards. What, what the heck? Like, so we actually just started shutting stuff down. Like we just could not finance that type of activity without the return, which seemed to defy logic mathematically, statistically defied logic.

And we started selling off our inventory. And this was very difficult because this was a business that I looked at as kind of like our plan B, like our road to freedom. Like we had been approached by Shark Tank, not the other way around. Like we were going places, we were doing wholesale deals. Like there were so many things that we had in the pipeline and it just, it just was not working anymore. So what do I wish I would’ve done? And what have I identified would be constructive business actions to do In this situation?

Well I’ll tell you, it would be to set new intentions for the future, to set new boundaries. What will you accept? What will you tolerate? What won’t you, you know, ask yourself this or tell yourself this, whichever makes more sense. What is it that you’re tolerating in your business right now? Your result, your environment is a product of what you’re tolerating.

So that’s like a really great contemplation question. Another, some other constructive actions that you can do if you find yourself In. this phase would be to embrace your desires. Like go for those passions, things you’ve always wanted to do. Make way for What you do want. So clear out the clutter, make space for What you do want and don’t make any firm decisions. In this step. No huge financial decisions, real estate decisions, anything like that.

This is kind of a shaky time All, right? So focus on building up your internal resources with self-care. So not so much about the external resources, like this is not the time to go gangbusters with your business. That’s save that for later. This is more of like a, a fall, autumn phase of your business as opposed to like a summer. So focus on building up your internal resources again and, and with some self-care practices.

And if you don’t know what that means, you can head to over to my blog and get some ideas about what self-care is. You’re gonna wanna also stay visible and consistent even though with social media and emails, you might have a desire to pull in and just wanna be a hermit. But use this opportunity to tell stories and take people on a journey. Cuz more often than not people will resonate or they will see your strength and it will give them strength or it will give them permission to not be okay.

You know, take shelter by really replenishing your inner resources. So, I, again, this is like number, the second time I’ve mentioned it because it is so important to fill your cup with self-care, with active self-care. Like asking yourself, what do I need right now? What do I need In this moment? Do I need to reschedule these meetings? Do I need to like not feel like I have to power through? Do I need to just take a nap? Like be very compassionate with yourself, incubate any ideas for the future, just don’t act on them quite yet.

Just put ’em on a shelf for now. You can streamline your business, you can remove any non-essentials and definitely, definitely protect yourself from any less than positive outside forces. That means friends, family, media, even if you need to have a little social media fast, like those are good time, you know, that’s a good time to do it. Reduce, reduce your time spent on the news.

Especially like, I hardly even watch the news anymore. Like, I mean, I don’t watch it. I’ll look for headlines and that’s pretty much it. Just So, I can keep up with what’s going on, but I don’t, I don’t consume it like it used to. Same with social media. Like you can actually unfollow and unfriend people. A lot of people don’t remember that. You can even mute someone for 30 days. Like do all of that if you, if you feel clear, your physical clutter. So it’s a good time to organize your house, get rid of anything that you don’t need anymore and like get rid of, I mean sell it or donate it and then just take care of the details.

Like this is a refining time. So how exactly do you UplevelThe, if you’re In this stage, like how do you get to the next stage? And these are gonna be tips for how do you do it like faster? You know, again, like I love this quote, you’ve probably heard me say it many times. It’s a military saying slow is smooth and smooth is fast. That means that you can slow down to speed up your growth.

Another saying, I’ve kind of taken that military saying and made it my own. Slow down. And you can speed up your growth or speed up your growth by slowing down and tuning in to your intuition. And So I would recommend quiet contemplation, journaling, a mindfulness practice, a meditation practice, maybe getting out into nature and taking walks, doing like walking meditations, flowing with what is accepting what is not how you wish it would be or how you don’t want it to be this way, but accept what is and flow with it instead of fighting with it.

Surrender to it. Don’t give up. That’s not what surrender means, it just means accepting it, surrender to it. Much like the caterpillar surrenders too. It’s imagine L cells in the cocoon and it becomes the butterfly. Look at What, you’ve been procrastinating. Accept responsibility for where you’re at. Whatever has happened in your life, just accept it. Accept the responsibility for it. Even if someone else is to blame everyone. Two to tango, right? Everyone has a part in anything that happens in life.

Life can be a mirror, it can be reflecting back to you something that needs to be healed within you. You know, if you don’t like someone, well, it could be that they’re projecting something ba or reflecting back to you, something that you need to look at in yourself, you know? And I just, I want you to find your inner magic. I want you to, the most helpful thing for me was to really contemplate on what is my Genius? Like, who am I really?

And, and this is all to help you return to your true self. Your true self being that butterfly, your true self is not the caterpillar, it is the butterfly. So asking, who am I? Is So important for this stage? So, I love music. I feel like music is so healing. I grew up playing the piano later, learned to play the flute, and music has brought me so much comfort.

So I have a song for you that describes this stage perfectly. I feel like, I mean, I’m sure there’s other songs, but I really like this song. It’s called Lost at Sea, and it’s by Zedd, Z E D D. And it features Ryan Tedder. if you’re familiar with one Republic, Ryan Tedder is the lead singer. And I just think he’s a fantastic songwriter. Anyway, that is an amazing song to listen to and just kinda get in the mode and the energy of this particular phase. And I would love to invite you that you know, I have a couple of resources.

Resources for you that I have created from my heart, from my soul, you know, to help people develop their intuition. Because I feel like when you develop your intuition, again, it’s a muscle that you can strengthen, you can become more connected to yourself. And when you’re more connected to yourself, you become more in tune with your purpose while you’re here, your message, your business, other people, your clients, your friends, your family, like all in all, like that is the secret key.

Like I feel like, you know, I’ve studied a lot of wisdom teachers, Jesus Buddha, you know, the Tower Ching, I love La Zoo’s work. And you know, Jesus taught that the kingdom, kingdom of heaven is at hand. And a lot of people meant like thought that meant like the end of the world or whatever. But really what I think he was saying is it’s within that your kingdom, your treasure is within. And so to that end, my book that I published, The Intuition Led Business is available on Amazon.

There’s a free chapter available on my website. You can go check it out, intuition Led Business dot com. There’s also a free Bonuses when you buy the book that you can register for on that webpage. And I’ll put it in the show notes, intuition Led Business dot com. And then I have an exciting curriculum, online curriculum where you can learn how to really apply these things to your business to apply. Not only developing your intuition, understanding how you can do that and practicing, but also like how to apply it to your business.

And that is called Intuition Upgrade. It’s a 10 week curriculum and it’s opening up enrollment soon. So you’ll wanna get on the wait list. It’s at Intuition Upgrade dot com. So Join me on the next episode where we’ll go through the second phase. Actually there’s a, there’s a a mini phase as well. So we’re gonna go through stage two A and two B, as I call it the realign and rebirth phase. And that’ll be on the next episode.

Transcript Episode 64

This is part three of a series of podcasts we’re doing on the stages of an UplevelThe. In part one, I talked about my own story of reinvention, and in the last part, part two, I talked about the first stage of an UplevelThe. So if you haven’t already go check out those episodes, I think you’ll really enjoy them. Even if you think, Hey, I think I’m In this stage, I think I’m in stage two, that’s fine, but I do, I do.

I’m just gonna highly recommend that you go back and, and listen to those. So in stage two of this cycle that we’re going through, and remember as a cycle that alludes to the fact that it is on repeat, we go through these cycles all the time. Another reason, if you haven’t already gone back to go listen to those other episodes, I think this is just gonna be good information for future, since this is part of how human existence works. So in step two, this, this stage of realignment, the caterpillar in our butterfly allegory, has completed its cocoon.

So this step is all about shedding the skin. It’s about getting to that moment when the caterpillar becomes this big glob of goo, like it literally, it literally melts into glue. It has to completely dissolve its former identity before it can transform into a butterfly.

I find this so fascinating. Like this creature, this butterfly is just such a fascinating creature to me, and it, it cells are literally reorganizing into a butterfly. So that moment when the caterpillar completely dissolves 100% into a bunch of goo is still coming. That’s gonna be in step two B. This is two A. So that’s like a little mini step that’s gonna be happening, and we’ll talk about that on this episode two.

I call that REBIRTH. So this is realign. Okay, so the emotions that you could be feeling In, this particular stage is grief. Huge grief of the old dying or slipping away. So this could be like the moment or in the wake of like a death or a divorce or you know, financial crisis. Anything where there’s been a mini death or a major death, you can feel confused like what used to work is not working anymore.

Like all my tried and true methods are no longer working. Like what’s going on here? You can feel really indecisive. You can feel like there’s so many options, so many things you can do, so many possibilities, and there’s so many voices out there, and it can feel a little bit like analysis paralysis. You can feel overwhelmed. You can feel like it’s difficult to receive answers from intuition. You can feel a little disconnected from yourself.

You could be doubting yourself and even maybe the intuitive answers that you’re getting, you may even wonder like, is is God there is sourced, there is, does the universe really have my back? It can, it can feel really dark. You can feel helpless. You can feel like you might need someone else’s help or that you’re a victim of your circumstances. Like you need someone else to solve your problems or validate you. You may even feel an ache or a call, like there’s something more for you to be doing.

There’s something greater, a greater cause, or a, a calling that you have in your life that you’re just not quite living up to. You’re not quite fulfilled, and you’re not living up to maybe the reason why you’re you, you came here like you don’t feel like you’re aligned to your purpose, and that’s okay. That’s what this, this particular cycle is all about. It’s about realigning to your purpose. You’ll get there. Trust me, you may feel like there’s something missing or you may feel like you’re forgetting something really important, like something you were supposed to come here and do, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You also may feel very directionless, you know, like lost at sea, rudderless, desperate for clarity. Or even like you’re in a fog, you may feel like you need more education, like you try to fix it by getting more education. Maybe you wanna get certified or get a degree or take a new course. You may feel a lot of urgency, like time’s running out. You know, you gotta figure this thing out. You gotta get yourself together. And you may feel really impatient and frustrated.

You may even compare yourself like, you know, what’s wrong with me? Like, why aren’t I further ahead? Look at them like, I, I feel like I could do a better job than them. Like, you might start getting your ego and pride in the way like, like, you know, comparisonitis, you know, and you can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. This could be any or all of these things. You could feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, like you are making progress. You feel like you’re doing actions that seem important, but they’re not really fruitful.

Like either on the fulfillment end of things, like you’re not really feeling fulfilled by them. Or it could also be like results oriented. Like you’re not feeling like either the money’s coming in like you thought it would, or like the opportunities aren’t showing up, or the relationships aren’t showing up. You can feel like, what’s wrong with me? Like, am I even in the right place? Am I even doing the right things? Like who? Or you can even think, like you might have an idea and you wanna pursue it, but then you’re like doubting yourself.

Who am I to do this? Like, am I really good enough to do this? It could even not even be something about something new you’re thinking about. It could be, you know, something that you’re presently working on, like, you know, feeling imposter syndrome, just like maybe on the thing that you’ve been doing your whole life, you can have even some small moments of clarity. Like maybe you, you have some epiphanies and some ahas and you feel like, well, I must have made it through the REBIRTH.

I feel like that was a big Aha, big shift, but it’s not really the whole picture yet. I’m sorry to say. It’s not the whole picture yet. It, it could also feel like something still don’t make sense. So that’s how you know, you’re still In this phase and you haven’t, you know, gone to the next one yet. And you can feel like something really big and something important’s coming. The cost of staying here is that you start and stop projects a lot. You start a lot of ’em, you stop a lot of ’em. So you have a lot of unfinished projects.

You could feel like, oh, really excited about launching this new thing this week. But what it ends up being is a series of launching new products of the week, new flavors of the week to see what sticks. And you may not realize that you’ve outgrown some of your relationships, your old friends or your routines or you know, even like mastermind group, you could invest in resources and solutions that you think are gonna fix it, but it doesn’t really move the needle that much.

You could start micromanaging your team because you’re afraid that something else is gonna fail or fall apart, or you’re waiting for another shoe to drop. You can feel burnout and stress. You can be doubting yourself, your talents, gifts and skills. You could even feel like kind of sheepish about being around people that you admire, that you are friends with. Because if they only knew what was going on in my, you know, my backstage, you know, as opposed to my front stage, like what I’m showing to the world.

Like if they only knew what was going on, like maybe they would lose respect for me. Like, and that’s not true at all. I feel like if anything, the right people, your, your true friends, your true supporters would have your back and would understand and, and vulnerability can be a strength in that way. So another, another other, other things, you know, to identify where you’re at.

It could be that your results aren’t matching your expectations. You could continue to try fixing a situation by throwing more money at it, throwing more energy at it, feeling negative feelings or just trying to cover up the negative feelings. Like, you know, because if I wanna attract my ideal life, I’m supposed to have positive feelings. So you could end up like burying and not fully processing some of the lower emotions, like some of the emotions like grief, like you’re going through a hard time.

It could even be unprocessed trauma from the past that you haven’t processed and integrated. And so this can bring up a lot and you can, you can really feel lost and you can, you might even have like team members or clients that are not aligned showing up and you’re like, this isn’t what I asked for. So understanding like, how did you get here I think is really important. Again, this is about timing. It’s not about blame or taking responsibility. It’s like this is a cycle that happens over and over in our lives.

So how did you get here? Well, it could be from doing more than being, you could have, you know, gotten into this pattern, which is kind of like a, a summary pattern. Like if we’re talking about seasons, it’s kind of this summer pattern of hustle and doing and, and instead of being, and, and I feel like we need that contrast. I’m not even gonna say balance. We need that contrast so that we can be In this state of receptivity and stillness to understand like, are we actually doing the things that are going to, you know, push the needle?

Are, are we doing the things that are most important to us that will give us the most fulfillment? And that reflection time is so important. Another thing could be that we’re thinking more than feeling a lot of us could be just disconnected from our emotions, from our heart, from our true soul, from our intuition, from that inner voice. And we’re caught up in our mind and we need to bring it, bring it down. You know, we need to bring it down. Our heart actually has neuroreceptors in it.

They found your, your heart is like another brain. So connecting with emotions and actually feeling and processing through maybe the unprocessed traumas or the unprocessed emotions of even growing up or conditioning or programming or you know, people you know that have put expectations onto you. Like actually looking at those things and understanding more about how you feel and how you feel about yourself and how you feel about others.

So important. Giving your power away to others to solve your problems, whether that’s a coach or a friend or a spiritual leader, whatever it is. Like that could be another reason why you can find yourself here or maybe not moving on and you know, not investing that time. Again, I’m gonna say this, investing that time and listening to your inner voice, you know, it’s just gonna lead to more workaholism, working harder, more trial and error.

You know, what if I told you that listening to your intuition and actually like taking that time, that investment in time actually yields dividends. Like I call this Einstein time. It’s like if I just invested eight minutes or even 30 minutes of my day listening to myself, whether it’s meditating, you know, asking questions of my higher self, my higher power, and then like actually listening to the response, I feel like that increases my productivity and my effectiveness like 10 x through the day.

Like, I feel like I gain at least two hours in the day for that little investment of time. So I mean, it’s not a question of if you don’t have time for intuition or listening to your intuition, that’s like saying you don’t have time for gravity. It’s silly. So the other thing that could keep you stuck here is also just throwing more energy, money or people at problems or even launching new offers prematurely because maybe this is what I could do to tweak it.

And then you don’t get the results. And again, that comes from doing more than being. So the common missteps that are made here and ask again, ask me how I know is trying to force that moment of REBIRTH, like trying to race towards it like a racehorse. Cuz you’re ready to go and you really wanna get through this. Like you can’t force it. Like can a caterpillar force how long it’s gonna take and get impatient about becoming a butterfly?

No, because it’s all about timing. So you can’t really speed up the process. You could also feel like life’s unfair and you have no control. You do have control and life can be unfair, but it’s, it’s all about your perspective. And if you look at why these things are happening, they’re not happening to you. They’re happening for you. And I feel like that can bring so much, so much more solace, especially if you’re in victimhood or martyr, dim or fix-it mode.

So those are very primal human instincts, you know, is is to go for that victimhood murder dumb or, or fix-it mode. And they’re not that helpful when you’re In this stage, again, it’s all about Surrender, it’s, but when I say Surrender, I don’t mean like, don’t do anything and hope this will pass. Like that’s not what I mean at all. Like, it means just, again, accepting what is accepting, like this is where I’m at and I’m gonna make the best of it and I’m gonna, you know, hopefully take Christie’s advice.

Like she’s been through this and helped a lot of clients through this and, and, and go through the exercises. Is that I’m, that I’m mentioning here, so that you can really come out the other side and hopefully do it quicker with less resistance. Like, I resisted this stuff a lot and I’m responsible for my own suffering when I resisted that. But you know, just like in strength training, like the resistance, you know, is can build up your resilience.

It can, but it can also prolong these changes a bit more. Like you could stay in the cocoon a bit longer, which I don’t think you really want. You could also try to reinvent yourself a little too soon. So it’s like really premature. So you could try to re reinvent yourself like you think you know who you are. And so you try to re reinvent like your life, your business, your circumstances, but that is gonna come much later in the process. And doing it before you’re ready, before you’re that butterfly, before you can actually see what you’ve become is kind of like wasted energy.

And I don’t like to see people waste energy or time or money. Like I’m really good at helping people optimize. So trust me when I say do it later, as much as you might wanna do it now, cuz you’re just gonna probably end up redoing it again later anyway. So anyway, like resist trying to redesign your website or having a new photo shoot, like, yeah, that could make you feel good in the short term, but again, like you wanna see what this butterfly is gonna look like, right?

So, so do that later. Also like launching new offers, singles for that, like anything new, like avoid trying to make things new again. And I feel like this comes from wanting to be in fix-it mode, but, but really like resist that because the moment of death hasn’t happened. And when that moment of death like that a hundred percent goo when that happens, after that happens, then the butterfly starts rebuilding itself and you’ll have a clearer picture. So another thing like, just along the, the lines of, you know, throwing more money or people at a project, like hiring a new marketing company to help you like out of whatever hole you think you’re in is not a good idea.

Whether it’s a, a marketing company or more team members, like that’s more like trying to fix the external symptoms of what’s going on when you really must focus on the internal work. So also hiding or exhibiting hermit like behaviors, while it’s very natural, like, and I applaud you if you wanna do that, that’s great. I also think just finding like one or two friends that you can talk to really helps a lot.

So also not listening to your heart or your intuition and just trying to deny it or, you know, shove it under the rug. Like that’s not gonna help things. Adding more things to your plate or like trying to assert your will to make things happen, like that’s not gonna help either. Couple other things that aren’t gonna help is getting upset at others for not doing something correctly and then going and doing it yourself. Like, don’t be that person and definitely don’t give up like you are so close to this moment of REBIRTH.

So a little like, I wanna share my story, like being In this phase a little bit. So when I was In this phase, my family and I moved to Utah and it was kind of like my idea to move to Utah and I, the whole time we’ve lived here in Utah, I’m like, why are we here? And it was just, it was, there’s no reason for us to be here, if that makes sense. It was like, I made it up in my mind that this is, this is what we needed.

And like I’ve always wanted to live somewhere where there’s four seasons. I did grow up, I was born in New York, so there were four seasons there. We lived in northern California, For many years, and there are kind of four seasons there. I mean it’s, you know, coastals so you don’t get as much snow, you know, depending on where you are. In California, where we were, we were in the Bay Area, so we didn’t get snow. So, I, just, you know, living in Arizona where there’s basically two seasons.

There’s very, very hot and mild, mildly warm, cool So, I. Just, I, I don’t know what it was. And I, and then I was just really drawn to the mountains. I really wanted to be like, almost like higher up, like where there’s a view. So we found this house, it was in the foothills of these, this mountain. We have an amazing view of mountains of the valley below, like, it’s beautiful and we’ve, we’ve been enjoying like these seasons, but I didn’t, we didn’t need to move to Utah.

Like I feel like that was kind of a misstep. Like we didn’t, we didn’t need to move to Utah. Like we had at the time, a three month old baby and a two-year-old. Like, we did not need to be moving anyway, we did it. It, it is what it is. And then I, I left this mastermind that I was a part of and there’s more to the story that I talk about in my book, which I’m not gonna share here, but that’s in my book, The Intuition, Led Business.

It really led to a lot of great lessons, I feel like. But having left my home of 30 plus years in Arizona, having left this mastermind, all my fa family and friends, I felt so isolated and so alone. Like I definitely went into hermit mode. I pulled back from social media, from even emails, from really marketing my business. Like people, I did actually do a podcast, which was really healing and helpful for me because it was a way for me to connect to people but not be completely committed to people at the same time.

Like, I just didn’t feel like I had the capacity. And, but the, the, that’s when I started my podcast, it was great. I also, during this time wrote my book and I did launch it. It was a new thing. I feel like it was almost like premature because here’s this book, The Intuition, Led Business. And at the time I was still, you know, working in my marketing agency and I didn’t really see the connection, like why would I write a book about intuition?

Like, like if I were gonna write a book about intuition, wouldn’t it make sense for me to have more of a intuition type of business, like where I taught intuition or where I coached about intuition or I, you know, helped people through their business challenges with intuition and not, you know, doing services, marketing services, like doing it for them, doing their marketing for them, right? And I just was like really confused by that. But I feel like it all happened the way it was supposed to happen, but now I can see being on the other side of my REBIRTH like what my soul was calling me to do.

And it was, and it was amazing and it’s been beautiful, but it’s like my business has now completely shifted into a new direction. And I talk about that more in part one. But yeah, like I just felt like anyone here in Utah, I couldn’t really connect with them. Like, I just, I just didn’t jive with them. I didn’t vibe with ’em like, like I tried to make friends, but I just didn’t really have interests. And plus the culture is just so different than what I was used to.

You know, even having been raised in a very high demand religion and then being in the, essentially the mecca of this particular religion, I didn’t, I underestimated how much different the culture was and how much, how much I wasn’t seen as valuable as a woman and particularly a woman in business. It was very, very disturbing for me. So I ended up just connecting a lot more with people virtually like who lived in other states and had clients and the podcast interviews and, and all that, but was very much in hermit mode.

And I did actually meet a couple of friends through that podcast that I started during this time that are still very dear sweet friends. Like one I talked to on Voxer, like all the time, you know who you are. And the other one, like, I talk to her almost daily as well and I help her with her business and I play a pretty major role in her business as well. And it’s one of the many things that I do and I love it. And, but that was, that was interesting that the universe sent me two friends, you know, So I didn’t feel completely alone.

And this was, this was definitely a hard time. This is probably like, it is the hardest, hardest part to go through is when you’re In this stage. So what I wish I’d known constructive business actions visioning, creating a vision board, you know, going, like doing guided visualizations that match what you’re looking to attract, guided meditations and really specifying the details of your creation. Like again, you’re still in the cocoon.

You’re, you’re gonna be liquified soon, you know, as this allegory of a butterfly. So it’s about intending what it is that you want to create and making plans and taking guided actions to move towards your intentions, even if it’s not a completely firm decision. It’s not a firm commitment or it’s not like launched in public like that will come later. But just moving towards it and creating, I I did a lot of creating In this phase, a lot of writing, a lot of blogging.

And it’s interesting because now that I’m on the other side of the REBIRTH, like I’ve been revisiting some of those creations and it’s been like so seamless to just pull it together. Like this program that I have called Intuition Upgrade, like it has so much of my creations from the past few years that I didn’t make public, they weren’t ready yet. But now it’s time now, now it’s ready. Go forward with your heart open. Do what feels right, even if your brain doesn’t agree, even if your childhood programming doesn’t agree.

Again, don’t make any firm decisions. In this stage. This is okay for you to be non-committal. That means like non-committal in relationships, that means non-committal with the products you launch. That means non-committal in like maybe hiring new people. It is okay to be non-committal In. this phase. Don’t make any firm decisions like please even like real estate or big moves. Like those are all huge decisions. Protect your energy and confidence with everything that you have.

That means setting boundaries, that means reducing the amount of time that you spend around people that don’t vibe or resonate with you anymore, even if they’re like, like your best friend from childhood or like you are a family member. Another helpful thing to do is to do a business inspection. So this, what I mean by this is like looking like taking inventory of your business resources, doing, you know, some p and l if you’re not already doing profit and law statements, this is a time to start looking at your cash flow, your cash reserves, looking at your website and market marketing analytics.

Like what’s been working, what hasn’t been working. This is just taking inventory, it’s not taking action on anything yet. Just get a true picture of what’s going on in your business and your life. Really remove again, that need to go, go, go or to make hasty decisions instead of, you know, being In this mode of force and make, go into this mode of receive and create, let go of any criticism of others. This might also be kind of a reason to go hermit mode, letting go of self-judgment and self-criticism, you know, and, and embrace What you encounter along the way.

Like know that it’s for your highest good. Again, it’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. And like we all need you to, to crack open. We need you to pull out like your divine essence, your true soul, your true self, so that you can share your true gifts with the world and align to your true purpose. Like we need that. There’s so many of us going around that are not doing that, not living our truths and still stuck in subconscious or subconscious beliefs or cognitive patterns or childhood programming or any kind of subconscious programming.

And when you can be you, you can be unique and you can be limitless. Like it’s like that Maryanne Williamson quote, like, when you shine bright, you give everyone else permission to shine bright too. Like, don’t try to like dim your light so you can fit in. Like, so embracing that, I mean, you’re not ready to shine quiet yet, but like just really practicing and applying that self-love and understanding where your true power is.

You know, getting really intentional about learning who your audience is and getting to know them better and how you want to serve them. You might not change anything yet, it’s just kind of like getting ideas, visioning, and then understand your voice and your unique perspective. Look, your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Like I think we could actually probably find a study that would back me up like some science that would back me up. Like there’s a certain timber and resonance to your voice that really can’t be mimicked.

I mean, I know they have deep fakes. Yeah, that’s ai, artificial intelligence. But what I’m saying is there’s only one you. And when you can understand your voice and your unique perspective, that’s important. I, I recently watched this movie and it, it’s called Vengeance. BJ Novak wrote it and stars in it, and he wrote a lot of the episodes of the Office. So he like, it’s, it’s a dark comedy. It was really good though.

Like, it, it definitely was funny and it definitely made you think. But he’s this podcaster and he’s interviewing this murder of this like Texas girl that he hooked up with once. And there’s one part where he’s talking to Ashton Kutcher, he plays, Ashton plays this like recording artist who recorded this girl and this podcaster, BJ no vax character asks him.

So, you know, if I were to sit down with you and you were to tell me what’s my voice like, what’s my unique voice, what would you tell me? And Ashton’s answer was really interesting. He said something, he’s like, you know, first I would tell you to listen to all the voices around you and listen to your, you probably said listen to your own voice too. I don’t remember, but that’s what I would add. And then listen to all of it, take it in and then translate it.

When you translate it, that is your voice, that is your unique perspective. I was like, that is really good. So you can also still connect with your audience, you know, connect. And if you’re not serving your ideal audience, you can connect with your audience on a spiritual and energetic level, almost like taking the potential future ideal audience as like a collective.

And you can tap into that energy intuitively through your heart space even and really feel like what are they needing? Like what are their hopes? What are their desires? Like, how can I help them? And start filling out any new messaging that you wanna be putting out there or any new products and just like test out how it feels. Again, don’t really do anything with it yet. So how do you, UplevelThe how do you get from this level to the next level?

There’s still a moment of REBIRTH coming, which I’ll talk about in a second, but how do you get to the REBIRTH and how does the REBIRTH turn into the next step after that? Well, strengthening intuition. Remember, you can develop intuition like a muscle. It’s not something that some people are born with and some are not. We are all born with intuition. It’s just a matter of how much we’ve strengthened our intuition. And if you want more help on that, get my book or get on the wait list for my, my course, I’ll, I’ll talk, talk about that a little later and I’ll put links in the show notes, but unlearn when I say, so we learn things, but then we can unlearn things.

And when I say unlearn your identity, I mean unlearn what other people think of you, what they want from you or What you can give to them. Like just let go of all of it, push it to the side and, and then see what shows up. See what fills that void. Because if you’ve done this inner work, that will probably be your true inner voice speaking your intuition, speaking about who you really are at soul level.

And if you want help with that, I do have some things that I can help you with in a private setting, one-on-one, go to my website for that. But you’ll wanna be like shedding the product projections and the expectations of others. So this goes into the unlearning. You’ll wanna shed any non-essentials, any distractions. This is like physical objects. This could be ideas and concepts. This could, this could be like product lines, you know, again, no huge decisions.

Only do it if it, if, if you feel like, yeah, it’s non-essential, like that’s old news, like that’s the old me, that’s not where I’m going. And just be really open to recognizing and finding your second act. So up until this point, you’ve been living your first act, you know, doesn’t matter how old you are when you listen to this. Like consider that your first act. Now you get the opportunity to discover what your second act is.

And I think we all love second chances. This is your second act. So start looking at what that might look like and then accept any, any responsibility or any past choices that you’ve made up until this point in your first act, it’s okay. It’s, that is what it is. You’ve learned from it. It’s not a failure, you know, failure is just education and disguise and be open to new perspectives and be open to the fact that life is moving you into another direction.

Slowly but surely. You know, small tweaks can make huge changes. Like I’m obsessed with this idea of kaizen. It’s this Japanese word kaizen, and it basically means that with little 1% improvements over time, it can add up to a huge change. And I was, you know, in my previous career, I was just so obsessed with like finding these little hinges that swung the big doors, like finding the little levers that made huge difference.

And I still am because I’m all about optimizing people’s energy and time and money and resources and their gifts and their strengths. And so like, it’s about finding those 1% little changes that could change everything. It, and it, that takes self-discovery work and it takes self-care. It, it takes filling your cup and listening to your intuition and, and identifying the, your joys and your passions and what lights you up. And that might be hard to identify at first, especially if you’re really disconnected from yourself.

I talked about this a little bit in one of the previous episodes, In, this series, and just, just trust. Like if, if something sparks inside of you, like, oh, I wanna go talk to that person, or Oh, I wanna go do that, or I wanna try this out, or you know, an a, a new sport, new hobby, whatever it is, whatever’s gonna light you up, that is moving you in a good direction, that is moving you more towards your true soul, your, your true nature, your true self.

So trust and follow that and release what’s not you. It’s okay if you’ve been that up until this point. You can just decide to drop it at any point, especially if it’s past late conditions, you know, conditions that people have put on you or expectations release what’s not. You clear your blocks heal your wounds, realign to your superpowers, align to your true self, align to your life’s work. And really like In this stage, I would ask you to ask yourself, what are my superpowers?

Not just your intuitive superpowers, but like your Genius, what is my Genius and what is my purpose? So as I mentioned in the last episode, I love music. I feel like it has such a huge impact on how we feel our emotions, and it can be very helpful for releasing emotions or processing through emotions. And there’s two songs I wanna recommend because this, this is, this stage, let’s just face it, is a doozy. So it needs two songs.

The first one, Fix You by Coldplay. So good. It’s not like hugely uplifting, but it definitely helps you like process through some stuff. And then this other song is like really special to me because I’ll tell you this little story about it and then I’ll tell you the title and I’ll put these, the links to the songs and the show notes. So one day when I was In this stage, I put on my Apple watch, you know, I charge it every night next to my bed.

And I put it on and I looked down and it had been playing this song. I didn’t recognize this song, it’s nowhere on my phone. I’m like, how the heck did it get on my watch? Like I scoured through my Apple music on my iPhone to see if I even owned the song where it came from. It, it was not playing on my phone, just on my watch. It was the most bizarre thing. Anyway, I was like, what is the song?

So I listened to the song, it’s called Wonder by Morson. It’s like, I think I’m pronouncing that right. I had to look it up. It’s spelled M O R G X N and it features Sarah Bareilles. Anyway, I’m listening to this song, it was intense. It was like describing exactly like, like if my heart wrote a song, like it was that song. It was, I still, to this day, it is unexplainable how that got on my watch.

All I can tell you is it really felt like a message from one of my spirit guides. Like, that’s how it felt to me. It was like you were seen, you were loved, you will get through this. So anyway, let’s get into the REBIRTH. This is really short, you know, this is just gonna be the, the final part of this episode. This is the part when the caterpillar becomes completely, totally 100% goo. Nothing, nothing is left of the old caterpillar, nothing.

It is completely liquified and yet nothing is visible of the butter butterfly. Like the butterfly’s just not there yet. So this is the in-between, this is like a void. It’s the mo moment of both the death of the old self and the REBIRTH of the new self. So when you hit this moment, and you will, you know it, there’s no wondering, you feel a complete and utter shift.

You’ve given up your entire old identity. You may see glimpses of what you’ve become, like what you’re becoming, but you still don’t know what color wings you’re gonna have. When you finally emerge out of the cocoon as the butterfly, you’ve done the inner work in the cocoon, you may feel like you have a totally new operating system. It’s like switching from PC to Mac or Mac to pc. You know, you might have developed some shortcuts and then all of a sudden you’re on this new operating system and everything looks different and none of your shortcuts work and it feels totally foreign.

Like you’re learning a totally new way of being. And many people make the mistake that once they’ve reached this realigned slash REBIRTH step that they’re ready for the reinvent step. They’re not. So if you try to make changes before you’re ready, you’re probably gonna stay longer in the realign and REBIRTH step. Just gonna warn you.

Like, ask me how I know. So in the, in the reinvent step, or sorry, in in in, yeah, no, sorry, in the REBIRTH step that we’re in, you can even feel like you’ve given your last if you know, continue, this is a i i don’t, you know, if there’s children around, I don’t want them to hear the the, the word, but you know, you’ve given your last, you know, What, you can feel invincible, you can feel unstoppable, you may even feel a little freaked out.

You may even be feeling like, wow, like I feel super powerful. Like, you might even be feeling that that’s all normal. You may also feel like complete crap So I feel like this step is a lot shorter. I don’t wanna put any expectations on how long it is because I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing it wrong. For me, I feel like this was like a few months as opposed to like a year or two. For some people it’s been like a few weeks.

So I mean you’ll know when you experience it. And the song that I feel like goes with this is the one virtue that is required before you get into reinvent. And it is Patience. And I love Chris Cornell’s version of Patience. He covers Guns and Roses version of the song and it is amazing like his voice. I just love his voice. Anyway, so before we close and move on to the next episode, which is the next part, part four of the series, I just wanna encourage you go get the book The Intuition Led Business.

I feel like it is very supportive of any step that you might be in, and it definitely will help you get on the right track to start really developing your intuition. That can be found at intuition Led Business dot com. And there’s also a free download of, of the first chapter if you’re interested. And then you can also check out my YouTube. I have some interviews that I’ve been doing on the book and some other videos that maybe have helped to you as well. I just feel like In this stage, like filling your mind with things that are positive and helpful is so supportive to this stage.

The other thing that you can do is you can sign up for the wait list for Intuition Upgrade at Intuition Upgrade dot com and this is my 10 week curriculum on really going the next step past the book. Really going deep for 10 weeks, developing intuition and then applying that to business So I. Hope you enjoy today’s episode. The stage is definitely a little more rough. I’m excited to talk about the next stage. I’ve just been, you know, if you’re watching me on YouTube, I’ve had the same outfit on for, you know, episodes one through three.

I think I might change and do this either tomorrow or maybe if I’m in the flow later today. But I feel like step three reinvent is so fun. It’s so much better than the the, the other stages. I mean, I don’t wanna say better, you know, because they all have their importance and they all have their value, but it is happy times. So I, I might do that. I So I have a call coming up soon. We’ll see. But I will see you on episode four, whenever that is for you or the part four, episode 65, and we’ll see you next time.

Transcript Episode 65:

We are well along in our series, our podcast series. We’re on episode 65 and part four of this series. if you missed any part of the series, I totally recommend that you go back and listen from the beginning, because I feel like no matter what stage you find yourself in, you’re going to find a lot of ahas and epiphanies. When You can see this entire cycle as an overview or where you are In this particular cycle and what the entire cycle looks like.

So, I recommend that you go back. And before we dive in today, if you’re watching on YouTube, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. And if you are listening on a podcast app, please subscribe so you don’t miss another episode. Okay, so let’s dive in. So we just got through the rebirth stage, the very uncomfortable liquifaction of this caterpillar that is turning into a butterfly.

And of course, this allegory of the butterfly is meant to symbolize our journey through a metamorphosis of an ego death. An ego is not what most people think it is. We all need an ego. It’s important for us to have an ego, but it’s also important for us to not identify with false parts of our ego. So what I’m talking about in the ego death is really like these false parts of ourselves that aren’t really our true nature, our true divine essence.

So, and we’ve come into a rebirth. Now, the REINVENT step is really quite interesting because, you know, there can be times when we’re going through this REINVENT stage where it actually feels like we’re regressing back into realign or rebirth, and it can feel a little uncomfortable, like, wait, I thought, you know, as this caterpillar, you know, that, that I reached the a hundred percent goose stage. Like, what the heck? Like why am I feeling like things from the past are creeping up and it’s really just old energy bubbling up.

It’s really just, it’s almost like a test or initiation, like, are you really gonna be the butterfly? And it’s also muscle memory, like part of us remembers what it was like to be this old self and, and part of us is a little afraid of being this new self, this truer self because it could mean other mini deaths. It could mean deaths of relationships of people who are no longer aligned with you. It could mean a mini death of a business or a line of business that you’ve been in.

It could mean, you know, saying goodbye to how you used to operate. And there can be some holdover grief from the past stages. So, but overall, the emotions felt In. this stage is feeling hopeful. Okay, so the awkward shedding goose stage is over. The butterfly is actually still in the cocoon. It has not emerged yet, but you can see its wings taking shape. Of course, the butterfly can’t see it’s wings at all because it’s in the cocoon, but through the translucent, translucent of the cocoon, maybe an out outsider could see what color the wings are gonna be and get some clues as to what this butterfly’s gonna look like.

So that’s really applicable to this human side of things because we can feel like we’ve just been through a lot. Other people are starting to notice changes in changes in us, but we might not really understand what that means yet. And we may not know exactly how to show that externally. So this is still a little bit awkward of a stage. The butterfly is reinventing itself, but it’s not yet emerged.

So keep that in mind. This stage is really akin to spring, the season of spring. So just like spring, you know, you can still have some rain showers or even snow, you know, from the winter show up in spring while you also have flowers blooming. So it can, it can feel like a little bit of a transition at times. Imposter syndrome can definitely creep in. Like you could be saying things like, who am I to be or do this?

Can I really be a quote butterfly? How will I fly? How will I be able to figure this out? You know, if you think about a caterpillar spending its entire life thus far crawling around on the ground, it may not even be completely aware that it’s going to be able to fly. I think humans are a little more conscious. They might feel like, yeah, I feel hopeful. I feel like you know, all I wanna do is is is fly and sore, but you don’t have the muscles built up yet on your wings.

So you’re, you may not know how to do that. You may even even have some Aha moments that feel super exhilarating, like your intuition is on fire. Like the ideas won’t stop coming. And it seems like your whole life actually starts to make sense. You’re like, oh, maybe this is what I was going for all along. And this is particularly true, I would say like around like a quarter life crisis or even a midlife crisis, like for sure, like I’ve been through both and I feel like the midlife crisis was so much of a bigger deal than the quarter life crisis So.

I’ll just put that out there. But it, it makes sense because this is why all these breakdowns happened so that we could come to this breakthrough moment. You might even start to fear criticism and judgment coming from others because you’re about to start expressing your new identity and your ideas and your messages, but the creativity still flows and you get it out all on paper. Even if you don’t share it quite yet, you get it on paper or video, I shall say, because you’re gonna be making this public soon.

You’re gonna be emerging from this cocoon. And you want to have this ready. This is like your wings and floodgates start to open. You know, the ideas, the opportunities you, it can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming and it’s exciting. It’s an exciting expansive time. So the cost of staying here or staying In, this cocoon is you still stay the best kept secret safe inside your cocoon. Other people can keep you down. You may start feeling different and looking different and acting different.

And they notice, and they may even tell you that they don’t like the changes you’ve made or what’s going on with you, like is something wrong or something off. And you know this is to be expected. It really is growing complacent. You can become really accustomed to your comfort zone inside this cocoon. And if feel feels so much more comfortable than going out on a limb, pun intended and spreading your wings, of course it’s gonna feel that way.

And what ends up happening is you don’t end up building a soul aligned brand and message that attracts your ideal aligned clients. So you keep playing small. And when you’re playing small, you keep doubting yourself. So how did you get here? Of course it was from shedding your skin, removing attach attachments to your old ego and any beliefs that you had learned up until this point and you decided you chose to unlearn them.

This includes other people’s expectations, projections, and any other kind of conditioning programming from earlier in your life. And this also goes for values. So you have realigned your values, your identity and your beliefs. You’ve done a lot of clearing, hopefully a lot of clearing and healing. You’ve had patience and surrender. You’ve just surrendered to these changes. You’ve done a lot of inner work.

You’ve really come to know your intuition and what your inner voice sounds like, as well as connecting to your higher self. And you’ve had a lot of trust. You may have been experimenting some. And self-love awareness and gratitude are all so important. In this stage. So the biggest missteps, and I won’t even say mistakes, okay, just missteps. They’re not a big deal if you make them, if you make these.

But the common missteps that I’ve seen here, both in myself and my clients is you keep replaying the discomfort of the last step, the realign and rebirth step. And you don’t see how all the puzzle pieces are going to fit into place. And you can have a lack of trust in yourself as well as a lack of trust in the universe. You just don’t understand how the universe is going to deliver.

Kind of similar to the butterfly instance, it’s like maybe we’re not sure how nature’s gonna deliver, how this is gonna all end up. And so you can have this looming cloud over you like, like is the other shoe gonna drop? Like, is this for real? Am I really out of the woods now? And if you start sharing your new ahas and your new ideas and messages too soon before you’re ready, before you’re out of the cocoon, your message could fall flat.

It could be rejected by others who just don’t get it. They don’t understand it because you’re not yet fully embodying it, even though you’re like, yeah, this is me now. It’s not fully integrated. We still have to take some time to integrate. Even though you’ve may have made these changes on the spiritual, emotional, or mental levels, they still have to make it down into the physical body. And so this is very much like the butterfly. It’s constructing its wings.

It’s creating all the cells that are gonna help it to fly and live out the rest of its life. As a butterfly, it’s, the process isn’t yet done. You could also compare yourself to others and look to others for inspiration instead of looking inward. Remember still in the cocoon, still time to be looking inward. You could also make the mis misstep of rebranding prematurely before you’re ready or releasing new offers or maybe releasing that new book that you, you have been working on, but you’re not truly aligned to your true self yet until you come out of that cocoon like you’re still working on some things.

And you can also not truly believe in yourself, which is a misstep because you’ve got it going on. Remind yourself of all the amazing things and people and opportunities and blessings that you’ve had in your life. And if you can’t think of anything, be grateful. You’re breathing. You know, you can be grateful for one thing, and that is your breath, that the breath keeps going. And you don’t have to think about it consciously every single minute of the day.

And here’s a couple of other things that can happen When you’re In this step, you could be changing your mind a lot because this is kind of like trial and error reinvention. The reason why it’s named this is, I mean, think about how any of the greatest inventions have been made. A lot of experimentation, a lot of trial and error. And so In, this reinvention stage, you could be changing your mind or changing your paths or your, or structure in your business until you can really settle in to what feels aligned and what doesn’t feel aligned.

Remember, you’ve never been a butterfly butterfly before, so you’ve never really been this true to yourself, this authentic to yourself before. So it’s going to take some time to still get through and sort through what feels aligned and what doesn’t. Another misstep is that you could be leaning in to the resistance that you’re perceiving from others, whether it’s energetically or they’re actually telling you. You can still feel other people’s energy towards you.

And as you’re trying to step on this path, they might be trying to hold you to the old one and reminding you who you are or who they think you are, but you know better. And so the best thing to do is to really whole, true to your own inner voice. Look inward. Don’t allow others ideas or thoughts to be projected upon you. That’s the whole reason for this UplevelThe is so that you can shed yourself of all those shoulds and obligations and fulfilling expectations and trying to pleasing please other people.

So here’s a little story for my own life. So I, I ended up writing a book. I would say that during the time of the writing of the book, I was in stage two. So the, the previous stage that we just talked about. So now this stage, and I wrote the book and I, I published it while I was still in the last stage. And I couldn’t get, I couldn’t make sense of all these puzzle pieces.

Of course the book was part of my new path, but I had released it when I was still on my old path. So in my own mind, maybe not so much to other people, but in my own mind it felt confusing. And as I was going through the REINVENT Stage, this current stage we’re talking about, of course my book had already been published and I was still trying to figure out what this new path looked like.

Who was I gonna be when I emerged from the cocoon? I was still inside the cocoon trying to figure it all out. And I could see during the stage, I had a lot of lack of acceptance of this new path. The new path was scary to me. The new path represented threats to my ego and or my old self that I hadn’t completely let go of. Even though I had gone through the goo, I hadn’t quite, I hadn’t quite given up on on that.

I was still hanging on, I was still flashing back to the old self, desperately clinging to it. And so when I was shown this is, this is your new path, I kind of accepted it, kind of didn’t, I still moved in the direction of the new path, but definitely with my heels dug in, I had a lack of belief in myself. Who am I really to be this or do this? And it was just all the title’s, symptoms that I just just went through to you through that I went through just now.

But I just wouldn’t let that old self die. And I remember being on a vacation in Park City with my husband and we were actually celebrating our anniversary. And so this is during the summer and we were on one of those ski slope, you know, ski lifts, the rides that they have going on in the off season. And I remember there were, we, we just purchased like a, an all day pass and we just enjoyed, you know, hanging out and, and talking.

And there were a couple of points In this ride where it was pretty shaky and scary, actually. I knew nothing was gonna happen to us, but it was very windy. It was unseasonably cold for the middle of summer. Cuz we had been there before In this summer. And it was, it was chilly that day and a lot of people were underdressed. And I remember we were about 20 feet from the top of this mountain. And so our legs are d dangling over a huge steep drop.

And the ride without warning just stops. And it, and it, it stayed stopped for like 10 minutes and we were like, are we ever gonna get off this thing? I mean, 10 minutes is an eternity when you’re stuck dangling off of a cliff side. And anyway, it started back up again and we were like, you know what, let’s not get off here like we planned because what if it stops again and then we can’t get down or it takes us all day to get down. So we stayed on.

So we wrapped around and started coming down the mountain and about 20 feet from where we were to get off at the bottom of the mountain, it stopped again. I’m like, you cannot make this up. And I, I really believe, like, and this is how I live my life, that we are living a waking dream. You know, it’s like When You. Look at what is manifesting in your physical reality.

Everything can be a symbol, everything can be a sign. And So, I, I try not to ascribe too much meaning to everything, right? Cuz that would drive one crazy. But this happened twice, almost the exact amount of time before getting to the end, all the delays. And I was like, wow, this seems like a, a message. So I waited until we got home. And I meditated on this for, for a bit, and it was interesting because it felt like I was being, I was being guided to create some other things to keep me busy, because here I was, I was ready to put my two feet on the ground, I was ready, I, I felt ready.

But like the universe was trying to tell me like, no, you’re not ready yet. Wait, I know you’re so close, but just wait a little longer and this will all make sense. And When You your feet hit the ground, you’re good to go. And that’s what it felt like. But then my mind started running wild and I, it was like I just had this restlessness, like I’ve gotta do something. And So I actually, I, I prematurely launched something that really felt aligned.

But when you’re When, You are rapidly changing so much something that felt aligned yesterday can not feel aligned today. Or even six weeks ago it felt like a hundred percent aligned. Like you did all your checks and confirmations and today it’s no longer aligned. And you’re like, what gives? It’s because you’re evolving so rapidly, especially In, this stage of reinvention.

And so anyway, I did put together an offer, and this was a little less scary than the path that I probably knew better was my path. It felt less scary, it felt more authoritative and, you know, exciting, you know, it was this offer for corporate. And so very high ticket, very exciting, definitely less scary than what I was shown I was going to be doing. And I launched it and I even got, like, I got, I got, you know, some opportunities to speak on podcasts about it, and I had a few requests for proposals about it.

But anyway, I ended up not really going through with it because very soon after my feet did hit the ground, I did figure it out. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking in the next episode for this, this final stage. So here’s a list of some constructive business actions that you can do instead of the missteps that I mentioned. So you can start formulating your new brand and your new positioning, and even a new ma brand makeover.

You can start creating content and a marketing plan. You can start building a new website. You can start creating new structures, creating new sales systems like order forms or sales pages or emails, and then get them in place and ready for action. And remember, you’re not launching it quite yet because well, if you gotta do it, you gotta do it. But the reason is because you might be making changes. You might not exactly want to look like you are changing your mind all the time.

So this is very much a feeling out process. And you can also start to help people overcome What. you just went through, you know, whatever lesson that you just learned is probably part of your bigger mission. I said probably like anything I say, take it with a grain of salt. You know, I, I talk about this in my book, and I very strongly believe that you must listen to your own inner voice, not my voice.

If I remind you of who you are by listening to me, great, that’s my goal. But my goal is not to tell you what to do. So take all this with a grain of salt and see what feels aligned to you. See what feels true to you. So you can start implementing systems and ramping up your self care. You can create and sell those new products. You can, you can launch something. I’m not saying you can’t just, again, make sure that you fill out what feels good, have an event, do marketing, do promotion.

This is very much a spring energy. So list build, generate leads, you know, execute on your content and marketing plan. And so how do you get to the next stage, which we’ll be talking about in the next episode? You need to have patience. The military has a saying, slow is smooth and smooth as fast. What that means is if you can take a breath and you can aim at your target and just listen to your, your own wisdom, and then when the time is ready, you know, you can go fast.

But that smoothness is what’s going to help you be fast. It’s very much like a slingshot. It, it feels like you might be going backwards or going to slow, but I definitely feel like When You can really slow down, which does kind of feel backwards or feels counterintuitive. It will help you speed up, especially if you’re aligning to your true self, that will help you hit the target faster.

So exercise, creativity, find your new beginning, your second act. Become the best version of yourself. Trust that you’re in the right place. Trust yourself. Trust the universe, reimagine your business and career like this is a fun time. Identify your aligned client, develop a crystal clear message and look at all your past and unfinished experiences, projects, and patterns for clue for clues.

And if you want my help with this, this I love, I love to help people with this. Like I have amazing gifts when it comes to helping people identify what that new thing is. Like what their new offer or message or brand is, what they’re meant to express and expand into. And also help you identify things to clear things that might be holding you back. So own your full power, know who you are and use this knowledge to manifest your ideal life.

In. this stage you’re gonna be asking, what will I REINVENT? What will I manifest? And there’s a song again, I mentioned I love music because it’s so symbolic and it actually, it reflects the hero’s journey, the hero’s journey that we’ve been going through. In, this particular series is the hero’s journey of a Butterfly, you know, but this, the seasons, all these cycles, they all reflect the same thing. There’s the beginning, middle of an end, of course, but the beginning is like the call to adventure, the call to UplevelThe.

And then you go through and you meet up with some obstacles. You know that that’s like the cocoon stage. And then you start reinventing yourself. You start learning new skills, figuring out what your superpowers are, and then you return back to teach or to share with your people that you’re returning to. So that’s very much reflective in every book, every story, every movie, and every song. And the song that I would recommend, and I’ll put it in the show show notes, is Clarity by Zedd featuring Foxes.

I love that song. Now, if you would like more support, I recommend my book, The Intuition Led Business. You can find it on Amazon. And then you can come back to intuition Led Business dot com to get a bonus free mini course as well as some other little goodies. And I also encourage you, if you really wanna dive even deeper into unleashing your intuition so that you can slow down to speed up growth, I recommend my 10 week curriculum in depth called Intuition Upgrade.

And you can get on the wait list for that. We’ll be opening up enrollment again soon at Intuition Upgrade dot com. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and come back for the next and final installment of this podcast series. I’ll see you soon.

Transcript Episode 66:

We are in the final episode of this series, all about how to UplevelThe or the stages of an UplevelThe. So if you missed any of the previous episodes, I recommend that you go right back to the beginning of this series, which starts off with an overview or you know, my own reinvention story and how I went through all these steps. And then I will be taking you through each of the four steps.

Now, this is the fourth and final step of our little butterfly allegory that we have going on. And this is the step where the butterfly is ready to emerge. But first, there’s a struggle to break out of a cocoon. It must use its new wings and its legs to break it open. And this struggle, the struggle is what gives the butterfly strength in its wings to fly when it’s time to fly.

Without this struggle of breaking out of the cocoon, the butterfly will not have the strength to fly. So remember, there is a little bit of a struggle, a little bit of a conflict to break out of the cocoon, and that is necessary. So think of that as an initiation into being a butterfly. So once it’s free, once it’s gotten out of the cocoon, it still can’t fly. Did you know that it has to wait for its wings to dry?

So this can be a period of vulnerability because it finally has the strength to emerge, but it has to still wait for a period. And after the wings are all dry, it can spread its wings and soar to new heights. And I named this REJOICE because joy is kind of like, you know, and if you look up the etymology of the word, it’s key to this word, and it’s all about InJoy life and rejoicing in its new form, function and purpose.

And the butterfly also has a new diet, which means that the things that appeal to the caterpillar is not gonna appeal to the butterfly. So instead of eating leaves, it eats flour nectar. And so it, it really does represent a whole new level of being in every area of life. So before we dive in to the emotions that are felt and all the other common missteps and how to UplevelThe, if you’re watching this on YouTube, go ahead and give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

And if you’re listening to this on a podcast app, click subscribe. Okay, so let’s dive in. So the emotions that you can feel when breaking out of the cocoon. You can experience feelings of wanting to hide or fear of being seen. You may experience cognitive dissonance like, is this really me? Now, cognitive dissonance is something that our brains do when we get new information that doesn’t match up with the current information.

So of course, you’ve got this new form, this new way of being, and it still may feel very unfamiliar to you. So the cognitive dissonance kicks in. And this can also feel like you’re, you’re being kicked back to step two. Again, that realign and rebirth stage, like so just know that that is totally normal to have the occasional relapse, but you truly are In this REJOICE stage now.

So you can doubt yourself big time, and you may struggle to stay optimistic and even to dream. But once out of the cocoon, enthusiasm is huge. You’ve opened the flood gates, you have this new found freedom, you are liberated. So how did you get here? You got here by trusting your ahas and you’re knowing and finding your inner magic and realigning to your superpowers.

And now you’re able to articulate your message and your brand and your business in a way that others can understand. In, this new way of being. You have owned your full power and you know who you are. You may have days that you’re not owning your full power, and you may have days where you feel like, do I really know who I am? That’s okay, you’ll get there. You may still have to dry out your wings. You may have to wait a little bit until you’re ready to take the plunge and soar.

And also you got here by reinventing parts of yourself and your business and career to be aligned to your true self and your higher purpose. Now, if you don’t really know what I mean by alignment, I suggest you go back and listen to episode 42 where I talk about alignment. And it’s a great episode that I think you’ll truly, truly love. So the common missteps made here, I mean, this is all rainbows and unicorns.

How could there be any missteps? Right? No, there are. There are some missteps you can make. So one that I’ve seen a lot is not enjoying and rejoicing, meaning not enjoying your new abundance, not rejoicing and celebrating your successes. You can start looking backwards or start looking forwards instead of being in the moment and being fully present. You could be entertaining too many potential collaborations and opportunities because after all, everything’s climbing out of the woodwork for you.

Now your light is shining bright and many people are attracted to you. But guess what? Light attracts butterflies and moths. And I know we’re inside of a butterfly, ma, allegory, it doesn’t really make sense, but it doesn’t mean that just because they’re attracted to your light, it doesn’t mean that they’re a fellow butterfly. They could be a moth. So you wanna make sure that they’re in alignment with you that, that you can truly collaborate with them. Another misstep here is not remembering the self-care that you learned in previous steps and working too much and becoming a workaholic.

Again, this season is very akin to the summer season. And so you, this is a time to also just enjoy. Summer is a time for enjoying. So the other thing you can do is you can work so much that you neglect your family or other areas of your life. You can be too busy and you can possibly, you know, let go of some of those self-care practices that served you so well. If anything, your self-care needs to be a good recharge station for all the activity that you’re going to be in.

So don’t forget to rest and take care of yourself. And you can also feel frustrated at other areas of your life that are not flowing or that they, that are slowing down. So, you know, it’s interesting to note that while we could be In this stage ourselves, our business could be in a different phase. Our family could be in a different phase. And so it can be a little bit of a balancing, balancing act. if you feel like all of a sudden you and your business are rare to go, but may maybe other areas of your life aren’t aligning anymore to you, or they’re slowing down or pulling away.

And that’s totally normal. So, you know, in every episode of the series, I’ve, I’ve shared a personal story from this time, but this time, this episode, this is where I am now. I really don’t have that many stories to share. You’ll be watching them unfold in real time on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, wherever you follow me. And this is what I’ll be doing.

I’ll be sharing these, these stories as well as as sharing stories from the past too, cuz not everyone’s in the same phase. So some constructive business actions that you can take when you’re In this phase is tweak and execute on your very aligned marketing plan. Create more systems to sustain the growth. Did you know, of course you will know this once I pointed out to you, but you know that a plant can’t grow taller without a proper root system.

A tree can’t grow taller without a proper root system and trunk and something to hold all of its weight and bear all of its weight. the same thing goes for your business. So start creating more systems and structure so that it can sustain the rapid growth that you’ll be in In this phase. So you’re gonna wanna hire team members. You’re gonna have to look at your structure, your systems. You can be making more offers and sales booking more speaking and podcast opportunities, expanding your audience, holding your mind open, releasing any fear or criticism, fear of criticism or fear of judgment.

And just thrust yourself in that light, into that limelight or that bigger stage and continue to expand your light, your self-mastery, and your gifts. You’re going to be manifesting greater abundance now. You’re going to be in a better position to change the world around you, including the world at large. I love this quote, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. And that’s by Margaret Mead. And so the perfect song, the perfect jam for this stage is Back in Black by AC d c. And if you would like to continue to expand your gifts and expand your strengths, and even meet some people that could potentially have opportunities for you for speaking in podcasts, I invite you to go get on the wait list for Intuition Upgrade, where you’ll be meeting and working and growing with a lot of other intuitive entrepreneurs.

The wait list is at Intuition Upgrade dot com. And if that’s not the thing for you, get a copy of my book. It’s called The Intuition Led Business. It’s on Amazon. And you can also get some awesome Bonuses, including a mini class and some other goodies at intuition Led Business dot com. Now, before we go, I have some final words. Keep in mind that these cycles repeat. Life is one big cycle. And I, I’m a believer that if you looked at life as a whole, you know, from, you know, pregnancy, birth, young kid, teenage years, adulthood, and then finally as seniors, you’ll see that you’re in one big cycle.

As of now, you’re somewhere in that continuum. But at the same time, we have repeating cycles in our life. And every area of our life could be on a different cycle. Our relationship could be in a different cycle, our business could be in a different cycle. So life is one big cycle and it has a lot of small cycles. And life is not a destination. It’s all about these cycles. It’s all about the journey. And no matter what stage of the cycle that you find yourself in, you can still have joy, you can still find the blessings, you can find opportunities, you can find happiness.

And so depending on how closely aligned you are to your true self, and again, your true self is not the one that other people project upon you or expect from you, this is your true divine essence, not the one with all the layers of projections and expectations on top. It’s the true essence, When, You can closely align. I feel like these steps go by so much easier and with more joy.

And again, if you wanna learn more about alignment, go to episode 42. And if you need help with any of these stages, I would love to do that. I offer one-on-one work with people, a variety of different packages and different modalities. So check out my website, Christie Turley dot com. I’ll leave the link in the show notes. And I just would love to support you in any way that you feel aligned with this transformation into your authentic self and aligning with your purpose.

So I Feel I, I feel really grateful that I was able to Roadmap this out as I was going through it. And also identify the patterns of my clients that were going through it. It kind of seemed like a client would show up and they were going through the exact last step that I had just been through So I feel like I was able to gather a lot of data and notice a lot of trends. So, I. Hope you really enjoyed this series, and again, if you would, if you would be willing to, I would love to receive a review on whatever podcast app you’re on that helps me reach other intuitive entrepreneurs like you.

And then go check out my YouTube. I’m currently building out that channel and growing subscribers, and I would love to see you there as well. All, right? Take care and see you next time on the Higher Genius podcast. I hope you love today’s episode, and if you did, please subscribe and leave a like, comment and or review every interaction Weather on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform helps this podcast to reach more people like you, Thank you for tuning in to the Higher Genius podcast.