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Brand Positioning Accelerator

Who are you again?

Christie Turley

  • 20-year High Growth Strategist for thousands of entrepreneurs with businesses big and small, public and private.
  • Successful entrepreneur in buying, selling and/or streamlining eight of my own businesses, including a strategic marketing and communications firm.
  • Proven success selling over $3 billion dollars cumulative in products and services for my clients.

What do you do?

I help businesses innovate their positioning and messaging.

I’ve helped my clients make anywhere from $10,000 to $1M-plus in a matter of weeks.


  • First we look honestly at your business and yourself from a holistic perspective - and do a complete audit… to find out what’s REALLY working and what’s not. Things are not always as the first appear to be.
  • We clear away what has you stuck and create the blank canvas from which you’ll reinvent your positioning around your message, product/service, marketing strategy, offers and/or pricing.
  • Then, we follow my framework to create powerful positioning, craft brand stories that sell, rename products/services, re-engineer offers, position pricing, and unify your entire brand messaging platform.

You'll be working:

  • ...privately with me - to get feedback and ensure you get results,
  • ...on your own as you implement,
  • ...AND as an intimate group for Hot Seats, live critiques of your marketing collateral and more...
Plus, you'll receive writing exercises and video trainings to pull out your best ideas for positioning, copy, stories, messaging and offers. These are my tried, tested, & proven methods for pulling all the golden nuggets out of pay dirt.

Does this really work?

Yes, the only way to face an overcrowded marketplace is to create a more powerful “position” in the customer’s mind.

Did you know it takes 1/20 of a second (less than the time it takes to blink) for potential customers to make a judgment about your business?

It’s a battle for people’s attention.

The REAL reason most businesses don’t reach 7- or 8-figures? In my experience, it's because they don't effectively differentiate themselves or stand out authentically. And this is the #1 challenge I've helped my 1000's of clients overcome during the last 20 years. I've created an extremely effective process and structure to create the positioning - and it works to boost sales and increase ROI.

Who’s a good fit?

  • Need to get better, more qualified leads?
  • Want to increase sales?
  • Do you struggle to explain your business in a clear, crisp way?
  • Is differentiating yourself from competitors complex?
  • Do you create marketing that’s “safe” because you know others are doing the same thing and getting results?
  • Do you know how to authentically market your business, in a way that feels ethical and loyal to your ideals and values? (and doesn’t make you want to take a shower afterwards?)
  • Are you facing your next level but unclear what “that” is and how to get “there” (without bouncing all over the place)?
  • Is it time to reinvent your brand or realign your voice?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this is for you.

Plus, this system is proven to work for businesses (small or large) that:
  • are an established business with a demonstrated success of your business concept.
  • can make your own decisions without needing to discuss with your spouse or business partner.
  • know that in order to create results you have to prioritize your business.
  • can invest the money. Remember, most of my clients make anywhere from $10,000 to $1M-plus in a matter of weeks.
It’s the little tweaks, the outside-the-box messaging, the simple but innovative positioning- that will transform your whole business.
- Christie Turley

How long will this take?

Ninety days create momentum and accelerated results.

Will you really be there for me?

Yes, I will be there for you. I’ll give you actionable advice on a one-on-one basis and will keep everything we discuss confidential. Plus, you’ll have precise video instructions in order to follow the innovative positioning process. If you go VIP, we'll have weekly check-in calls, too.

Here are a few case studies of how I've helped companies reposition themselves.

When does the Accelerator begin?

The Accelerator starts when you click “Join Now” and pay the investment.

What’s included?

There are two levels of the Brand Positioning Accelerator:

Level 1: Brand Positioning Accelerator (Done-WITH-You)

The investment of the Accelerator is $9,997, but for the next   10    3 businesses, it's only $3,837 (payment plans available).

I'm offering this special rate because while I've been teaching and strategizing and implementing positioning for 2,000+ businesses for nearly 20 years, this is the first time I've packaged it up like this. So I want to give my charter businesses a "deal" as they go through my system and help me build it with the help of their feedback and questions. After that, the investment will be set appropriately at $9,997.

Limited to 10 clients per quarter, you’ll be going through The Brand Pyramid Method™ with me virtually with:

  • Academic type training (videos or live training that are uploaded to the portal). Topics are discussed below under What is the Brand Pyramid Method™.
  • Pro critiques on marketing collateral (via email)
  • Private 1:1 Consulting Sessions (via Zoom)
  • Engagement is 90 Days

So (for the next   10    3 businesses), get the SPECIAL Limited Time Offer , and Save 60% while it lasts.

Get Done-WITH-You ResultsFor the next 3 Businesses Only

Lock in your spot at the special rate now.

Level 2: Full Re-Positioning & Re-Brand (VIP Done-4-You)

Or, "Go VIP" Like My Private Clients That Have $1MM - $100MM Businesses

If you want to go VIP, we'll handle the entire repositioning strategy and implementation - from going through your existing assets, doing market research, creating new brand stories, repositioning your offers and pricing, and renaming products/services to align with your new positioning. We'll also make any other brand positioning recommendations that we see fit. All meetings and calls with you or your team will be private.

Working with three clients per quarter, Christie and her company Thrive Marketing® offer all-inclusive (re)positioning and (re)branding comprising of:

  • Comprehensive Brand Research, Strategy & Development
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Logo Design and Visual Language
  • Photoshoot Direction + Styling + Fully Produced Photoshoots*
  • Website Planning + Site Map + Content Direction
  • Website Design + Development*
  • Marketing Strategy + Conversion Funnel Map*
  • PLUS: Check-in Calls to Discuss Project Progress (Weekly; 30 Minutes)
  • Engagement is 90 Days

The investment is $25,000 (payment plan available).

* Starred deliverables equivalent to ½ day photo shoot with 15 fully edited photos; approximately 10,000 words of content for use in emails or website; website design and development of 5-page website, including optin page and sales page; two ½ day Marketing Instensives and fully documented marketing strategy and conversion funnel map following the Intensives. If one of the deliverables in this list are not desired, then we can replace with a deliverable of equivalent energy.

Go VIP (Done-4-You)$25,000 or 2x pay option

What is the Brand Pyramid Method™?

It’s how you get seen, heard and paid.

We help you create the innovative marketing strategies, maverick positioning and naming, product/service design, sales messaging, and pricing alchemy -- small catalysts that can bring big breakthroughs - resulting in more impact, income and influence.


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Solving the 'Positioning Problem' will SOLVE almost ANY sales or marketing problem.
- Christie Turley

Catalyzing Impactful Entrepreneurs to Create Aligned & Fulfilling Businesses



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